Working in the High Arctic around Pond Inlet on Baffin Island

by Adam Berdan
September 20, 2011



Pilot view flying over Baffin Island by Adam Berdan ©

During the summer of 2011 I had the opportunity to work in the Arctic for Baffin Island mines working at Geotechnical drilling. I was located in Steenby Inlet near Pond Inlet on Baffin Island at a camp that consisted of 3 smaller camps comprising about 40 staff. The pay is good though we are isolated and the work is hard. The insects can also form thick clouds that block the sun can only be described as "brutal". The area we worked contained beautiful landscapes and friendly wildlife that would often wander right up to us. We flew by helicopter almost every day. I brought along a small waterproof compact digital camera to take the shots shown in this photo essay.

Looking out over the tundra

Frozen lakes on the tundra

Numerous small frozen lakes dot the land

Our camp from the air as we fly in

Tent city in the Arctic ©

Tent City - our home for the summer

Tent on the Arctic by Adam Berdan ©

Relaxing outside our summer home

Inside tent accomodations in the Arctic by Adam Berdan ©

Inside view of our luxury accommodations

Arctic fox visits drilling rig by Adam Berdan

An Arctic Fox visits us to inspect what's in the bag - usually the fox was hunting for Lemmings

Arctic fox shows no fear by Adam Berdan ©

Arctic Fox by Adam Berdan

This Arctic Fox was hunting for Lemmings around our site

Lemming crawling on Adam Berdan ©

Friendly Lemming

A closeup encounter with a Lemming

Panorma of one of the lnlets on Baffin Island by Adam Berdan

Panorama of the Bay near where we were stationed

Sunset on fiord on Baffin Island by Adam Berdan

Sunset down a fiord on Baffin Island

Helicopter was our main mode of transportation to various locations on the tundra

Trapped iceberg by Adam Berdan ©

Trapped Iceberg

The Arctic is a big place and it can make you feel small but it is also a beautiful place to visit.

Map of Pond Inlet

All of the photos were taken as .jpg files with a compact Olympus digital camera.


Adam Berdan is 24 years old and has worked in the Oil Patch business, with explosives and more recently in the High Arctic. His photography is more for documentary purposes and to share with his friends. He also plays guitar and loves to perform magic/ Robert Berdan is his uncle who requested he share these images on the Canadian Nature photographer web site.


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