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Sylvain Champagne
May 21, 2020

Bruce Peninsula National Park  Sylvain Champagne ©

What makes the Bruce Peninsula National Park so special is the natural beauty and the strong-rugged featured landscapes and the vibrant turquoise colors of the water, this was a surreal moment that reminded me of the Caribbean, a breathtaking splendour that represents true colors of the Caribbean. While taking your mind away from the great white north.

Bruce Peninsula National Park by Sylvain Champagne  ©

Widespread cloud formations overhead, silky shores and detailed rock formations along the Niagara Escarpment were hypnotic and inspiring. When I returned from the journey and reviewed my images, they almost literally took my breath away. Even now, looking at them gives me an intense sense of peace and tranquillity.

Bruce Peninsula National Park by Sylvain Champagne  ©

The Bruce Peninsula is far from a well-kept secret. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit each year, and as a result it’s difficult to capture the landscape on its own, with no people in the frame. But I managed to do it. Here are a few highlights.

The Grotto

Visitors can swim in the clear water, which appears turquoise from a distance, and view an underwater passage that leads to the exterior of the cliff face.

The Grotto Bruce Peninsula National Park by Sylvain Champagne  ©

As you may know, the Grotto, a sea cave that crashing waves carved into the limestone shores of Georgian Bay over thousands of years, is one of Bruce County’s top summer attractions.

Bruce Peninsula National Park by Sylvain Champagne ©

The 45-minute hike to access this rare, stunning sight, is well worth it. The trail's cedar trees, wetlands and wildlife are also captivating.


Cape Croker

Cape Croker Park Slvain Champagne ©

I visited Cape Croker Park, on the shores of Sydney Bay, for the first-time last year. When I arrived, I ran into two young workers who showed me the whereabouts of the park. Cape Croker has been called the Bruce Peninsula’s best-kept secret and is owned and operated by the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation. This picturesque land of over 520 acres is made up of coniferous forest and is a camper’s paradise. The park has been in existence since 1967.

Star trails in Southampton

Winter is always a great time to photograph star trails. I remember being in the kitchen at the house and decided to look outside to see if there were any stars that night. There was so many stars I decided to walk to the lighthouse and set up my tripod and hopefully photograph long exposures and capture the beauty of the Earth rotations and star trails. I was fortunate that night and I did managed to capture a few beautiful shots.

Star trails in Southampton by Sylvain Champagne ©


Southampton sunsets, beaches and stars

The boardwalk along Lake Huron in Southampton offers much to family visitors especially the sunsets. A must to experience is the sandy beach, which stretches about four kilometres, marked by dunes and dune grass.

Southhampton stars Sylvain Champagne ©

We moved to Southampton in 2016, and during that summer the sunsets simply captivated me.

Sunset Sylvain Champagne ©

As the composer Claude Debussy said, “There is nothing more musical than a sunset.” And this is so true of the Southampton sunsets. It’s a paradise for professional and amateur photographers.



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