How to Photograph the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) Quick Guide

By Dr. Robert Berdan
Feb 14, 2014



Quick guides are designed to fit your smart phone or tablet and can also be used on your laptop. How to Photograph the Aurora borealis was first released in December, 2014 with only 6 pages, since then I have expanded the content to include more information about the aurora, where to go and how to increase your chance of seeing it. I also describe the camera equipment and techniques used to capture aurora photographs. There are a list of aurora alerts web sites and the best places to go in Canada and Yellowknife to photograph the Aurora. I lead a tour each September to Yellowknife, but I have also photographed the Aurora in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray,Manning, and High Level, Alberta. These compact e-books are in PDF format so you can share them with all your smart devices including your laptop. These short e-books are specifically formatted to be read easily on your smart phone using a variety of Acrobat readers. The files are high resolution 300 dpi so you can zoom in pictures or maps and even print the notes if you want.



Quick Guide to Photographing the Aurora borealis on Samsung Phone by Robert Berdan ©
Quick Guide to Photographing the Aurora borealis on Iphone by Robert Berdan

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Aurora shapes and forms by Robert Berdan    Prepare for Aurora shoot with lights and glow sticks    Photo Equipment and Camera for photographing the Aurora by Robert Berdan  


Low resolution sample pages - actual page size is larger and at 300 dpi so they fit your smartphone perfectly .




Above shows the 22 pages of information about How to Photograph the Aurora borealis

E-book Optimized for Smart Phones and Tablets - New Revised version includes 22 pages

"How to Photograph the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)" by Dr Robert Berdan - PDF

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