Dan Feldhauser painting an eagle ©


Dan Feldhauser Featured Artist

by Dan Feldhauser
January 1, 2011



All images are copyright please contact Dan if you are interested in owning some of his work

Dan Feldhauser in front of his painting of Tundra Swans ©

Dan standing in front of a recent painting of Tundra Swans from Exshaw, AB - see original photo by R. Berdan

Dan's paintings and sketches reflect the influence of his childhood in and around the river that he loves.  The AuSable is dear to many in the area and Dan is a part of all that the AuSable River Valley is about. 

Woodcock painting by Dan Feldhauser ©


His art reflects this world of natural beauty and closeness to the earth.  Friends and family are abundant and his life has been blessed by opportunity, education and a wealth of youthful vigor.

In the gloaming by Dan Feldhauser ©

In the gloaming

His desire is not so much to communicate a specific message through his art, it is more a sharing in the life he's lived and that is rendered in his art.  He hopes people enjoy it.

I grew up along the banks of the AuSable River, just east of Grayling, Michigan. Nature and the outdoors have played a major role in influencing my art throughout my life.


Special Catch by Dan Feldhauser ©

Special Catch

Winter Watch Painting by Dan Feldhauser ©

Recent painting by Dan called Winter Watch - Swift Fox painted from a photograph by Robert Berdan

Although oil is my preferred media, I continue to do charcoal and graphite renderings. My work would beFishing the still water by Dan Feldhauser © considered “photo-realism.” I strive to achieve the highest degree of exact detail as possible, by concentrating on the elements of shape, proportion, tone, value and hue.

There is no discussion concerning the meaning of my art or what message I’m attempting to convey. My goal is to put forth a concentrated effort to capture a “specific moment in time”, and to showcase my technical skills as an artist.

I have also etched black granite cemetery memorials for the past eighteen years, which allows me to incorporate my love of nature and the outdoors with the subject matter.








Dan Feldhauser portrait


Bio: I attended Ferris State University and studied commercial art before graduating from Central Michigan University with a teaching degree in history and art. I have been retired from teaching since 2004 and continue to pursue my art with classes at Kirtland Community College throughout the past several years.

To purchase Dan's prints visit his web site:

Web site: www.danfeldhauser.com
E-mail: contact@danfeldhauser.com


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