Mission and Goals

January 1, 2016

The goals and mission of this web site are to:

1) Provide a resource for learning about nature photography, art and great places to visit and photograph Nature both in Canada and around the world.

2) Get inspired - we will introduce you to a variety of different nature photographer-artists both professional and amateur. If you would like to be a featured Robert Berdan portrai by Peter Dettling photographer-artist please contact me to submit a short article and images and please read our submission guidelines.

3) We will provide tips and how to articles to help you get the most out of your camera and how to use various software programs. We welcome all types of photography articles from pin-hole cameras, large-format, black and white, film, traditional darkroom and digital manipulation.

4) We will reveal how to use some of the technologies in photography and on the web - including HDR, make panoramas, time-lapse, movie making , and 360 vr movies with your SLR.

5) We will provide visitors with information about the science or biology behind the subjects being photographed.

6) We will discuss different approaches to photography including issues about composition, art, philosophy and the ethics of nature photography. This web site is about many different approaches and styles of Nature photography. My overall goal is to use this web site to educate and inspire others to take up nature photography and to have a greater appreciation for nature in general. I also provide a variety of free teaching resources for anyone that wants to promote or teach photography. I also hope that by having a greater appreciation for nature we will all try to do more to protect our natural areas and the living organisms that live there. We can't and won't protect what we don't value.

7) Occasionally we will review new equipment like new lenses, cameras and other accessories, but their are better web sites with this focus if you are looking to purchase new equipment. We will try to give a broader overview of things like tripods and other accessories such as filters and photo editing software.

Google analytics show that the featured photographer\artists receive a significant amount of traffic from the links placed on this web site. As a pro photographer, I also show and sell my images, promote my workshops and photography services. I have been photographing for over 45 years and have more then 30 years experience teaching at universities and colleges and privately. Nature photography at the professional level is a lifestyle choice with few of us becoming wealthy. The lifestyle involves travel and exploration outdoors and the experience is hard to surpass, but there are better ways to make money. A good friend of mine and world-renowned wildlife photographer who gave up a career in medicine once said to me "We should do more of the things that make us happy and less of things that don't" - Dr. Wayne Lynch.

I believe that more of people will seek out solace in nature in the future. Technology is changing ever so rapidly and this puts stress on all of us as we try to keep pace. Nature heals, it refreshes our spirit and photography can be a non-destructive pursuit that can help us better appreciate life. Photography can help us preserve our past, and aids our memory. As smart phones grow in popularity, many of us have a camera with us most of the time. Photography is also changing, it's getting easier but taking great shots still requires lots of time and commitment and an understanding of what makes a good picture. In some ways a camera can be thought of as a "magnifying lens" for our mind. Unlike some other pursuits, there are almost no age barriers to photography, anyone from about the age of 3 to 100 can take pictures. I hope that you enjoy the articles and pictures on this web site and that you learn something. I also invite you to participate if you can put together a series of images and a short article - you don't have to be a pro - just inspired. Photography has been my passion for a long time and I hope that through this web site I can make some of my passion contagious.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and feed back - rberdan@scienceandart.org

Author's Short Bio

Robert Berdan camera and tripod in winter by Peter Dettling.

Robert Berdan is a professional nature photographer, scientist and teacher living in Calgary. He uses Nikon and Canon photography equipment, both PC and Mac computers and likes to play Jazz and Blues on Tenor & Alto Sax in his spare time.

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