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Canadian Nature Photographer April 1, 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends - Spring is finally upon us though I am certain we have not seen the last snowfall. It seems February was very popular for photographing snowy owls and great gray owls around Calgary. This month we have 4 new articles including one about Gators from Florida by Dr. Wayne Lynch who is considered to be one of North America's top wildlife photographers. Wayne writes about how he decides what his next photo book is going to be on. Also featured is the outstanding bird photography of Mark Williams an amateur photographer from Calgary who is also the winner of this months photo contest. Mark's photos have won several times before. From the East coast of Canada I also received an article by Stephen DesRoches showing casing some of his work and images from Eastern Canada, Stephen's photos were also recently featured in Outdoor Photography Canada.


Other news, one of my photos of a red fox was published as a 2 page spread in Canadian Wildlife and another photo of David Lilly standing in front of the Aurora was featured in Montana Outdoors as part of a larger article on the Aurora borealis. Currently the sun is at its peak of the 11 solar cycle so this year and next year should offer good opportunities to capture auroa photos. If you are too far south consider joining me this September as I lead another group to Yellowknife and onto the Tundra as part the Petersons's Point Lake Adventure tour (details are below - we have 4 spots left).



Red Fox photographed at Prelude Territorial Park near Yellowknife was featured in Canadian Wildlife magazine, March April 2013. I wrote an article on Foxes for this web site in January - you can view it here.


I just picked up the new Nikon D800 camera and I am anxious to thoroughly test it and see if having 36 Megapixels is the way to go in the future. I have spent most of the month teaching web design at SAIT and still have several weeks until I am finished. However, I have started planning for a photo trip to Newfoundland with friend Kamal Varma and looking forward to this trip. In April I am hoping to feature the photography of Shermin Hines and John DeVisser, both have photographed Canada for many decades and I have also invited David Minty who specializes in photographing Newfoundland to showcase some of his beautiful imagery of the island.


What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Great gray owl on fence post by Robert Berdan ©

Great Gray Owls - Phantoms of the North by Dr. Robert Berdan. One of my photographic fantasies was to photograph a great gray owl in a snow storm and a few years back it became a reality. I was driving back from Waterton with fellow photographer Hälle Flygare when we drove into a Spring snowstorm just outside of Bragg Creek. Out of the side of my eye I spotted an owl sitting on a fence ... read more and view pictures.

Gator Hatchling by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Going After Gators by Dr. Wayne Lynch. When I'm considering the topic for a new book project I always start by asking myself three questions.  First, are there many other books on the same subject.  If there are, it may mean the market is saturated.  If there are none or very few, either I have a fresh new book idea ripe for publication, or the topic is a dud '.. read article on gators and view pictures.

White on White – Finding, Identifying and Photographing Snowy Owls In Winter by Mark Williams. I would hardly call myself a winter aficionado but since we have 5 months of the white stuff I find myself making the most of the photographic opportunities it presents. To the untrained eye there is not a lot to photograph in our bleak winters compared to our other 3 distinct seasons. Read article and view photographs.

Lupines by Stephen DesRoches ©

Why Are We Photographers? by Stephen DesRoches. Sometimes I will catch myself questioning my efforts, the costs, and the hours involved on that quest to make better images. Some times the true value of what we do can be clouded by all the noise and media constantly fighting for our attention. But if we take all of that away, I believe all categories of photographers are story tellers... Read article and view pictures.





Mark Williams Hungarian Partridge

Hungarian Partridge by Mark Williams


Winners get either free access to Photoshop II online course or a copy of my Macrophotography e-book. I look forward to getting more images submitted in April. Winners should contact me and indicate their preference.



PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT is being offered by SAIT, July 8 to August 9, 2013, I will be teaching the sections on Scenic and Wildlife photography and Sports photography. If you might be interested in this program please contact SAIT or visit their web site for more information. To register call (403) 284-7248.


ARCTIC ADVENTURE WORKSHOP - If you are looking for an Arctic Adventure photographing Caribou and the Northern Lights I will be leading another photography workshop in Yellowknife and to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge on the tundra between Sept 5-11, 2013. Cost $5195.00 for 6 days. See my web site for articles and photographs from previous workshops. To register for the workshop visit: http://www.petersonspointlake.com/photography.html


PHOTOSHOP I WORKSHOP Saturday April 27, 2013 (full) , Saturday, May 25 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in my studio, Calgary. NW. To register email me or call me at 403 247-2457. Cost $249 includes lunch, DVD of tutorial files and 65 page manual of photoshop recipes.




If you have ideas for articles please send me an email and I will see what I can do. If you would like to be a featured photographer please contact me.


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