Flowers: A True Nature's Gift

by Christian Gavin
February 24, 2015



Regal Flower by Christian Gavin ©


Regal Flower

All the flowers presented in this gallery, even if they are for most of them well known from the general public; can in fact be found anywhere in the world. What we take from being a north American flower, might as well be an Asian one, and vice versa. Flowers and plants are certainly a big part of the Canadian wildlife and nature, and one word comes to mind to describe this aspect of our environment and it is "resiliency". I can't think of anything else, as strong and resilient as what we perceive as a delicate flower. They grow and thrive everywhere, even in the harshest region of the world. And guess what, they always come back, year after year.


Sutera cordata Bacopa Common Name Giant Snowflake


Purple Lilly by Christian Gavin ©


Purple Lilly


Thistle flower by Christian Gavin ©

Thistle flower


Orange Gerber Daisy by Christian Gavin ©


Orange Gerber Daisy


Daylily flower by Christian Gavin ©


Daylily flower


Trumpet Gentian by Christian Gavin ©


Trumpet Gentian



Water lotus


Most of these beautiful flowers were photographed with a Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens. As far as I am concerned, nothing can beat a real macro lens to capture the amazing beauty of flowers. This lens is definitely giving a different perspective to this type of subject, otherwise impossible with a non macro lens. Again, don't get fooled by major lens maker, claiming that most of their lenses have macro capabilities. Not only will a real macro lensgive you access to a 1 to 1 magnification; but it will also captures details in a way that ordinary lenses cannot do.



Yellow lillies by Christian Gavin ©


Yellow lilies


Blue rose by Christian Gavin ©


Blue rose



White Easter Lilly


Lilly flower by Christian Gavin ©


Lilly flower


Burgundy Carnation by Christian Gavin ©


Burgundy carnation


Tiger Lilly by Christian Gavin ©


Tiger Lilly



Shasta daisy

I have said it many times, along with birds, macro photography has become a real passion. This type of photography allows the artist to get as close as it gets with the subject. And the final results are often so amazing, that it is hard to believe that insects or flowers can be endowed with so many great features. Well, I guess this is just another way for nature, to bless us humans, with such beauty. And what better country than Canada to witness it.




Christian Gavin portrait

Christian Gavin 's biography


My name is Christian Gavin, and I am a Canadian wildlife photographer, a film maker and an actor. My life as a photographer is quite new, but because of my passion for art, I jumped right in, and progressed very rapidly. Wildlife photography is now a way for me to express myself through a different form of art. It is a lot more than just capturing a moment on a memory card, It is trying to create a work of art, with each shutter click.


I started out as a landscape photographer, to shift to what I believe is now my two main interests; bird and macro photography. Never before I would have thought, that a flower or a bug could be so amazing to watch. That even the smallest bird that we usually take for granted, could be blessed with such amazing colours. So, two photo books and some articles in different journals later, and my passion for wildlife and nature photography is still growing, and has definitely become a part of me.


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