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If you need a digital image file for commercial use, magazine, book or other publication please contact me to discuss the use and price. I can provide you with images almost any size up to the size of a billboard and can deliver these images electronically (We.transfer.com) or via a DVD. If you require low resolution comps for consideration for calendars and other publications you can either copy the images from my gallery or articles or email me rberdan@scienceandart.org and I can send you some samples. Note teachers and students (associated with publich school, high schools and colleges only) may use my online images for teaching or educational projects in the class room without reqesting my permission. Commercial and government agencies are required to pay a fee for use. Also if you would like photos from other photographers - please contact them directly, their email and web site is on the page of their articles.

large owl photo in gallery by Robert Berdan

If you are interested in prints for home or decorative use - I offer images via two methods: 1) I email you the digital file and you can have prints (up to 10) made locally at your favorite photo finisher. These images are for personal use only (friends & family). Payment can be via Credit card suing PayPal and I can have the images emailed or in a downloadable form within an hour or so. 2) If you prefer that I ship you a print (I don't ship frames or glass) the cost of packaging and shipping will be added and the amount depends on where its shipped and the size of the print. Most prints will be shipped in a mailing tube and will be printed on either Premium lustre or Photographic paper. I do not ship canvas prints, but can provide you with a digital file that you can have printed on canvas. For having a print made and shipped please allow abut 2-3 weeks to receive the print.

Large print of photo-micrograph of pine wood by Robert Berdan

Prints by Robert Berdan - Printed using Epson Inkjet Prints on Archival Premium Lustre paper or on Photographic Paper - Lustre surface.

1) 8.5 x 11 inch (Image area about 9 x 6 inches) - $60.00
2) 10 x 15 inches - printed on 13 x 19 inch paper - $150.00
3) 13 x 19 inch (full bleed to edge) - $200.00
4) 16 x 24 inch prints - $300.00
5) 24 x 36 inch prints - $500.00
6) 44 x 72 inch prints - $1,000.00

For larger images or digital files up to billboard size (48 feet wide by 14 feet high) - please contact me.

Purchase Digital file and have it printed yourself and save money and shipping costs:

To save you money - if you prefer you can purchase a digital file of any specific image that includes a signature embedded in the file. These images can be used for making prints for personal use only - at a substantial savings. The images will only contain my embedded signaure (not my web site URL).

Digital Files for personal prints are available in the following sizes and cost:

1) 5 x 7 inches 300 dpi - $20.00
2) 9 x 6 inches 300 dpi - $35.00
3) 10 x 15 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $100.00
4) 13 x19 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $150.00
5) 16 x 20 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $200.00
6) 24 x 36 inch x 300 dpi .jpg file $250.00

These files can not be used for commercial use i.e. advertisments, brochures commercial presentations and can not be resold or given away on the Internet - they are for having prints made for personal use only including (hanging on the wall, props for painting etc). The images themselves can not be used to create any other kind of digital file i.e. digital composites etc. The buyer can make up to 10 prints for personal use. For commercial use please contact with me with size requirements and how you plan to use the image and I will be happy to quote you a reasonable price. I accept payment by PayPal, major credit cards, cash and business checks.

Use of Rob's Images for the Web (not images by other photographers on this web site)

Web size images up to 1600px wide - $20.00 for commerical use. If you wish to use an image on a blog or article and will place a link back to this web site site www.canadiannaturephotographer.com you may use the image for FREE provided it's not for commercial use i.e. to sell something or promote a product or service. If you need several images I can offer you a discount. If you are an artist and wish to use an image for painting - you are welcome to use my images, but I appreciate a link if you have a web site and acknowledgement as the image source - there is no fee unless you need an image larger then 1200px. If the painting is for a commision, coin or stamp or similar commercial application please contact me for pricing.

To find Specific Images - the galleries only have a sampling of images, please search for specific images on the web site using the google search tool on the home page. If you are interested in purchasing images from other photographers please contact them directly - their contact information is associated with each of their articles. Permission to use images from other photographers must come from them - they own the copyright. If you have questions I will do my best to put you in touch with a specific photographer.

Aurora Borealis at Prelude lake - poster by Robert Berdan

Limited Edition Posters - coming soon

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping. Call 403 247-2457 or email rberdan@scienceandart.org

Images can also be laser engraved onto marble and hand painted - if interested please enquire about pricing.

Balm Beach photo engraved and handparinted onto marble by Robert Berdan

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