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January 2, 2017

Dear Friends and new subscribers - I posted 4 new articles in December covering What's New in Photoshop 2017CC, to photographing Arthropods, Devils Island and Antelope Canyon. Adrian Thysse is from Edmonton and an instructor who specializes in closeups of arthropods. Reinhard Thomas specializes in Travel photography and shares images of the people and prison around Devil's Island. Suzanne Roberts last article featured Newfoundland, this time she shares some of her beautiful images of Antelope Canyon.

I am currently working on an article about image management tools. I have been using Google's Picasa for years and really like how it helps me find images quickly. When you have over a million images this is something I really need. Unfortunately Picasa is no longer being updated or supported. It still works, but if you get a new camera it won't display the RAW files. I will present some alternatives, both free software and commercial programs to help you organize your images. I am even looking at Lightroom again since it comes with a subscription from Photoshop.

If you are looking for workshops I have listed plenty of them below, also on January 13-15 I will be presenting a Photoshop Work flow presentation as Part of Brian Merry's Annual Banff Summit conference where he invites notable photographers and takes folks out to shoot around the Banff area - see below and contact Brian to register.

Click on the thumbnails or links to visit web site and see these new photo articles

Photoshop2017CC screen shot  

Photoshop 2017CC - What's New by Dr. Robert Berdan
Photoshop CC 2017 was released in December of 2016. If you are subscriber you simply update the software with the Adobe cloud tool and you will have its' new features - read more.

Jumping Spider by Adrian Thysee ©  

Photographing Arthropods by Adrian Thysse Since the age of 9 I have been fascinated with nature, and in my early teens, I received my first film camera and began learning to use a camera to record my interest in the natural world. Until the digital era, I was a generalist - read more.

Devils Island by Reinhard Thomas  

Photographing around Devil’s Island by Reinhard Thomas
Off the coast of South America lies the small archipelago of Iles Du Salut or Salvation Islands consisting of 3 islands. The islands belong to the French overseas department of French Guiana (Guiana) - read more.

Antelope Canyon by Suzanne Roberts ©  

Antelope Canyon by Suzanne Roberts
The Antelope Canyon had been on my bucket list for a while. A couple of years ago, I saw a very large print of the beautiful red canyon which intrigued me and I instantly knew I wanted to see it with my own eyes - read more.


2017 Photography Workshops


Banff Photography Summit presented by Brian Merry - January 13-15th in Banff National Park

Banff is a tiny little mountain town of 8600 permanent residents and has been my home since 1996.  Banff is where the Canadian Parks system all started over 130 years ago and has since to receive over 4,000,000 visitors a year. Enjoy photographing around Banff while taking in this Photography workshop and presentations.


Juniper Hotel & Bistro,
1 Juniper Way,
Banff, AB T1L 1E1

Some of the many topics covered during the workshop include:

How to achieve personal comfort in the field so you can relax and focus on feeling the landscape and being creative
Review basic editing workflow for individual images - by Robert Berdan
Review the creative photographic process from: pre-visualization special in camera & considerations before tripping the shutter, Download and storage/backup considerations
The editing workflow including pre-capture, capture, software workflow and storage back-up for life
Explain what emotional communication is and what it can do for you once you embrace the process…
Panel Discussion nature photography ethics. How far would you go to “get the shot” – How far is too far?
Introduce advanced capture/editing techniques including Motion Blur, Digital Infrared photography
Editing the RGB image to simulate a traditional Infrared photograph
Night photography practical session.

Some of the presenters at the 2017 ILPA Summit include:
Mike Grandmaison - Keynote - Arguably the most prolific landscape photographer and author in Canada
Roy Ramsay - Publisher and editor-in-chief at Outdoor Photography Canada magazine
Larry Hildermann - Pansonic imaging proffessional photographer
Dr Robert Berdan - Professional Nature photography educator and workshop/tour host/leader
Steve Dotto - Professional social media educator and host of the popular Youtube TV show Dotto Tech
Brian Merry - ILPA founder, president and professional landscape photographer

To register contact Brian Merry

Call toll free at 1-855-763-1114.

Tickets from $35 to $375 - Click here for more information or to register online:




Novice Photographer Workshop - Christmas Special $199 - Saturday January 21, 2016 10:00 am to 4 pm. Learn how to use your new Camera.

This workshop includes 2 hours in the studio going over camera equipment followed by 3 hours in the field and then 1 hour back in the studio to critique your images. This workshop is for beginners or anyone that just purchased a new camera. Participants should bring their camera, camera manual and any other camera gear they own and be prepared to go outside to shoot for several hours. You will be provided with a set of notes. The course is designed for single lens reflex type cameras, though you can bring a compact camera if you like (no phone cameras). I will also cover composition basics and seeing. We will photograph outdoors somewhere close like Bowness Park or Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. My studio is located in Calgary, NW in Silver Springs.




