New ebook – Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch


Book review by Dr. Robert Berdan
June 16, 2015


Dr. Wayne Lynch is Canada’s most prodigious wildlife photographer and writer. Wayne lives in Calgary with his wife Aubrey, and together they lead photo-tours in collaboration with the University of Calgary – and while I write this review he is leading a tour to Peru in South America. Wayne has travelled and photographed in over 70 countries, but the Rockies are also his backyard. What strikes me most about Wayne is his passion for knowledge about the natural world. In 1979, at the age of 31, he left a career in emergency medicine to become a full-time science writer and wildlife photographer and has produced a long list of books with more in the works. His most recent e-book, which I believe is his first book with a focus on photography, is called “Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography”. After shooting for more than 40 years in the field he brings a wealth of information about wildlife and where to photograph them in the Canadian Rockies and he packs this knowledge into a 128 page ebook for only $9.99.


Below are sample pages from Wayne's new e-book.


Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©   Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©


Above Book Cover and Dedication to his wife Aubrey

Early on in his career Wayne discovered that more photos of grizzly bear dots weren’t going to pay his bills. So he established a method of photographing animals that shows a complete story. This means he photographs their habitat,  their droppings (one of his most popular books is the “Scoop on Poop”) and closeups of their feet and feathers. He combines his photos with detailed descriptions of the animals behaviour and biology in a style which makes the content fun and easy to read.


Although this new ebook is about photographing wildlife, it’s not a book about how to use your camera. He does provides tips on how to interpret digital camera histograms, how to get the best results using fill flash, tips on composition, suggests the best lenses for the job, and even a mentions a few Photoshop tips and tricks. As with most of his books he often adds interesting trivia, that’s what nature nerds do. For example he mentions who purchased the most expensive telephoto lens in the world (1,600 mm f/5.6 Leica for $2,064,500). Wayne stores facts like a camel stores water – and he loves to share his adventures and personal experiences with the reader. 


Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©    


Sample pages from his new ebook

I think this book would be useful to anyone that visits the Canadian Rockies in search of wildlife and or wants to know the best locations to see and photograph specific animals.  He combines his stunning images of wildlife with recommended locations to spot specific animals like foxes and bighorn sheep. Most wildlife photographers know that there are no guarantees when it comes to finding animals, but location, timing and knowledge can make you more successful. He also emphasizes that to become “lucky” photographers need to learn more their subjects. In short his advice is:


  1. Know your equipment (that means read the manual or purchase some guide books for your camera written by photographers).

  2. Understand your subject – learn everything you can about their biology

  3. Practice and be patient



Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©      

Harlequin Duck and Bull moose


Wayne also includes a bit of his humour.  One example:  “How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb – 50, one to change the bulb and the other 49 to say- I could have done that”.



Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©     Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Anyone that is interested in wildlife and photography will want to own this book. If you are planning on visiting the Canadian Rockies this book will help you take better pictures and find wildlife.  


Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©   

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I give Wayne's new ebook 5 stars - R. Berdan -I recieved no money for this review, but I did get a free ebook ;-)

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Dr. Wayne Lynch portrait  

Bio: Dr. Lynch is a popular guest lecturer and an award-winning science writer. His books cover a wide range of subjects, including: the biology and behaviour of owls, penguins and northern bears; arctic, boreal and grassland ecology; and the lives of prairie birds and mountain wildlife. He is a fellow of the internationally recognized Explorers Club - a select group of scientists, eminent explorers and distinguished persons, noteworthy for their contributions to world knowledge and exploration. He is also an elected Fellow of the prestigious Arctic Institute of North America.

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