Macrophotography and Photomicrography

by Frank Fox
March 12, 2018

Macrophotograph of a Fly by Frank Fox ©

Macrophotograph of a Fly. Stacked set of images. Approx 10X

Since my earliest youth, I have dealt with photography. Years ago I specialized in the field of micro- and macro photography. In this highly demanding discipline, good and expensive equipment is indispensable. During my studies I photographed as a freelancer for the "Saarbrücker Zeitung" and "News from Merzig". In my own photo lab, I printed my color and black-and-white photos.

Butterfly scales - about 100X

Several years ago, I switched from analogue to digital photography and have been working on my computer since then. I work with a digital SLR camera and focal lengths of 17-800 mm. Digital image processing gives you the opportunity to implement your ideas perfectly. For many years I belonged to the "Photographic Society" in Trier. My photos can be seen in various exhibitions in Trier and the surrounding area. In addition, I offer some courses on the subject Photoshop, "digital image processing" and "VHS Trierweiler"

Leitz Arstophoto and Luminare Frank Fox ©

Left: Leitz Aristophot.  The ARISTOPHOT is a versatile photographic device for micro- and macro-photography. 
In addition, a StackShot for automatic focus stacking was installed here.  Lenses from Canon, Leitz (Photare) and Zeiss (Luminare) are used. Right: The Carl Zeiss Jena GSZ is a GreenZoom stereo zoom microscope. Zoom  factor: 5: 1  Magnification: 1,6x ... 200x  Lighting: Halogen and LED

Hebavak cibtrast research microscope by Frank Fox ©

Left and Center: On the left is a rare Zeiss Jena Jenaval Interphako microscope. In the middle is the Zeiss Jena Jenaval Contrast. The JENAVAL contrast is the large research universal microscope from Zeiss Jena.  It is equipped with the high performance lens kit CF250 (PLAN-APOs). The following different variable contrast methods are possible: Differential Interference Contrast, positive and negative phase contrast, oriented polarization and darkfield.  Right: The Nikon Microphot FXA from Nikon is a professional research microscope . It is equipped with the high-performance lens kit CF (PLAN-APOs).  The following different variable contrast methods are possible:  Differential interference contrast according to  Nomarski, Phase contrast , Oriented polarization and Dark field. It is fully equipped for photomicrography.  Lighting: halogen, LED and micro flash. To read more about my equipment see my web site.

Fly head and compoound eyes by Frank Fox ©

Fly Head and compound eyes. Approx 20X

Large red damselfly by Frank Fox ©

Large red damselfly

Tick by Frank Fox ©Tick

Sundew plant Approx 10X  by Frank Fox ©

Sundew plant Approx 10X

Rotifer by Frank Fox ©

Rotifer - they make up a phylum of microscopic and near-microscopic pseudocoelomate animals. Approx. 400X Differential interference microscopy

Protozoan living in freshwater  by Frank Fox ©

Protozoan living in freshwater

Radiolarian by Frank Fox ©

Radiolarian Approx. 400X

Ciliated protozoan by Frank Fox Differential Interference contrast microscopy ©

Ciliated Protozoa Approx. 400X Differential Interference microscopy

Ciliated Protozoan by Frank Fox ©

Ciliated Protozoan Approx 400X Differential interference microscopy

Diatom Oamaru by Frank Fox ©

Diatom Approx. 200X

Diatom by Frank Fox ©

Diatom Approx 800 X

Desimid DIC microscopy by Frank Fox ©

Desmid Approx 400X Differential Interference microscopy

Desmid Micrasterias sp by Frank Fox ©

Desmid Micrasterias sp. Approx 400X Differential Interference Microscopy.

Vorticella - a protozoan, Approx. 400X Darkfield Microscopy by Frank Fox ©

Vorticella - a protozoan, Approx. 400X Darkfield Microscopy.

Volvox Darkfield microscopy by Frank Fox ©

Volvox is a green algae. They live in a variety of freshwater  habitats, Approx. 400X. Darkfield microscopy.

Rotifer Stepanocerus frimbriatus Darkfield illumination by Frank Fox ©

Rotifer Stepanocerus frimbriatus Darkfield illumination

Since 2010, I successfully participate in the international photo competitions "Nikon Small World" and "Olympus BioScapes". There I reached next to a 3rd place at "Nikon Small World" also several "HONORABLE MENTION" - awards.

For many companies and universities I have carried out commissioned work in the field of photomicrography, e.g. for the University of Hamburg (algae database) and for diatom research at the University of Dresden. 

Some of the photos can also be found in the Sasso San Gottard Thematic World Exhibition  or in the international exhibition "Light, Beyond the Bulp" , a project supported by the United Nations and UNESCO.  My photomicrograph can be found in Wikipedia

You can find more photos of different topics on my websites: (photo agency) (micro -photography) Photography) (nature photography).


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Portrait of Frank Fox Frank Fox is a professional photographer specializing in macrophotography, photomicrography and nature photography. My photos in the field of micro- and macro photography are sold worldwide through various photo agencies. I belong to the editorial board of the well-known journal "Mikrokopie", see link Microscopy  and belong to the group of the  Microscopic College in Bonn . 


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