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Canadian Nature Photographer November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Fellow Nature Photographers - In the spirit of Halloween I posted a new article "Ocean Falls - A Ghost Town". I visited this remote town in September of 2008 - the population in 1931 was about 3500 and today is only 35. In the window of one remaining store it says "Beware of Zombies". It is a hauntingly beautiful little town.

I also want to draw your attention to three other articles one by Karl Berdan (my father) on "Huronia in Autumn". Last year my father had open heart surgery, but is now doing much better and is back in the field taking pictures. Also, Kevin Pepper submitted his second article on Fog Photography - also check out his web site for more of his beautiful photos. Another article I posted includes tips on Night sky photography - you don't need a telescope to capture constellations, aurora or even comets and you can photograph the sky all year long if you don't mind the cold in winter.


Peterson's Point Lake Lodge is offering a $250 discount for our Adventure Photography Workshop next September 5-11 if you book before December 31, 2011. For more information or to register you can go here: Petersons Point Lake Lodge web site photography. You can view pictures from this past years trip on the front page. I have also added three new photo galleries - two on the Aurora and one with Caribou- with most photos taken on this years workshop.

Aurora Gallery I - http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/galleries13.html

Aurora Gallery II - http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/galleries14.html

Caribou Gallgery III - http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/galleries15.html

I fixed a bug in the galleries which prevented the images from opening in a pop up window in Internet Explorer version 9.

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Ocean Falls Ghost Town by Dr. Robert Berdan. Each September I head out for a couple of weeks looking for a new Photo adventure. In 2008, I was part of a team leading a workshop into the Great Bear rainforest on the West Coast of BC. To get to the workshop I drove to Bella Coola, and then by boat stopped at Ocean Falls - a Ghost town. Read more and view pictures.


Autumn in Huronia by Karl Berdan. Autumn is usually one of the best times to photograph around Huronia, but this year the colours were not as good as they usually are. In part this was because we had a lot of rain or so it seemed. On Sunday, October 16 the weather forecast was promising ... Read more and view pictures.


Photographing in the Fog by Kevin Pepper. For those that have seen my images know that I love to be out with my camera on these mornings, especially in the fall and early winter. The lure of the atmosphere and diffused light really draws me out of the house. I love to exploit the landscape while it is covered in fog to evoke mood. Read more and view pictures.

Lunar eclipse - by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing the Night Sky with your DSLR Camera by Dr. Robert Berdan. Photographing the night sky requires nothing more then a DSLR camera and a tripod. You can use almost any lens, though its easier to start with a wide angle lens and set it to its' widest aperture. Read more and view pictures.

Honerable Mention - one of my photographs won an honerable mention in the Olympus Bioscapes contest in October.

Trout Alevin by Robert Berdan ©

Trout Alevin Approx. 10 X

Upcoming Autumn Photography Workshops

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Congratulations to Miranda Kynock winner of October's Photo contest -
she wins access to Photoshop I online workshop

Sunrise at La La Biche Lake, Plamondon, AB

Sunrise at Lac La Biche Lake, Plamondon, AB by Miranda Kynock mirandak88@hotmail.com

Until December - hope you get some great shots.

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

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