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Photography workshop participants by Robert Berdan ©

A few participants in my Photo workshops -including several professional photographers. Call me at 403 247-2457

I have been photographing for over 45 years - photography is my passion and I love to help others reach their artistic potential with their camera. I provide workshops and private training year round on all aspects of outdoor photography, wildlife, landscapes, sports, how to use your camera, composition, colour theory and digital image editing and image database management. If you don't see a workshop scheduled that you are interested in please contact me for a private session - the cost is the same and I will take you to anywhere in Alberta where we can drive and return within the day. I keep my training sessions small (Max 3-4) to provide more intimate and focused training. If you have a larger group contact me to see what can be arranged.

If you have a gift certificate please contact me to arrange a date you would like to go out. If you don't have camera equipment - I can provide you with a basic SLR camera and several lenses to use and recommend purchases. I also have additional tripods you can borrow.

I have taught photography, photoshop, and web design at SAIT for 20 years, and taught photography privately for over 30 years. I use both Nikon and Canon gear and have special equipment for macrophotography and photomicrography. My main interests are nature, wildlife, landscape and science photography (macro and photomicrography). My commercial photography web site is www.scienceandart.org.

I am also a biologist with training in Zoology, Cell Biology and I worked as a research scientist in cell biology and neurobiology for 15 years. I am particularly interested in photographing microscopic invertebrates (protozoa, algae, waterbears etc), plants, lichens, mushrooms and mosses. I also make short videos with my DSLR cameras.

YouTube Video of Robert showing how to take closeup photos of Lady's slippers - 2010

Call me to book training by the hour, half day or full day. The cost is $60\hr; half day 3 hours $150; full day 7-8 hours $299. I can teach you just want you want to learn whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer. Everything in photography from Composition to Advanced Photoshop.

Special Discount - if 2 sign up at one time save $100 - total is $500, if three book at the same time save $300 - cost $600.00 total + GST.

My Equipment

I use both Nikon (D300s, D500, D800) and Canon camera gear (5D Mark II, 80D) and have special photo equipment for spherical imaging (8 mm fish-eye), creating panoramas, macro equipment 60, 100 mm macro and Canon MP-65E 1-5X macro lens and I take pictures through a stereo microscope for magnifications between 5-50X and light microscopes (4-2000X). I can connect your camera or laptop to my microscope to take pictures of microorganisms or crystals. I own lenses from 8 mm to 500 mm. I advise bringing your camera manual in case we need to modify a setting.

Individual photographers may bring along up to two additional guests if they are not bringing a camera for an additional $50 each. If they also wish to bring their cameras they can join at the discount price mentioned above.

Participants in field trips are required to sign a waiver - indicating they realize there are risks in outdoor activities: Waiver can be viewed or downloaded here as a PDF

Upcoming Workshops for 2018 - Consider a Gift Certificate for your Favourite Photographer

Gift certificates for Workshops can be purchased below - the certificates never expire and they are good towards any workshop (except Arctic Adventure) and can be used for a private session or outing at your convenience. I provide transportation from my location in Calgary, NW - Silversprings.


Photoshop Training Level I or II - $299.00 Private sessions - group discounts max 4

Photoshop I course covers basics including colour calibration, basic workflow, working with RAW files, layers, converting to Black and white, Sepia and colouring. The workshop includes a 90 page booklet on various techniques, participants should bring 5-10 images they want to work on in the class. Also if there is some technique or procedure you want to learn there will be time in class for me to show you - let me know before hand what technique it is you want to learn. You can bring a laptop or use one of my computers. Class goes from 9-12 1-4 pm with an hour for lunch. The Advanced Photoshop II course includes masking, channels, hand colouring, HDR, stacking, Hockney, Oil painting, Orton imagery, sky replacement etc. Both courses include printed manuals or PDF ebooks with step by step instructions approx 100 pages each.




Snowy Owls - Next workshop 2019 Max of 3\trip. $299. I also provide private tours

This past year we very successful photographing snowy owls west of the city - and on one day we saw 11 snowy owls. A telephoto lens is essential for this workshop. We will stop for lunch and we will be driving lots of farm roads to various owl hot spots. The next workshop dates will be in January and February of 2019. I can take between 1-3 people in my Jeep. I offer a discount if 2 book at the same time of $500\day, 3 book at the same time $600. I can't guarantee owls, no one can, but in the past few years I have always been able to find some. I usually scout the areas ahead of time to ensure their are owls in the area where we will be visiting. If by chance we don't see any owls I will offer an another free opportunity to go out and look for them with me.

