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May 1, 2013

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Dear Friends - It seems winter doesn't want to leave, most of the month we have had scattered flurries with only a few warm days though I finally discovered prairie croccus flowers growing along the Bow river this week. Two of this month's articles cover spring-time topics: The collection of Maple syrup with photos taken by my father, Karl in Midland, Ontario, and the article by David Lilly showing Sharp-tailed grouse dancing at their lek south of Calgary. Stirling Clark, a photographer living in Cochrane, Alberta also shares his artistic panoramas of Horseshoe lake located in Jasper National Park. Philippe Henry submitted his 4th photo-essay this one showing images from a remote park in the Yukon called Ivvavik National Park. If you haven't been back to visit I hope you will drop by and check out these new articles.


If you are looking for specific photography topics you can use the search form at the top right of the web site to view articles on photo-techniques and great locations to capture photographs. In May I will be trying to capture some ruffed grouse drumming on a log and at the end of May I am traveling with fellow photographer Kamal Varma to visit Newfoundland for two weeks and we will share our photographs and adventures on the site upon returning later in June.


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Canadian maple syrup in a bottle by Karl Berdan ©

Canadian Maple Syrup and How it's Collected by Karl and Robert Berdan. Nothing tastes more Canadian than the sweet taste of Maple syrup on French toast or pancakes. Every spring in eastern Canada maple syrup producers tap maple trees and boil the sap into a sweet brown coloured syrup. No one knows exactly when this process first started..... see pictures and read article.

Sharp-tailed Grouse by David Lilly ©

Dancing with the Sharp-Tailed Grouse by David Lilly. All bird photographers have the Sharp-tailed Grouse on their list of birds to photograph. For several years I have searched for the Sharp-tailed grouse, but with no luck. This year a fellow bird photographer, Ken Cribben and I made contact with a rancher  who had Sharp-tailed Grouse on his property. We gained permission to look for the Sharp-tailed Grouse. Read article and view pictures.

Reflections on Horseshoe lake Jasper by Stirling Clark ©

Horseshoe Lake Reflections by Stirling Clark. It is a crisp and cool fall morning in Jasper as I make my way down the short trail from the parking lot to the cliffs surrounding the lake.  The same lake which myself and our group of high school friends headed to on warm summer days 30 years earlier to jump off the cliffs into the frigid waters. Read article and view pictures.

Ivvavik National Park by Philipper Henry ©

Ivvavik National Park by Philippe Henry. Located on the north slope of the Yukon Territory, Ivvavik National Park, originally called Northern Yukon national park, was established in 1984 through the settlement of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, also called the Western Arctic Claim. This agreement established the legal rights of the Inuvialuit people to manage their own land. It is considered to be the first modern land claim. Read article and view pictures.



Other News - I would also like to draw your attention to a new Canadian Photography Magazine called PhotoED. PhotoEd is about Photography Education; both traditional and New Media. It is a useful resource for students, teachers and anyone desiring an education in photography. It is about motivation, inspiration and passion in photography. The magazine will showcase the work of emerging and established Canadian artists and be a vehicle for showing and sharing the great talent in Canada. Web site:


The Spring\Summer 2013 issue features an article about my work called "Robert Berdan's Canadian Wildlife Experience" and also the work of fellow wildlife photographers, Peter Dettling and Glenn Bartley - both of whom have articles in the Canadian Nature Photographer web site. The magazine is published three times a year and the editor is Felix Russo. The cover of the Spring\Summer magazine is shown on the right and features "Creatures great and small" and deals with pet and wildlife photography.






If interested you can read PDF copy of my article here. In the article I mention those photographers that have inspired and mentored me in the development of my photographic vision, namely: Budd Watson, Keith Logan and Dr. Wayne Lynch.





Wally Bauman's winning photo of a young Great Horned ow in the nest.


Winners get free access to my Photoshop II online course or a copy of my Macrophotography e-book. I look forward to getting more images submitted in May. Winners should contact me and indicate their preference. If you have lots of winning photos please consider becoming a featured photographer on the web site and show off your work.



PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT is being offered by SAIT, July 8 to August 9, 2013, I will be teaching the sections on Scenic and Wildlife photography and Sports photography. If you might be interested in this program please contact SAIT or visit their web site for more information. To register call (403) 284-7248.


ARCTIC ADVENTURE WORKSHOP - If you are looking for an Arctic Adventure photographing Caribou and the Northern Lights I will be leading another photography workshop in Yellowknife and to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge on the tundra between Sept. 5-11, 2013. Cost $5195.00 for 6 days. This year is the peak of the 11 year solar cycle and we expect the Aurora to be even more spectacular then it normally is. See my web site for articles and photographs from previous workshops. To register for the workshop visit:


PHOTOSHOP I WORKSHOP Saturday Saturday, May 25 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in my studio, Calgary. NW. To register email me or call me at 403 247-2457. Cost $249 includes lunch, DVD of tutorial files and 67 page manual of Photoshop recipes. I will cover basic workflow, color correction and many other techniques. Participants should also bring some of their own digital files to work on.


PRIVATE TRAINING Please note I am available throughout the summer for photography or Photoshop instruction on a one-on-one private basis $60\hr or 7 hours $249 (Half day) full day sunrise to sunset for $499. All level of photographers from beginner to advanced welcome. I also offer discounts for small groups. Destinations can include mountain parks, badlands, prairies etc.


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If you would like to be a featured photographer on the web site please contact me with your ideas. I welcome your feed back on how I can improve the Canadian Nature Photographer web site and make it more exciting and useful.


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