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March 2, 2017

Dear Friends - welcome new subscribers, those interested in free Photoshop workshops can get access to them here: - password for Photoshop I is rdc1 and for Photoshop II is rdc2.

Update on Snowy Owls workshops - if you are looking for snowy owls around Calgary you have about another 2 weeks before the snowy owls start heading north. I took several tours out this year and the minimum number of snowy owls we found were 6 in one day and the maximum number was 10 and we also photographed two great horned owls. I will offer snowy owl workshop again next year in January or February. See my article on Photographing Owls in winter below to see some photos.

If you are looking for photography workshops I have listed upcoming workshops I offer below, but also check out my workshops page , If you can't make a workshop or the workshop is full you can contact me for a private session on another date, the cost is the same. I am available on weekends and during the week. I am trying to keep most of my workshops small so I can provide transportation and provide an more intimate learning experience.

If you would like to show some of your work on the Canadian Nature Photography website and you are willing to write a short article please see my submissions guidelines. I would love to share your photographs with others.

I am now providing photographing services, instruction and workshops full time - I no longer offer web design services and most of my photography and Photoshop teaching will be through my own studio from here on. If you are interested in any of my services just send me an email or call me at 403 247-2457.

I am currently searching for a publisher for my New Book "The Art of Canadian Nature Photography - Scenic Vistas and Wildlife" I am including a few sample pages below. The book includes a chapter on Seeing and the Visual Elements of Design which I believe will be of interest to any photographer. The book will be available as an e book off this web site later this year, and I hope the printed version will also be available - I will keep you up to date in this newsletter. You can download a sample chapter from here on the Northwest Territories, Caribou and Photographing the Aurora - PDF.


Some Sample Pages from My new book


Grizzly Bear Mussel Inlet

Click on the thumbnails or links to visit web site and see these new photo articles


Is Photography Art? by Dr. Robert Berdan A search of Google will reveal numerous essays on the topic of photography as art with some articles supporting the concept and others disagreeing. To my surprise even some pro nature photographers don't consider their photographs as art - read more.

Great Horned Owl in Barn Window in Winter by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing Owls in Winter Around Calgary by Dr. Robert Berdan Photographing owls isn't difficult - its finding them that is the challenge. Understanding a little bit of their biology and when and where to look is the key to success. In winter the trees are bare making them a little easier to spot - read more.




Prairie Croccus by Robert Berdan  

Spring Wildflowers & Macrophotography - Saturday June 10, 2017 $299 - max 6

Early June is the best time for wildflowers in Rockies. We will photograph calypso orchids, lady;s slippers and other flowers. On this workshop we will travel to Rocky Mountain Parks to places where I know there is an abundance of wildflowers. There will also be opportunities to photograph landscapes and wildlife we encounter. I can provide transportation for three, otherwise we will car pool or I will hire and additional instructor to provide transportation and instruction. See article on photographing wild flowers in the Rockies. All participants will be provided with an e-book on macrophotography. There will be an optional 2 hour class in my studio before the workshop to cover macrophotography equipment and techniques and a follow up session where participants will show 6-10 of their best photos from the workshop for critique.

Avocet by Robert Berdan  

NEW - Shorebird workshop - Saturday June 24, 20176 $299 max 3

In this workshop we will travel to several locations in order to photograph shore birds in their natural habitat. A telephoto lens of at least 200 mm is required, a tripod or mono pod is helpful. There will be some short walks and shooting from the shoreline. The workshop will start early morning, time to be determined, but sunrise is at 5:22 am. Depending on interest in this workshop, if there are more then 3 I will schedule additional workshop, but keep the max group size to 3. We will likely photograph Marbled Godwits, Avocets, Stilts and many other species. Participants will bring their lunch which we will enjoy in the field. This workshop will not be cancelled due to inclement weather. If you would like to participate contact me.


Waterfalls by Robert Berdan  

Waterfalls & Rainforest Workshop, Revelstoke, BC July 15 and 16 - two days one night, Max 3 - $599 plus cost of food and and one night accommodation.

In this workshop we will explore the Arrow lakes, Begbie creek falls, and Sutherland Creek Falls and others. We will also explore Mount Revelstoke National park. In addition to waterfalls and rainforest we will stop at Hemlock Grove Boardwalk in Glacier National Park BC. The tour will involve short hikes of 1 to 3 km so participants should be able to walk and carry their gear on these walks. I will provide transportation in my Jeep. The additional cost to participants will be for one night accommodation in Revelstoke or Nakusp will be about $150-$200 and I will try to provide some economical options. I plan to leave early Saturday morning (6:00 am) the drive is about 4 hours to Revelstoke through the National Parks, of course we will stop for scenics and wildlife photographs along route. We should be back in Calgary late Sunday afternoon. I recommend a tripod for the waterfalls and forest and a moderate telephoto lens for wildlife, and a macro for wildflowers. The trip will not be cancelled because of rain.

Caribou by Robert Berdan

Arctic Adventure Workshop 2017 - August 31 to September 7, 2017 min 4 - max 10. $5,597.00

Our annual arctic adventure tour starts in Yellowknife, with accommodations provided for two nights in Yellowknife, we will touring the city, take a boat tour and in the evenings we will be photographing the Aurora Borealis. We will then fly 350 km north to the heart of the tundra to stay at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge for 7 days in photograph the tundra in spectacular autumn colours, migrating caribou,wildlife and in the evening the aurora Borealis. See my article from 2015. Guides are provided to accommodate all fitness level, we will do some hiking, boating and even some fishing if interested. The caribou sometimes come by the cabins. There are also opportunities for macrophotography with a wide variety of lichens on the tundra. Accommodations are in comfortable cabins around Point Lake include a shower and sauna. All meals are provided at the lodge including the flight from Yellowknife to and from the lodge. For more information contact me or visit Petersons Point Lake lodge web site .


Also if you are interested in other photography topics please use the search engine on my front page to find them or see my site map or article index to see previous articles not listed on the front page - there are hundreds of articles on all sorts of topics from waterfalls, high dynamic range, owls, winter, etc.


Can't make a workshop, call me if you would like private training in any type of outdoor photography or Photoshop training.

Spring is on its way,
Robert Berdan

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