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July 3, 2018

Dear Friends and new subscribers welcome, those interested in the free online Photoshop tutorials can get access to them here: - password for Photoshop I is rdc1 and for Photoshop II is rdc2. These tutorials are getting outdated, but most of the instructions will also work on Photoshop CC 2018.


Happy Canada Day!

As photographers we have so much to be thankful for in Canada - we still have pristine landscapes and wildlife. I missed sending out May and June newsletters primarily because I have been so busy with a Wildflower photography workshop and photographing microorganisms with my new microscope. I have posted 5 new articles. One - called the Lucky Swedes which is by two Swedish photographers that visited me in Calgary in February and I took them out to photograph Snowy Owls. We were extremely lucky to photograph 25 owls and one of them catching and eating a grouse. I took them to Drumheller and Kananaskis where they photographed Elk, wolves, 6 moose, a rabbit and a short eared owl - which is why I call them the Lucky Swedes.

I posted 4 new articles on Photomicrography hoping to show the beauty in the micro world. I have become very interested in Ciliates and Water Bears. It seems that Water bears are almost everywhere including my own backyard. I hope you will take a look. I will be posting more articles on photomicrography over the summer. I am still photographing wildlife, flowers, landscapes and at the end of the summer the Aurora borealis - but the microworld is really drawing me in and I hope to offer high magnification macrophotography and photomicrography workshops in the near future for anyone interested.

All of you are invited to submit articles to the Canadian Nature Photographer - if interested please see my submission guidelines.

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Stentor viewed by Darkfield microscopy by Robert Berdan ©  


Photographing Stentors - A Large Unicellular Protozoan (Ciliate) living in Freshwater by Dr. Robert Berdan I encountered my first Stentor when I was teenager collecting pond samples to view with my microscope - read more.

Tardigrada - water bear by Robert Berdan ©  

How to Collect and Photograph Water Bears (Tardigrades) by Dr. Robert Berdan
As a biologist and photographer I am drawn to the beauty that is all around us; sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small - learn about water bears here.

Turtle Rotifer  

Tips on How to Take Better Pictures with a Microscope - Photomicrography Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I share some tips on how to take better photomicrographs with a light microscope - read more.

Rotifer by DIC microscopy by Robert Berdan ©  

Microscopic Pond Organisms from Silver Springs Calgary - There is beauty in Pond Scum by Dr. Robert Berdan I show photographs revealing the hidden beauty of microscopic pond life found in my neighbourhood ponds in Silversprings, Calgary, North West. Most people will never see these hidden gems unless they own a microscope -read more



Snowy Owl in flight  

The Lucky Swedes Photographing Snowy Owls Around Calgary Photos and Story by Carl Beskow and Bengt-Åke Öhgren In the last week in February Bengt-Åke Öhgren and Carl Beskow, from Skövde in Sweden, took a snowy owl workshops in the surroundings of Calgary. Our guide took us to different places in the Rocky Mountains, the prairies and the Badlands- read more


My E-book The Art of Canadian Nature Photography - 250 pages

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You can download a free chapter in PDF format - Download FREE Sample Book Chapter PDF. The book is filled with 250 pages of images and text that described some of the most beautiful places to photograph in Canada, includes maps, discussion of the Visual Elements of Design, Composition and How to photograph the Aurora.

Spring is on it way and the first wildflowers will be out soon. The first flower to appear in Calgary is the Prairie Crocus - it can appear along the Bow river from Mid March to Mid April depending on the weather. These beautiful flowers are found along the hillsides next to the Bow river. The nice thing about wild flowers is that they don't run away! I have on spot left in the June Wildflower macrophotography workshop. If more are interested I can always add another date.


Arctic Photo Adventure 2018 - Still a few spots left in both workshops

Arctic Photography Adventure - August 29-Sept 5 (few spots still available), 2nd Workshop Sept 03 to Sept 10th.  Cost $5,997.00 Held in Yellowknife and includes air fare from Yellowknife to Lodge 350 Km further North on the tundra

Your adventure begins in Yellowknife, NT and includes a flight further north to Point Lake Lodge on the Tundra. Transportation to Yellowknife is not included, but we will pick you up at the air port and provide hotel accommodation in Yellowknife. We will be photographing the Aurora Borealis, waterfalls, tundra, caribou and other wildlife. The tour includes a boat tour of Yellowknife bay and a fish fry (weather permitting). We may also hike a scenic trail to Cameron falls to photograph grouse, mushrooms and autumn colours. We will spend two nights photographing the Aurora in Yellowknife, including one night at Aurora village. We will then fly about 350 km north onto the tundra to Peterson's point lake lodge which includes gourmet food and comfortable cabin accommodations, shower, and heated rooms. We will be searching for caribou to photograph and other wildlife on foot and from 16 foot power boats. The tundra will be red and yellow and their will be opportunities to catch amazing sunsets and sunrises from the beach in front of the cabins. See the aurora and caribou gallery for images from previous workshops and read some of my previous articles. Contact me if you have any questions.

Download poster as a PDF

Photography Adventure Itinerary In Yellowknife - PDF

In 2018 we will be offering two workshops Cost $5997 + GST. Dates 1st workshop August 29-Sept 05, 2nd Workshop will be from Sept 03 to Sept 10th.

To register for this workshop please contact Margaret Peterson in Yellowknife at : or call 867-920-4654. 
Also visit the Peterson's Point lake lodge web site for more pictures and information.

If you would like any kind of nature photography training, macrophotography or photomicrography, a photo trip outside of Calgary, or Photoshop training I am available July and August by the hour, half day or full day - just give me a call. You can also use a gift certificate towards any training.


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