See article and some photos from 2017 Owl workshops.
See article by the two Swedish photographers in 2018


Macrophotography, Photomicrography and Focus Stacking - $299 max 4

Learn how to use Canon's MP65- E 1-5X macro lens, a stereomicroscope, light microscope for taking pictures, high speed flash unit for focus stacking using the drift method. I will also show you how to use extension tubes and bellows with low power microscope objectives for high mag macro. This training is offered for 1-4 people, each person will have access to microscope, stereomicorscope and software for focus stacking. This program can also be customized to participants interests - if you are a biologist and want to photograph certain subjects e.g. lichen , insects, freshwater invertebrates etc let me know. Workshops are held in my studio in Silverspings and from 9-12 and 1-4 pm. The course will focus on practical applications and you will be doing lots of photography rather then learning theory. Note that I can accomodate Canon, Nikon and Olympus DSLR Cameras as I have adapters for these brands only, if you own another brand e.g. Sony you will need to use some of my camera gear. Contact me to set up a date which can be a weekday or weekend. You may use a gift certificate to attend this workshop.


Photography in the Badlands Spring and Summer 2018 - max 3\trip. $299

We can visit horesshoe canyon and Drumheller or Dinosaur Park near Brooks Alberta and Red Rock Coulee. This is a day long trip leaving early morning arriving back in the evening. The focus will be on landscape, plants and wildlife in the bandlands. In summer you need to be prepared for hot weather and mosquitoes. There is a fair amount of driving in this workshop to get to the locations, then some short hikes. We would leave as early as possible to arrive before it gets too hot. We can also drive some prairie roads in search for Pronghorn sheep and birds.



Spring Wildflowers - Saturday June 9, 2018 $299 (Full June 9) Max of 3\trip

Note you can hire me privately for the same price and I will take to you the flowers and show you how to take macrophotographs of wild flowers. If you have a gift certificate please contact me to arrange an alternate date in June.

Early June is the best time for wildflowers in Rockies. We will photograph calypso orchids, lady's slippers and other flowers. On this workshop we will travel to Rocky Mountain Parks to places where I know there is an abundance of wildflowers. There will also be opportunities to photograph landscapes and wildlife we encounter. I can provide transportation for three, otherwise we will car pool. See article on photographing wild flowers in the Rockies. All participants will be provided with an e-book on macrophotography. There will be an optional 2 hour class in my studio before the workshop to cover macrophotography equipment and techniques and a follow up session where participants will show 6-10 of their best photos from the workshop for critique. This workshop is first come first serve, also I offer discount if 2 book at the same time $500, or 3 - $600. I provide the transportation from my place in Silversprings. Participants will also receive an ebook on Macrophotography . I can provide some equipment for nikon and canon users e.g. macro lens, tripod, closeup filters.


Shorebird workshop - Saturday June 23, 2018 $299 Max 3 \trip

We will travel to several locations east and south of Calgary in order to photograph shore birds in their natural habitat. A telephoto lens of at least 200 mm is required, a tripod or mono pod is helpful. There will be some short walks and shooting from the shoreline. The workshop will start early morning, time to be determined. We will likely photograph Marbled Godwits, Avocets, Stilts and other species. Participants will bring their lunch which we will enjoy in the field. This workshop will not be cancelled due to inclement weather. If you would like to participate contact me. I will provide transportation from my studio in SilverSprings.

Waterfalls by Robert Berdan  

Waterfalls & Rainforest 2018 Workshop July 15 and 16 - Max 3\trip - $599

In this workshop we will explore the Arrow lakes, Begbie creek falls, Sutherland Creek Falls and others around Revelstoke, BC. We will also explore Mount Revelstoke National park. In addition to waterfalls and rainforest we will stop at Hemlock Grove Boardwalk in Glacier National Park BC. The tour will involve short hikes of 1 to 3 km so participants should be able to walk and carry their gear on these walks. I will provide transportation in my Jeep. The additional cost to participants will be for one night accommodation in Revelstoke or Nakusp which will be about $150. I plan to leave early Saturday morning (6:00 am) the drive is about 4 hours to Revelstoke through the National Parks. We will be back in Calgary late Sunday afternoon. A tripod is required for the waterfalls, telephoto and macro lens also recommended. Note food and one night accommodation not included in price.


