Fabulous Alberta

by Eugene Kalionau
October 19, 2018

Winter Lake scene b y Eugene Kalionau ©

Fabulous Alberta

If I was told that Fall in Alberta could be so diverse and could show itself in such a variety of different colors and shapes before I arrived to Calgary in late August this year, I would assume that that is a joke, because what I have seen over the course of the past month just seems too incredible and unusual to be real.

Mountain Banff National Park by Eugene Kalionau ©

To start with, I would like to say that Fall in Alberta will never stop to excite me  and now it seems that it has quite a strange character. For instance, in some regions, such as Banff national park, I have encountered quite consistent, but severe winter conditions, such as that with high humidity, rain and even snow, and that was in the middle of September. However, such regions as Calgary or Red Deer County have an extremely changeable weather, i.e. it could be a bright morning with fresh dry air and pleasant breeze and then, a couple of hours later, it could start snowing and raining at the same time, which never stops to leave me curious.

Consider the following image:

Winter forest Banff National Park by Eugene Kalionau ©

This photo was shoot on September 16th, 2018 in Banff National Park, where I went hiking to explore magnificent Taylor and O’Brien lakes with friends, who told me a lot quite interesting facts about weather in Alberta, some which made me confused. During this trip, we faced quite unpleasant hiking conditions, because it was slightly raining for about 6 hours, humidity was high and it was foggy as well. Nevertheless, during that hike I was able to see Canada in its most pure form, with  immense pine forests, stunningly gorgeous mountains and steep ice cliffs. Furthermore, my Friends told me that that is a typical weather in mid September in Banff Area, and that almost every year an “autumn winter” arrives to Alberta in late September for two-three weeks and then it steps back until late November to hit with new power.

Winter scene by Eugene Kalionau ©

Winte trees and snow by Eugene Kalionau   ©

Winter trees in Banff Alberta by Eugene Kalionau ©

Now, I would like to invite you to take a look at the following photos, which were taken just a few weeks later after my trip to Banff area in one of the parks of the city of Calgary:

Path with Autumn trees by Eugene Kalionau ©

Autumn hiking trail Alberta by Eugene Kalionau ©

Sign to 0'Brien Lake Eugene Kalionau ©

I could not claim that for local people that kind of climate fluctuations might seem unusual, but since Canadian Nature and weather in particular are completely different from the places I used to live, then for me the distinctions seem to be extremely vivid.


 Eugene Kalionau ©

In conclusion I would like to say that even thought the weather in Alberta seems completely unpredictable and changeable, that does not imply that that kind of weather conditions are not suitable for living and enjoying the variety of outdoor activities in Alberta. On the contrary, I think that climate conditions and adherent geographical position to mountainous regions of such cities as Calgary makes them one of the best places to live in Canada and in Alberta in particular. Moreover, it is a great possibility to try new types of active living, such as climbing, snowshoeing, hiking, X-country and whatever you just might imagine!  


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