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by Sanjeev Kumar
August 20, 2020

Motion Blur forest Sanjeev Kumar ©

When I began Nature photography in 2015 I had canon 1200D. I observed how things happened and learned about lighting, composition, shade and the work of people on the streets. I have gained immense knowledge about photography and the techniques involved.

Landscape Sanjeev Kumar ©

Even though a strong composition is not colour dependent, sometimes the power of the photo is its colour.

Motion blure Sanjeev Kumar ©

Motion blure Sanjeev Kumar ©

Motion Blur Sanjeev Kumar ©

The camera movement mimics that of a moving subject to keep the subject sharp and the background blurred. I come from an photography background and I believe this type of photography brings out the expressionist painter in all of us.

Rainbow Sanjeev Kumar ©

After 10 hours bike riding from Dehradun to Sonprayag we stayed there for the night. The next morning when we were ready for 20 km trek, we saw a beautiful waterfall and Himalayan view along the way. The roads were muddy and filled with water. The weather changes very quickly in the high hills. After reaching our hotel we hurried ourselves for evening Aarti at temple. Next morning was bliss. I got up very early in the morning for this photo. What was the sight when I was reading in the snowy mountains in the morning, it was divine and beautiful, but sunrise on the peak is a gift from gods which one fortunate few will view.

As a landscape photographer’s viewpoint, things are different. Where’s the drama in the light? Where’s the mood? Where’s the color? Since cloudy or severe, clear blue sky days are more the norm, I welcome days of fog, mood, haunting skies and drama with open arms. The rarity of these conditions is what allows landscape photographs to stand apart from those that are made under “ordinary” conditions. It’s with this in mind I devote this week.

Landscape Sanjeev Kumar ©

This place is situated at an altitude 12k feet. it would be advisable to travel light.

Landscape Sanjeev Kumar ©

Landscape Sanjeev Kumar ©

Mountain Landscape Sanjeev Kumar ©

The important thing is you need to focus on getting the shutter speed that you are after. I always shoot in the manual exposure mode as this gives me complete control over my camera. I think it is easy to do but there are no rules when trying this style of photography and playing with shutter speed and creating some motion blur.


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My name is Sanjeev Kumar, I am a Nature photographer from Dehradun, India. Since I have been able to think, I have been fascinated by rare and unique thunderstorm lighting moods, clouds, sunrises and sunsets and of course untouched landscapes. Since 2015, I can make a living out of landscape and nature photography and travel around India. I travel as a solo traveller and my credo in photography is, if the light does not fit, come back so often until it does.



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