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Canadian Nature Photographer September 1, 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Fellow Nature Photographers by the time you get this email I will driving up to the Arctic for 2 weeks of adventure and photography!

During the month of August I posted 5 new articles on the Canadian Nature photographer and if you haven't been back I urge you to take a look by clicking on the links below or re-visit my web site. New Photographers featured include Duane Allen, Jordon Van de Vorts, Ian Neilson and Nancy Murdoch.

On August 5, I was alerted to a possible Auroral storm in Calgary and headed out that evening. I captured some very colourful shots of the sky and Aurora just a few kilometers outside of Calgary. It didn't hurt that there were also several thunderstorms in the area that made the lighting even more interesting. The pictures were published in the electronic version of the Calgary Herald and picked up on National Geographic News.

Other highlights include an article on Weed Lake - a Birding Hotspot just east of Calgary which features numerous shore birds. I also traveled to Waterton National Park with my wife for a few days on our annual vacation and captured some photographs of baby black bears and the milky way over Waterton Lake. The Perseid meteor shower on August 12-13 was a disappointment this year as as most of the meteors were drowned out by the full moon. I captured a couple of meteor pictures which I will include in a future article on photography of the night sky. I also photographed the Kananaskis Golf course for BRAGG about the CREEK magazine which will be out in September or you can view it online at: www.braggmag.com.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

American Avocet photographed at Weed Lake, Alberta by Robert Berdan ©  

Bird Photography Hot Spot Weed Lake Alberta by Dr. Robert Berdan. When I was a kid I used to get really excited about getting up early in the morning and going fishing. I don't do much fishing anymore, but I still get the same excitement when I am heading out to take photographs. Read article and view pictures on bird photography at Weed Lake Alberta.

Duane Allen waterfalls ©  

Duane Allen and Kermode Photography. One direction of my photography will lead me to produce more work that will encompass subjects captured that must be sought out by the viewer. My intent is to relax the viewers mind and create a sense of peace and calm while aspects of the photograph are studied. Read more and view pictures here. Read more.

HDR image by Jordan Van de Vorst ©  

High Dynamic Range Photography –
Introductory Tips To Help Along the Way by Jordan Van de Vorst.
High dynamic range photography or as it is commonly referred to as HDR, offers photographers the capability to take photos that they would otherwise be unable to achieve using conventional techniques.  Read more and view pictures here.

Grebe by Ian H. Neilson ©  

The Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena) by Ian H. Neilson and Nancy Murdoch. It turns out that I was not alone.  Although there could have been up to nine of us in the nest, I ended up having three brothers and one sister.  Our mother called us precocious which means that we were up and moving within a few hours of hatching. See photos and read article.

Aurora near Calgary by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing the Aurora (Northern Lights) Near Calgary by Dr. Robert Berdan. At 7:10 pm, August 5 I received an email, an Aurora alert notifying me that there was a high probability of an Auroral storm that night. To find out where I photographed the Aurora and how you can be notified when there is good chance to view and photograph the aurora see article and photos.

Autumn Photography Workshops

  • After a glorious summer of taking pictures some of you may be thinking about how to optimize and print all those great photos you have taken. There are many software programs you can use to enhance your images, but none is better then Adobe Photoshop. Sure it has a steep learning curve, but you can speed up your learning by taking a workshop or course.

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Other News:

David Lilly started a new web site called "The Canadian Bird Photographer" and is looking for contributors and articles if you might be interested visit his web site: www.canadianbirdphotographer.ca/_/Welcome.html

Peter Dettling opens a new photography Gallery in Canmore, check out his website and if you are driving through Canmore be sure to stop in and view his beautiful wildlife photographs. www.terramagica.ca/Canmore_Gallery/welcome.html

Bob and Candy Cook open a new Wildlife Photography Print Shop in Bragg Creek , AB where they offer Canvas printing and have a beautiful selection of wildlife prints. Check out their photography and website: www.brandedvisuals.ca

Congratulations to Sue Beresford our August Photo Contest Winner - She wins Access to Photoshop I online Workshop.

Sue Beresford Big Horn Sheep ©

I was participating in a Woman's Only Photo Workshop at Aurum Lodge, near Nordegg, Alberta . This is one is of several Bighorn Sheep (ovis canadensis) at Whirlpool Point along Hwy. 11. E-mail: four.rabbits@shaw.ca

If you have a winning photograph send it in and you may win free access to my online Photoshop Course or if you have a group of great photographs I am always looking for more featured photography articles - featured photography articles and photos must be accompanied by a short "article" describing how or where you took the photos.

Finally, I am heading up the Arctic by way of Yellowknife September 1 and then will head 250 Km further north onto the Tundra at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge, We have 6 photographers joining us this year on the workshop including special guest, Dr. Wayne Lynch. I will report on the Caribou and Aurora when I am back and in the October 1 newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope you get some great shots - until the next October newsletter.

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

Please Visit me at: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com