Autumn Landscape Workshop - Sunday, September 23, 2018 - Max 3 - $299

In this workshop we will visit Kananaskis in the early morning for some landscape and wildlife photos. We will bring our lunch and spend the day visiting various locations in the park to take pictures of landscape and wildlife. A tripod is recommended, a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. I will cover composition, use of grad and polarizing filters. We may also hike to photograph some waterfalls. All the hikes will be short no more then 2 Km but you should bring hiking boots, camera bag, tripod and lunch.


Private training in photography - Alberta tours - all year $299/ day or $60\hr

I would be happy to arrange a day trip with you and provide transportation or show you how to get the most out of your camera for an hourly rate. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro I would be happy to offer you my instructional or guiding services in Alberta or parts of BC. If you just purchased a new camera I can provide instruction hourly for $60\hr on any DSLR camera. If you have a gift certificate you can use it for this private session and I will customize the training and trip to your needs.



Learn to Restore Old photographs - $299\day or $60\hr - by appointment all year.

I can show you how to scan images, photograph and enlarge old photos, fix them up, hand colour them or remove the backgrounds. I have been restoring old photographs using Adobe Photoshop for 20 years. You can bring several of your own old photographs and I will assist you in reparing them if you would like to see some samples of my work visit: scienceandart.org



Arctic Photography Adventure - August 29-Sept 5 (few spots) , 2nd Workshop will be Sept 03 to Sept 10th   Cost $5,997.00 Held in Yellowknife and includes air fare from Yellowknife to Lodge 350 Km further North on the tundra

Your adventure begins in Yellowknife, NT and includes a flight further north to Point Lake Lodge on the Tundra. Transportation to Yellowknife is not included, but we will pick you up at the air port and provide hotel accommodation in Yellowknife. We will be photographing the Aurora borealis, waterfalls, tundra, caribou and other wildlife. The tour includes a boat tour of Yellowknife bay and a fish fry (weather permitting). We may also hike a scenic trail to Cameron falls to photograph grouse, mushrooms and autumn colours. We will spend two nights photographing the Aurora in Yellowknife, including one night at Aurora village. We will then fly about 350 km north onto the tundra to Peterson's point lake lodge which offers gourmet food and comfortable cabin accommodations, shower, and heated rooms. We will be searching for caribou to photograph and other wildlife on foot and from 16 foot power boats. The tundra will be red and yellow and their will be opportunities to catch amazing sunsets and sunrises from the beach in front of the cabins. See the aurora and caribou gallery for images from previous workshops and read some of my previous articles. Contact me if you have any questions. The tour includes accomodation in Yellowknife, food and accomodation on the Tundra in comfortable cabins with a gourmet chef is included along with several wildlife guides and Robert Berdan as your photography guide.

Arctic Adventure Workshop at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge north of Yellowknife, NT

Download poster as a PDF

Photography Adventure Itinerary In Yellowknife - PDF

In 2018 we will be offering two workshops Cost $5997 + GST. Dates 1st workshop August 29-Sept05, 2nd Workshop will be Sept 03 to Sept 10th. We take a max of 10 guests per workshop. We have a few spots left in both workshops.

To register for this workshop please contact Margaret Peterson in Yellowknife at : http://www.petersonspointlake.com/contactus.html or call 867-920-4654.
Also visit the Peterson's Point lake lodge web site for more pictures and information.


PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOSHOP TRAINING COSTS - by the hour, 8 hr package or 15 hour package

1)$60\hr to cover any aspect of outdoor photography or Adobe Photoshop in my studio.

2) $299 + GST\ person package includes transportation from my studio in Calgary Northwest to any where within about 2 hours drive of Calgary for total of 8 hours (if you want to bring friends I offer a discounts for up to 2 additional people with camera gear ($150 extra per person). Note that driving time e.g. 1 hour to drive to and from mountain parks is included as part of the 8 hours if you need to be picked up in Banff for instance - leaving about 6 hours to photograph in the field. When there are extra photographers I add an additional hour per person for free. Additional time can also be alloted at no additional charge if you book several days at one time. Beyond this additional hours in the field can be purchased for $60\hr.

3) $499 + GST includes up to 15 hours of training. In the summer this might include from sunrise (5 am) to sunset (9 pm) or you could purchase 5 - 3 hour sessions and space them out over several weeks.

Have a group of 4 or more? Contact me to discuss group pricing etc. For seminars, workshops and photography services. I will gladly travel to anywhere in Canada if my transportation costs are reimbursed.

Photoshop I - enquire about private training when convenient to you.

