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Chironomid by polarized light microscopy Robert Berdan ©

Photomicrography of Rotifers II Brachionus manjavacas and Philodina roseola by Dr. Robert Berdan. Most folks are not aware of rotifers, yet probably walk by them daily. These tiny creatures live in a film of water within moss embedded on the sidewalk, lichen growing on a tree - read more

Plant leaft cross section by Robert Berdan ©

The Microscopic Beauty of Plants and Trees by Dr. Robert Berdan I am attracted to living things especially those coloured green like lichens, moss, bryophytes and trees - read more.

Wood frog by Robert Berdan ©

Ponds, Marshes and Wetlands offer a Variety of Photographic Opportunities by Dr. Robert Berdan I have always been attracted to ponds, as a kid I used to wade in them and collect insects, snails, look for crayfish, frogs and turtles - read more.

Photographer at sunset Red Rock Coulee Robert Berdan ©

Alberta Landscapes Part II by Dr. Robert Berdan This article is a continuation of my Alberta Landscapes Part I article where I share some of my favourite spots in Alberta to photograph - read more.

Bow mountain in Jasper National Park by Robert Berdan ©

Alberta Landscapes Part I by Dr. Robert Berdan I have been photographing Alberta landscapes and wildlife for over 30 years and I thought I would share some of my favourite places and photos of Alberta. Like most photographers I tend to get my best photos near where I live - read more.

Alberta Wildlife Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan I have photographed Wildlife in Alberta for many years and Alberta is one of the best provinces to see and photograph wildlife. I share some of my favourite photos of birds and mammals from Alberta - read more.

The Micro-Universe - microscopie life Robert Berdan ©

The Micro-Universe - Microscopic Life by Dr. Robert Berdan I define the Micro-Universe to include organisms from about 2 mm to 0.0002 mm. Anyone can begin to explore the Micro-universe starting with a simple magnifying lens though a microscope is better - read more.

Compound microscope by Robert Berdan ©

Tips for Buying a Light Microscope by Dr. Robert Berdan. There is a microscopic universe all around us filled with alien creatures and crystals with colours like no where else on the planet. Many microscopic sized items even include the food we eat - read more.

Crystals Photographed with Polarization Microscopy: Water, Beer, Caffeine, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Human Tears by Dr. Robert Berdan Crystals viewed and photographed through a polarized light microscope are the most beautiful colours I have ever seen in nature - read more.

Eagle in snowstorm placing main subject unequal distance from each edge by Robert Berdan ©

The Art of Seeing and the Visual Elements of Design A Guide to Composition in Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan   For most of us, knowledge of our world comes largely through sight, yet we look about with such unseeing eyes - read more.

Hydra and bud by Robert Berdan ©

Photomicrography of Hydra - a model for studying regeneration and aging by Dr. Robert Berdan. The name Hydra was derived from a serpentine water monster in Greek and Roman mythology - this article shows Hydra that lives in fresh water. It is used in research to study regeneration and aging - read more.

Euchlanis dilatata - a rotifer common in pond water  by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Rotifers by Dr. Robert Berdan An interest in Rotifers started after microscopist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) described them in a letter from 1687. These microscopic organisms live in water including ponds - read more

Spirostomum minus (top) and Urocentrum turbo (bottom) - both are common ciliates in fresh water by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Ciliates by Dr. Robert Berdan You may have been introduced to Paramecium in biology class, a single celled (unicellular) "simple" ciliate found in pond water. Only ciliates are not simple but some of the most complex cells on the planet - read more.

Tardigrada - water bear by Robert Berdan ©

How to Collect and Photograph Water Bears (Tardigrades) by Dr. Robert Berdan As a biologist and photographer I am drawn to the beauty that is all around us; sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small - learn about water bears here.

Turtle Rotifer by Robert Berdan

Tips on How to Take Better Pictures with a Microscope - Photomicrography Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I share some tips on how to take better photomicrographs with a light microscope - read more.


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