Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter May 2020


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Dear Friends the pandemic and social distancing is changing the way we do things. With the warmer weather coming most of us are looking forward to doing activities outside. During the pandemic I have been photographing with my microscopes and posted two new articles in March and April showing images taken with a fluorescence microscope of various pond organisms.

I have been contacted by several professional photographers, retirees, and students wanting to do something indoors during the pandemic and some were looking to purchase a microscope. Microscopy is something that can be done throughout the year in the comfort of our homes. In spring, summer and fall we can also collect various things to examine from the outdoors. Also a good microscope can last a lifetime - many of my scopes are over 40 years old.

Over the past few months I have been refurbishing several microscopes which are now posted for sale on Kijjii Calgary - see some pictures below. With the purchase of one of my microscopes I am offering a Free microscopy workshop . Anyone can take the workshop for $199 whether or not they own a microscope. The microscopes I am selling cost between $149 and $1649 including one Olympus stereoscope and two fibre optic lights. I also have one dedicated microscope camera I would sell with a purchase of a microscope for an extra fee. I also have a microscope carrying bag for sale, and several fibre optic lights (goose neck and ring light). I am also happy to recommend a brand new microscope made in China or a name brand scope if you are looking for one.

Above some of my microscopes for Sale on Kijjii Calgary - I also have more microscopes not shown

New Macrophotography & Photomicrography workshop. $199 - Free to anyone that purchases a Microscope from me

I am offering a special workshop for anyone interested in in photomicrography, macrophotography and focus stacking. The workshop will be offered ad hoc and will be limited to two people at a time. The workshop will involve 2 hours collecting specimens outdoors and about 3 hours of indoor training using various microscopes, stereo microscopes and macrophotography equipment. You are also encouraged to bring your own equipment. The cost of the workshop is $199 at my place in Silver Springs, NW. We will visit a couple of ponds and fields near the roads in Calgary, NW. .All collecting will include a short walk from car. I will provide transportation in my Jeep, but if you prefer you can follow me with your vehicle.

These workshops will be available starting in May to July for a maximum of 2 people (3 if a teen is accompanied by a parent or guardian) and this workshop is being offered even if only one person is interested. A teen or young person between the ages of 12-17 and guardian together cost is $199 total for both i.e. 2 for the cost of one, young persons must be accompanied by an adult at no additional charge.

Cost $199.00 for about 5-6 hours including a short field trip and 3 hours in my home laboratory - this workshop is free if you buy one of my scopes or fibre optic lights. You can do this in the workshop and receive $199 credit towards a microscope before, during or afterwards - this way you can test several microscopes before purchasing if you like. T

If you are a biology student with a microscope or considering getting a microscope I also provide private workshops and training on microscopy and photomicrography for the same price.

Freshwater Diatoms DIC microscopy Robert Berdan ©

Above Freshwater Diatoms 400X

In this macro\micro workshop you will learn what to look for in purchasing a microscope and economical methods to attach. your camera to a microscope.

The workshop will include an ebook of mine "Macrophotography" and I will answer any of your questions and include other ebooks on microscopy.

I will show how to focus stack using Adobe Photoshop

I will also demonstrate the use of the free Digicam control software for Windows to connect your camera to your computer

I will show how to make movies through microscope using Digicam control software

We will hunt for water bears and a variety of other microorganisms: rotifers, ciliates, nematodes to view and photograph.

Start at 10 am to 4 pm (lunch break bring a lunch or we can pick up fash food) from May to end of July. If there is more interest I will continue to offer this workshop in September and October. Start and end times are flexible.

You can also take some photographs with my research microscopes if you have a Nikon or Canon camera body. You can then take your images home on a USB stick. If there is interest we can also do some crystal photography with polarized light.

To view my other Photography Workshops - see my Workshops page just updated. I am also available for private workshops on most photography topics including: wildflowers, landscapes, wildlife, snowy owls etc. Max of 3 people - and cost $299 transportaton is provided. There is $100 discount if 2 people book at the same time.

Please Click on the thumbnails or links to read the Latest Photography Articles or visit the home page of Canadian Nature Photographer.

Rotifer viewed by Epiflourescence microscpy Robert Berdan ©  

Epi-Fluorescence Microscopy of Protists and other pond organisms using Acridine Orange by Dr. Robert Berdan A normal wide field fluorescent microscope can see and detect objects down to 0.0001 mm (100 nm) - read more.

Rotifer Brachionus manjavacas Flourescence microscopy by Robert Berdan ©  

Photomicrography of Rotifers II Brachionus manjavacas and Philodina roseola by Dr. Robert Berdan. Most folks are not aware of rotifers, yet probably walk by them daily. These tiny creatures live in a film of water within moss embedded on the sidewalk, lichen growing on a tree - read more

If your Club or organization is Interested I provide a free presentation called THE MICROUNIVERSE ON MICROSCOPY AND THE UNSEEN WORLD see sample of the presentation here. This presentation is suitable for all ages including young children.

My next article will be on Macrophotography and Photographing with a Stereo-microscope including a variety of aquatic insects and larvae.

Best wishes
Robert Berdan

Calgary, AB
403 247-2457