A Quick Guide to the Best Places to Photograph in Banff National Park

By Dr. Robert Berdan
Feb 14, 2014



Have you ever wanted to carry a light-weight card or brochure with you that includes the basic photography instructions that you need to know about how to take certain type of photographs in the field. You don't have to wait any longer - introducing Quick Guides a series of short e-books that include only the essentials you need to know in the field. Each book is only $2.99 and can be read in about 15 minutes or less. The Quick Guide "To the Best Places to Photograph in Banff National Park" features two maps showing the best locations for landscape photography and the best places to view wildlife. It is especially designed for those visiting Banff that only have a short time to visit. All the locations are near the road or accessible by a short hike. There are also tips on what camera equipment to bring to get the best photographs. It is based on my 20 years experience photographing in Banff National Park and shows representative photos from all seasons.


This short e-book is specifically formatted to be read easily on your smart phone or tablet using a variety of Acrobat readers.



Best places to Photograph in Banff National Park Quick Guide by Robert Berdan Map of Banff National Park    


Sample Pages - lower resolution - actual pages are larger and at 300 dpi so you can zoom into the images and maps
to see details.




Thumbnails of How to Photograph in Banff National Park Quick Guide by Robert Berdan

E-book Optimized for Smart Phones and Tablets -15 pages packed with information and maps

"How to Photograph the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)" by Dr Robert Berdan - PDF

E-BOOK Cost ONLY $2.99

As soon as you pay for the E-book you will be provided with a link to return to Science & Art Multimedia - which is the creater of the Canadian Nature Photographer - this link will be to a web page that has the download link for the Quick Guide for smart phones. If you have any problems you can email me at rberdan@scienceandart.org. See picture below.




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Banff Vermilion lakes at sunset by Robert Berdan ©