Horseshoe Lake Reflections

Article and Photographs by Stirling Clark
April 12, 2013


Horseshoe lake by Stirling Clark ©

It is a crisp and cool fall morning in Jasper as I make my way down the short trail from the parking lot to the cliffs surrounding the lake.  The same lake which myself and our group of high school friends headed to on warm summer days 30 years earlier to jump off the cliffs into the frigid waters.



Horseshoe lake by Stirling Clark ©

No interest in cliff jumping on that day, it is the calm waters reflecting the jagged shoreline that has my interest.  Returning a few times to see the water levels have either risen or fallen makes the experience unique on each returning visit. 


Horseshoe lake by Stirling Clark ©




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The rocks and fauna differ on each side of the lake, producing images that differ in colour and feel.  If you are lucky enough to be there when noone else is around, the silence and beauty of this deep mountain lake is like no other.  Even on the cold days of fall, looking down at the water from the various heights of surrounding cliffs,  the water looks inviting and the inclination to jump off the cliffs into the water is ever present.



Horseshoe lake by Stirling Clark ©



Horseshoe lake by Stirling Clark ©

Using a tripod, and setting the camera to auto exposure bracketing,  Av mode.  I capture three images and later process them with photomatix to get the hdr image. Sometimes the hdr image looks fine on its own, however, some of them could use a bit more help to pop out at you. Topaz labs products offers a remarkable plug-in for photoshop:  adjust 5  gives each image that extra bit of detail that may be lacking with the hdr image alone.   Topaz labs has a variety of plug ins that make photo editing a creative adventure.  Easy to use and fun to experiment with.  Check out their webpage at



Stirling Clark at Horseshoe Lake  

Short Bio: Growing up in Jasper, later moving to Canmore, and now recently moved to Cochrane, Alberta.  I have always had an immense appreciation for nature and the critters that live here amongst us.

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