Birds Through the Lens

by Alan Murphy
December 16, 2013



Eastern Bluebird by Alan Murphy ©


Eastern Bluebird


As a lifelong birder, the transition to bird photography has always been about trying to capture each species in all its glory and with a touch of habitat.   Although I enjoy  the out-of-the-box  and action  photography, my favorite bird image is still a beautiful specimen on an appropriate perch.  I often find this type of photography can be much harder than any other kind.  Getting a bird to land on a selected perch can be quite a challenge. Over the past 20 years I have been developing many tips and tricks for attracting birds to land right where I want them.  First I start with a vision of how I want each species to look in the final image and work backwards from there.


Painted Bunting by Alan Murphy ©


Painted Bunting




Loggerhead Shrike



Indigo Bunting by Alan Murphy ©


Indigo Bunting


Painted Bunting by Alan Murphy ©


Painted Bunting







California Quail by Alan Murphy ©


California Quail



Green Jay by Alan Murphy ©


Green Jay



Barred Owl by Alan Murphy © Green Kingfisher by Alan Murphy ©

Barred Owl

Green Kingfisher

Pine Warbler by Alan Murphy © Scarlet Tanager by Alan Murphy ©

Pine Warbler

Scarlet Tanager



White-tailed Hawk by Alan Murphy ©


White-tailed Hawk


Spectacled Eider by Alan Murphy ©


Spectacled Eider



Common Loon with trout


Red Cardintal - Vol 1 how to video series on Bird Photography by Alan Murphy ©


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Photographers guide to attracting birds by Alan Murphy © Guide to Songbird set-up Photography by Alan Murphy ©

In this downloadable ebook you will learn tips and tricks to attract a large variety of bird families into photographic range.

In this downloadable ebook you will learn the tips and tricks that Alan has been using to create exquisite images of songbirds on beautiful perches for nearly a decade


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Many of these techniques I have developed myself, and others have been shared with me.  For me, sharing this knowledge is important, so through my newsletters, website, speaking engagements, ebooks, videos and workshops, I am able to helps many other photographers experience bird photography, with a little less frustration.  In my eBooks, I go through, step by step, showing many of the tips and tricks on how I get my images. In my videos, I am able to show more of the nuances that cannot be expressed in a book, but the ultimate learning experience is through my small group workshops, where I can personally walk each participant through the process.


Portrait of Alan Murphy bird photographer  

Alan Murphy, an award winning photographer, grew up in England and is an avid birder. Upon immigrating to the States Alan picked up a camera and began pursuing his vision of how birds should be photographed. Alan has developed a style that is very recognizable with stunning portraits of birds on beautiful perches. Alan, a full time professional bird photographer is now in demand to speak at festivals, conferences and photography clubs around the nation. Alan is the Author of bird photography instructional ebooks and Videos, which have helped thousands of photographers take better images of birds.

Alan teaches his techniques around the nation through his highly successful in-the-field workshops with small groups. If Alan is not in the field taking images, then he is busy submitting images to many magazines. His published credits include National Geographic, Birders World, Wildbird, Birding, and many more. Learn more about Alan Murphy's Workshops


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