This is suitable for anyone that has never used Photoshop, it includes introduction to the interface, calibrating your monitor, Basic work flow for .jpg and RAW files, colour correction, burning, dodging, Photoshop fixes, red-eye, clone tool, converting to Black and White, Sepia, repairing images, adding neutral density grad filters, extracting images, content aware fill, creating panoramas and more. Knowledge of how to use a computer is required.

Cost is $299 + GST\person. Limited to max of 4 per class.


Photoshop II - enquire about private training when convenient to you.

This workshop covers how to use curves, adjustment layers, blending modes, edge effects, masks and alpha channels to replace skies, how to create photo-montages, hand coloring, painting, actions, batch processing, creating a slide shows, contact sheets and more. Before taking this workshop it is recommended that students have had several year previous experience or have taken the Photoshop I workshop or similar training.

Cost is $299 + GST\person. Limited to max of 5 per class.

Science & Art Multimedia studio owned by Robert Berdan

"Geeks paradise" Robert's digital studio is ideal for training small groups and includes both PC and Mac computers, LCD projector with big screen, color printers, private bathroom, fridge, darkroom, and digital music recording studio. All computers have at least 8 GB RAM and large monitors and high speed Internet access (60 MB\sec).


Gift Certificates

You can purchase a gift certificate for $299 + GST. The gift certificate can be used toward any of my workshops or a private training session for 7-8 hours a time that is convenient for the individual. The gift certificate ides not pertain to the Arctic Adventure workshop. These gift certificates do not expire. I can email the gift certificate to you or the person you specify - I will follow up on your order shortly after you purchase a certificate. To register for a workshop or private session the individual need only contact me to set up a suitable time or register for a particular workshop.

A Gift Certificate will be sent or emailed to you or the individual - it can be applied to any workshop or private training session and does not expire.

Purchase a Gift Certificate - be sure to specify the name of the person you would like this to be for.

Name of recipient

If a specific workshop is not currently being offered you can still hire Robert privately or use a gift certificate towards any of these training sessions. If your gift certificate indicates $249 - you can still use it to take any of workshop for $299 with no additional fee. If you have a large group and would like to hire me for a day trip please contact me with your request and dates you have in mind to discuss pricing.

Photographying oldman's whiskers in wildlflower workshop by Robert Berdan

Participants get down to photograph "Old mans whiskers" in this Wildflower Photography workshop.

Workshop Policies

1. Individuals 13-17 years of age require parents consent - a parent may come along during a private training session of a minor for $50 if they are not taking photographs.

2. All participants are required to sign a waiver understanding risks of being outdoors and it includes release of liability - View or download my waiver as a PDF

3. Refunds: Due to the limited number of positions available in my workshops I do not offer refunds. If you can not make a workshop, you may transfer to one of our other workshops, or arrange for a private session, or offer your position to someone else. If a workshop is cancelled due to severe weather (i.e. roads are closed) or other unforeseen factor I will arrange an alternate date. If participants can not make the alternate date I will offer a private training session (note that in the past 25 years I have never had to cancel a workshop). If you are coming to Calgary I also require payment at least one week in advance to guarantee the specific date.

4. Participants can bring any kind of camera, though it is recommended that participants have a digital SLR, a tripod is recommended. I can loan out a few tripods. I can also provide one digital camera and several lenses if required.

Please note I can't guarantee wildlife, but I can guarantee wildflowers at specific times of the year and I can guarantee beautiful scenery. Weather is not usually a factor unless it results in road closures or it becomes dangerous to drive. Participants should dress in layers and be prepared for "Mountain weather".



If you wish to purchase products or services not covered above you may pay using the PayPal button below, type in the amount you owe or wish to pay and fill out the form to process your order. Do not add any taxes.


The cart will have a $00 balance, enter the amount you are paying and fill in the payment method. DO NOT ADD 5% GST OR ANY OTHER TAX IT WILL BE ADDED AUTOMATICALLY IF YOU ARE IN CANADA. NO TAX WILL BE ADDED IF PAYMENT IS MADE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES.

Authors Biography & Contact Information

Portrait of Robert BerdanDr. Robert Berdan is a biologist and professional nature photographer living in Calgary, AB specializing in nature, wildlife and science photography. Robert offers photo guiding and private instruction in all aspects of nature photography and Adobe Photoshop training. Robert has a Ph.D. in biology.

Email at: rberdan@scienceandart.org
Web site: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com
Phone: (403) 247-2457 MST 9am -7 pm

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