Adobe Photoshop Workshop Saturday Feb 25, 2017 - max of 4 - $299

We will be working with Photoshop for a full day. You will receive a DVD with step by step movies, a 100 page book with Photoshop recipes. I will walk you through setting up Photoshop, a basic work flow which includes resizing images, adjusting levels, colour correction, removing spots, red eye correction, dodging and burning, content aware fill and several other techniques. You will have several hours to work on your own images so bring some of your favourite images as .jpg or RAW files. Lunch will be provided (turkey croissants and pop, or bottled water). If you can't make the workshop you can always hire me for a private session in my studio I will be available most of the winter.



NEW - Photo-restoration workshop - 4 hours Saturday Feb 11, 1-5 pm max 4 Learn how to fix your old photos. $199

Do you own some old images you would like to fix or repair. In this workshop I will show you how to scan your images (from prints, slides or negatives) and repair them in Photoshop. I will also show you how to tint your images and hand colour black and white photos. We will be working in Adobe Photoshop - No previous knowledge of Photoshop is required. You will receive 2 hours instruction and have 2 hours with assistance to fix up your old images. Participants should bring some old photos with them that they would like to digitally repair.



Winter Workshop - Saturday, January 28th $299

Saturday, January 28th from 7:00 am to 5 pm. We will be travelling to Banff and then to lake Louise to photograph some winter scenery and the winter festival. We will shoot the sunrise at 8:30 am, then travel down Highway 1 A to shoot some landscapes, wildlife and Morant's curve before heading to the Lake Louise winter festival. I will be able to provide transportation for 3 people, additional folks up to 6 will be transported via car pooling or I will arrange for another photo-instructor to join us and provide transportation. If folks are interested we can arrange for a follow up session and critique of your images.



NEW - Winter Prairie and Snowy Owl Workshop - Saturday Feb 25, 2017 max of 3 - 7:00 am to 6:00 pm $299 (full) If there is more interest I may do this on another weekend - contact me if you are interested.

On this workshop we will head out in search for snowy owls and winter prairie landscapes. I will provide transportation in my Jeep. In general I usually have to drive about 100 km per snowy owl, so we will cover the country side east and south of Calgary. We will stop for lunch. Participants should have a telephoto lens (70-200 mm or larger), a tripod or monopod is recommended. In the event we do not encounter a snowy owl, I will make an second trip on Sunday or the following weekend at no additional charge. I usually spot at least one snowy owl on most outings - but no one can guarantee wildlife. We also photograph Mule Deer, foxes, and other wild birds we encounter.


NEW - Winter Photography in the Badlands Saturday March 4, 2017 - max 3 $299

This will be a day long trip to Dinosaur Provincial Park in order to photograph the badlands in winter. Mule Deer are common in the park and we are unlikely to encounter any other people. We will leave early morning and arrive back in Calgary after dinner time. I will provide transportation in my Jeep. Our focus will be landscape and wildlife photography. If there is time we may search further south for some Pronghorn antelope. In the event the highway is closed I will arrange for another weekend.




Spring Wildflowers - Saturday June 10, 2017 $299

Early June is the best time for wildflowers in Rockies. We will photograph calypso orchids, lady;s slippers and other flowers. On this workshop we will travel to Rocky Mountain Parks to places where I know there is an abundance of wildflowers. There will also be opportunities to photograph landscapes and wildlife we encounter. I can provide transportation for three, otherwise we will car pool or I will hire and additional instructor to provide transportation and instruction. See article on photographing wild flowers in the Rockies. All participants will be provided with an e-book on macrophotography. There will be an optional 2 hour class in my studio before the workshop to cover macrophotography equipment and techniques and a follow up session where participants will show 6-10 of their best photos from the workshop for critique.



Arctic Adventure Workshop 2017 - August 31 to September 7, 2017 min 4 - max 10. $5,579.00

Our annual arctic adventure tour starts in Yellowknife, with accommodations provided for two nights in Yellowknife, we will touring the city, take a boat tour and in the evenings we will be photographing the Aurora Borealis. We will then fly 350 km north to the heart of the tundra to stay at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge for 7 days in photograph the tundra in spectacular autumn colours, migrating caribou,wildlife and in the evening the aurora Borealis. See my article from 2015. Guides are provided to accommodate all fitness level, we will do some hiking, boating and even some fishing if interested. The caribou sometimes come by the cabins. There are also opportunities for macrophotography with a wide variety of lichens on the tundra. Accommodations are in comfortable cabins around Point Lake include a shower and sauna. All meals are provided at the lodge including the flight from Yellowknife to and from the lodge. For more information contact me or visit Petersons Point Lake lodge web site .


Can't make a workshop, call for me if you would like private training in any type of outdoor photography or Photoshop training.

Enjoy winter photography,
Robert Berdan

Calgary, AB
403 247-2457