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The Canadian Nature Photographer is a resource for nature lovers, photographers and artists and includes: articles, tutorials, galleries, videos, workshops, featured artists & photographers. New articles are posted weekly. Your host is Dr. Robert Berdan. All nature photographers and artists are welcome to contribute. Also see our Monthly Photo Contest at the bottom of the page you could win a $250 Gift Certificate to attend a photography workshop and a Macrophotography e-book.

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Newborn Polar Bear Cubs of Wapusk National Park by by Jon Huyer I’m as fascinated and enthralled by the arctic as I am of bears, so getting the chance to see newborn polar bear cubs in northern Manitoba was an absolute dream come true.  A last-minute cancellation opened up a spot for me, on a trip that is normally booked solid 1-2 years in advance. View pictures and read article.

Tips on Cleaning Your DSLR Camera Sensor by Dr. Robert Berdan At some point all digital photographers have to clean their camera sensor. There are lots of articles and videos on how to clean a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera sensor and in this article I will try to bring many of these resources together and also add my thoughts - read article.

Bighorn sheep jumping over water by D. Simon Jackson ©

Why Walk Around the Pond When You Can Jump Over it? by D. Simon Jackson Bighorn sheep hate walking through water. Hate it. Almost as much as they hate the inconvenience of walking around water. So what happens when a scary small pond poses a small inconvenience? Like House of Pain, they jump. This is the bizarro-world story about a herd of bighorn sheep in Jasper National Park - view article.

Purple Finch by Ken Crebbin ©

Backyard Birds by Ken Crebbin There are many varieties of birds in the Calgary area; in fact, there are about 350 species in Alberta.  With a little bit of luck and a basic understanding of the birds in your area, some can be attracted to your backyard.   If you can meet their basic needs, such as protective cover, housing, food, and water some of these birds can be attracted to your backyard - view article.

Marsh in fog Mount Desert Island by Bruce Lovelace ©

3 Days to Photograph Mount Desert Island by Bruce Lovelace I was a man on a mission.  I only had 5 days allotted to photograph Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park in Maine.  It had been over 30 years ago, when as a young boy, I had scrambled on those amazing rocks on the eastern shore of the island. View article view pictures from Mount Desert Island.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud - First Impressions by Dr. Robert Berdan. As a professional nature photographer I am a fan of Adobe Photoshop and have been using and teaching this software program for over 20 years. View article and see pictures and movies about the new features in Adobe Photoshop CC.

The Fine Line of Wildlife Photography by Jill Cooper & Simon Jackson. For years, we have enjoyed months of wildlife photography, but have enjoyed it in a safe and responsible manner. We’ve studied bear behaviour and Simon has been trained by world renowned bear biologists and bear guides. Read their story and view photographs.

Photography, Passion, and Publishing by Chris Harris At birth, my mother gave me a spirit for adventure, and at age 20, my father gave me a 35mm Lordette camera. Since then my passion for travel, outdoor adventure, and photography has put me on an amazing journey which continues to this day. I'd like to share that story. Read article and view pictures.

Winter Wildlife Near Calgary 2014 by Dr. Robert Berdan. In spite of Calgary's rapid growth it still amazes me how much wildlife lives within and near the city. In winter wildlife might be easier to spot, but it also harder to find or at least it seems that way. It doesn't seem to matter whether its a cold overcast day or a blue sky day,- read article and view pictures.

Bald eagle landing by Dr. Dale Mierau ©

Some Adaptive Physical Characteristics of the Bald Eagle by Dr. Dale Mierau. The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is easily identified from afar by the flight pattern, the size and the plumage.

Bald eagles soar with a horizontal wing configuration to take advantage of updrafts and wind. Short, powerful wing beats are used sparingly because such activity uses a lot of energy in a bird this size - read article and view pictures.

Painted bunting by Alan Murphy ©

Birds through the lens by Alan Murphy As a lifelong birder, the transition to bird photography has always been about trying to capture each species in all its glory and with a touch of habitat.   Although I enjoy  the out-of-the-box  and action  photography, my favorite bird image is still a beautiful specimen on an appropriate perch. I often find this type of photography can be much harder than any other kind.... read article and view bird photos.

Oomingmak - The Bearded One Article and photos by Dr. Wayne Lynch Some of my fondest memories of arctic wildlife are so vivid that it seems I can still feel the wind ruffling my hair and hear the comforting songs of familiar tundra birds decades after the moment has passed. Such is my remembrance of a playful herd of muskoxen grazing beside a swollen stream on Banks Island in the Northwest Territories. Read article & view pictures.

Amanita muscaria mushroom by Robert Berdan ©

Tips for Identifying and Photographing Mushrooms by Dr. Robert Berdan Mushrooms can be as beautiful as birds, flowers, butterflies and sea shells to photograph. Mushrooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You can find them almost anywhere though they only appear for a short time and are usually most common in spring and autumn. To learn more about mushrooms and how to photograph them view article here.

Free downloadable program that will show you the exact direction of where the sunrise and moonrise will be at any particular location and time using Google maps. Click on the logo to learn more and download this free program. stephentrainor.com/tools

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Lightening Storm Dr. Dale Mierau - Dale is also author of several articles about eagles on this site


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