Best Apps for Photo Editing

by Brian Jens
May 4, 2016

The rapid development of modern technologies leads to the fact that we can edit photos right on smartphones and tablets without spending any money and time for purchasing programs and studying their features. Even if the picture turned out to be "far from the best," we can apply filters to it and then post the beautifully edited photo in social networks, getting dozens and hundreds of likes and reposts.

Of course, the possibilities of mobile applications for editing can’t be compared with the professional desktop software, used by photographers. However, in contrary to popular belief, the editing of photos is not only about applying filters. There are several applications which provide much wider function and opportunities.
Let’s leave Android smartphones for another article! Today, I’m going to share with you the most popular applications for IPhones, according to Logo DesignContest professionals.


#1 VSCO Cam
It is a photo editing application with the largest set of filters in the entire App Store. You can use one of the standard filters or purchase an additional package in the inbuilt VSCO store. Each filter is unique and can change the picture drastically.

Also, VSCO Cam lets you edit the image exposure, contrast, and its "temperature". Plus, you can rotate and cut photos the way you want.


#2 Repix
The features are similar to VSCO Cam; however, there are some significant differences. In addition to the imposition of filters, the application proposes to use separate brushes for editing separate parts of photos. There are free of charge and unique brushes which you have to buy.

As for the additional features, Repix allows adjusting brightness, saturation and "vibration" of the picture.

#3 Tangent
This unusual application puts you beyond the rectangular form of images. You can add a variety of frames, patterns, and fills to focus on some particular element and make it even more vibrant. There are a great number of editing instruments, so you just need to use them skillfully and don’t overdo.

#4 Afterlight
Afterlight developers have focused on both filters – there are 56 + 66 different textures – and editing of the basic parameters of the photos – contrast, sharpness, and color saturation. The application contains 15 instruments for adjustment of these parameters and allows you to choose the best color gamut for each picture.

#5 Photoshop Express
Are you seeking for a professional analog of Photoshop? Then stop here, follow the link and read about Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android. There are paid and free versions of the application. You can use 10 frames, 10 filters, and the functions of adjusting the exposure, brightness/contrast, saturation, and color tones for free.
Also, the application contains a lot of additional chips you can purchase inside the program.

#6 Camera Awesome
This is the case when the application name exactly matches its content. This program is really awesome! Just look at the features you get:

1. Video creation.
2. 100+ effects.
3. 30+ frames and textures.
4. A lot of settings to select an exposure option (according to the rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc.)

Here, as in Photoshop Express, you can buy extended functional, but I bet the initially available features will satisfy your needs.


#7 PicLab
It’s a powerful application to create real masterpieces from conventional photos. In addition to adjusting the basic parameters, PicLab offers a variety of fonts by professional graphic designers from around the world, as well as illustrations, filters, and much more.

#8 Pixlr-o-matic
About 100 filters, textures, and frames are available to the user. Beautiful and eye-pleasing interface along with responsive controls will provide you with the best experience in photo editing. The full version of the application costs $ 1. Believe me, it's worth it: you’ll get access to 100+ effects, 100+ frames, and 200+ textures.

#9 Pixlr Express PLUS
It is another product of Pixlromatic developers. It’s completely free of charge and at the same time has extensive functionality. Such a paradox, but you’ll get:

100+ effects, frames, and lighting effects.
Cropping, resizing, and image rotation.
Auto improvement of the image.
Artificial teeth whitening.
A regularly updated database of additional effects.

#10 Camera360 Ultimate
In 2011, when Camera360 just appeared, it stood out from the majority of its competitors by its smooth and beautiful interface and rich functionality. Over the years, the program increased its functionality and became free. What do we have today? Camera360 is still a high-quality application that, unfortunately, lost among the dozens of other applications for processing photos. At the end, will you suffer from having another free program on your IPhone? Obviously, you won’t☺.

There is one thing I want to emphasize at the end: don’t forget that a good photo is the ground while effects complement it. There is nothing wrong in editing, but only by sharpening your photography skills you can improve the quality of your photos and take your works to the next level.


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Bio: Brian Jens is a former individual designer who found himself when he got a job at DesignContest. At a time when he was a freelancer, Brian published articles written on the base of in-depth market research. Brian did not give up this habit; he continues to study the most burning topics of the design field.


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