Wild Arctic - A New E-Book by Hälle Flygare et al.

by Dr. Robert Berdan
Last updated Oct. 30, 2023

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Wild Arctic E book cover by Halle Flygare

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Many photographers are considering self-publishing their work and it has never been easier with services like Blurb. You can design and order just one book and create an e-book version for online sales. The printed version looks very good, but unfortunately a 250 page picture book will cost you between $150-$200 each on Blurb. I made my book this way and assisted Hälle Flygare in producing his book. We are both searching for a publisher to print and distribute our books.

Printing 2000 books through a printing house entails an investment of over $30,000,then you have to distribute the books and pay shipping fees. One solution is make an e-book and post it for sale on your website and you can make a few dozen printed copies to give or sell to close friends who might be willing to pay the higher cost for a printed book. The e-book version of Hälle's book is 262 pages and filled with high quality photographs. The e-book version is available for sale at Nature in Wildplaces website for CAD $19.95. Below is a description of this beautiful book along with some sample pages. I encourage anyone interested in the Arctic to consider owning a copy.

The Polar World of the Northern Hemisphere

Wild Arctic is a highly informative book with lavish full-color illustrations throughout and up-to-date biological accounts of 119 mammals, 113 birds and 23 wildflowers. Travelers to the Arctic will find a wealth of information encompassing life in the far north.

Authored by Hälle Flygare, Dr. Valerius Geist, Dr. Geoffrey Holroyd and Dr. Wayne Lynch with text focusing on ecology, behaviour, habitat and life cycle of the enormous Arctic wildlife species from tiny snow lemming to giant polar bear and rare spoon-billed sandpiper to Steller’s sea eagle. Included are Dr. Geist’s black-and-white line drawings of prehistoric mammals.

Nature and wildlife photographer Hälle Flygare has together with his own pictures selected 270 stunning images from the world's leading wildlife photographers showcasing the Arctic's fauna and flora.

Wild Arctic includes images of fascinating wildlife inhabitants and plants during the brief summer months. It is an essential book for anyone who wishes to learn more about Arctic's natural wonders.

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Published 2023 by Firefly Books. Author Price: $20 plus shipping. Order by email: flygarehalle@gmail.com



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