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Fundus Photography showing retina

The Eye of the Beholder - What every photographer should know about their aging eyes by Dr. Robert Berdan As we age our eye sight gets poorer. Between the age of 20 and 60 the amount of light reaching our retina can decrease by two-thirds - read more.

Sockeye salmon by Wayne Lynch ©

Adams River - Tsútswecw Provincial Park Photographing the Salmon Run by Drs. Robert Berdan, Sharif Galal and Wayne Lynch Every four years there is a dominant salmon run in early October of Sockeye Salmon at Adams River - read more.

Winter photo by Eugene Kalionau ©

Fabulous Alberta by Eugene Kalionau If I was told that Fall in Alberta could be so diverse and could show itself in such a variety of different colors and shapes before I arrived to Calgary in late August this year - read more

Damsel Fly larvae by Robert Berdan ©

Pond Life Viewed with a Microscope I by Dr. Robert Berdan Since purchasing a new Zeiss microscope in February of this year I have been exploring creeks and ponds for microscopic life and finding a wide variety of microorganisms to photograph - read more.

Stentor by Robert Berdan ©

Pond Life Viewed with a Microscope II by Dr. Robert Berdan Ciliates are among the most complex and diverse unicellular organisms on the planet that form an important component of aquatic ecosystems- read more.

Fraz Anjum Kananaskis ©

Smith-Dorrien Spray Trail A Photogenic Drive in Kananaskis Country by Dr. Fraz Anjum Smith-Dorrien Trail also known as Alberta 742 is a gravel road that connects Highway 40 to Canmore travelling through the heart of scenic Smith-Dorrien Valley - read more.

Wedge Pond Kananaskis in Autumn by Robert Berdan ©

Kananaskis Provincial Park Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan Kananaskis also called K-country is about an hour drive from Calgary. K-country is a collection of parks and natural areas. There are no fees required to enter the park - read more.

Wasp Troels Holm ©

Insect Photography Closeup by Troels Holm One sunny day in July I was walking on a sandy track along the lake. Suddenly something green came tumbling down the slope and landed just beside me. It was apparently a moth larva - read more.

Great Sand Hills by Robin and Arlene Karpan ©

Saskatchewan's  Best  Scenic  Drives  Robin  and  Arlene  Karpan Saskatchewan is tailor-made for back-road exploring. We have more roads than any province in Canada - enough to circle the equator four times.  - read more.

Hydra and bud by Robert Berdan ©

Photomicrography of Hydra - a model for studying regeneration and aging by Dr. Robert Berdan. The name Hydra was derived from a serpentine water monster in Greek and Roman mythology - this article shows Hydra that lives in fresh water. It is used in research to study regeneration and aging - read more.

Daphnia Water-flea by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Water-fleas - Daphnia by Dr. Robert Berdan. The English name for Daphnia, water-flea, originates from the jumping-like behaviour they exhibit while swimming - read more.

Photographing Rotifers by Dr. Robert Berdan An interest in Rotifers started after microscopist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) described them in a letter from 1687. These microscopic organisms live in water including ponds - read more

Spirostomum minus (top) and Urocentrum turbo (bottom) - both are common ciliates in fresh water by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Ciliates by Dr. Robert Berdan You may have been introduced to Paramecium in biology class, a single celled (unicellular) "simple" ciliate found in pond water. Only ciliates are not simple but some of the most complex cells on the planet - read more.

Tardigrada - water bear by Robert Berdan ©

How to Collect and Photograph Water Bears (Tardigrades) by Dr. Robert Berdan As a biologist and photographer I am drawn to the beauty that is all around us; sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small - learn about water bears here.

Turtle Rotifer by Robert Berdan

Tips on How to Take Better Pictures with a Microscope - Photomicrography Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I share some tips on how to take better photomicrographs with a light microscope - read more.


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