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The Canadian Nature Photographer is a resource for nature lovers, photographers and artists and includes: articles, tutorials, galleries, videos, workshops, featured artists & photographers. New articles are posted weekly. Your host is Dr. Robert Berdan. All nature photographers and artists are welcome to contribute. Also see our Monthly Photo Contest at the bottom of the page you could win a $250 Gift Certificate to attend a photography workshop and a Macrophotography e-book.

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Flowers by Christian Gavin ©

Flowers a True Natures Gift by Christian Gavin All the flowers presented in this gallery, even if they are for most of them well known from the general public; can in fact be found anywhere in the world. What we take from being a north American flower, might as well be an Asian one, and vice versa. Flowers and plants are certainly a big part of the Canadian wildlife and nature - view pictures and article.

Flowers by Fred Schact ©

Flower Photography at Calgary’s Parks by Fred Schacht There are many things I enjoy about photography, and one of them is going to a park on a lazy Sunday morning to take flower pictures. Riley Park or Silver Springs Botanical Gardens are my two favorites. Both under ½ hr. drive from my house. Flowers and flower gardens can be found almost everywhere - view pictures and article.

Milky way over Athabasca Glacier by Alan Dyer ©

How To Capture the Milky Way Text and Photos by Alan Dyer An increasing number of landscape photographers are venturing out at night to capture scenes lit by the Moon and stars. The star attraction of the night sky is the Milky Way. It’s surprisingly easy to capture over landscapes, once you know a few basics. View article and pictures.

Photographing Saskatechewan Birds by Bryan Mierau Summer 2012 I picked up my first SLR camera, and by summer of 2014 already had upgraded, and was out and about capturing images of everything and anything, but I keep coming back to looking for the same subject, birds. Where are those birds - read article and view pictures.

Hummingbird by Ken Crebbin ©

Hummingbird Photography Tips by Ken Crebbin

Three years ago I started trying to capture images of hummingbirds.  I would grab my camera and hike around looking for hummingbirds … but I found this gave me limited success and I wanted to produce better images.  Not satisfied with my images, my next step was searching the Internet trying to gather information on hummingbird photography - view pictures and read article.

Pintail duck by Rhonda Robinson ©

Photos taken with the Tarmon 150-600 mm lens by Rhonda Robinson. May I please share with you evidence of what the Tameron 150-600mm can do.  When I’m shooting wildlife (Canon Rebel 3Ti), I prefer to shoot TV mode at 1/1000 second.  Most of these shots are at that setting.  Several people told me with this size lens I would need a tripod - see pictures and read article.

Bryce Canyon by Al Mierau ©

Photographing the Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon During Winter by Al Mierau On January 29, 2015 my wife Mario and I, along with 38 other passengers, took a 20 day coach tour out of Saskatoon with Sagebrush Tours.   This was our 13th coach tour since 2005.   After leaving Henderson, Nevada we traveled on part of the historic route 66. - read article and view pictures.

Ruffed Grouse Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Drummer Boys by Dr. Wayne Lynch I made this entry on my birthday in April one year. "I am inside the blind by 5:30am. The grouse has become very tame,and even as I tramped around outside the blind, the defiant bird stayed on his drumming log just 10 meters away Moments after I arrived, the sunrise fingered through the aspens trees and golden rays dappled off the chest of the drummer - view article and pictures.

Snowy owl in flight infrared by Dr. Sharif Galal ©

White ghost of the Prairies seen by infrared Part 3 Snowy Owls by Dr.Sharif Galal In winter, Snowy Owls migrate to the wind swept prairies that resemble the wide open spaces of the arctic tundra. These beautiful birds can be photographed east and south of Calgary between November and the end of March. I never seen any owl wester of the city - view pictures and article.

Barred owl by Christian Gaven ©

Canadian Birds by Christian Gavin As the title states it, the birds shown in this next gallery, can be seen regularly from coast to coast Canada. Whether you are located in the rocky mountains in B.C., live in a city of the province of Ontario, or near the ocean in Nova Scotia; chances are that you have encountered most of those species at least once in your life - read article.

Photographer surrounded by Wild Turkeys Robert Berdan ©

Photographers Mobbed by Wild Turkeys in Alberta by Dr. Robert Berdan - Photos by R Berdan & Kamal Varma. I was inpsired by David Lilly's article on Wild Turkeys to seek them out near MIllarville. I headed out with fellow photographer Kamal Varma. Dave told us where he found them so we decided to try our luck on a dull and overcast day in February. What we found surprised us - read article and view pictures.

Dendronephthya klunzingeri is a species of soft coral that lives in a small colonies by Dr. Sharif Galal ©

Red Sea Coral Reefs by Dr. Sharif Galal The Red Sea is an extension of the Indian Ocean, located between Egypt and Sudan from the western side and Saudi Arabia from the eastern side. Fringing coral reef systems can be found everywhere at both shores of the red sea - view article on underwater photography.

Coyote taken with Tamron's 16-600 mm lens by Robert Berdan ©

Tamron 150-600 mm Lens - Field Test and Review

by Dr. Robert Berdan Every now and then a product appears that opens up new opportunities for photographers. The Tamron 150-600 mm lens is one of them. I don't often review equipment as there are many web sites that specialize in doing so , but I believe this lens is a game changer for nature and wildlife photographers - read article on Tamron lens.

Free downloadable program that will show you the exact direction of where the sunrise and moonrise will be at any particular location and time using Google maps. Click on the logo to learn more and download this free program.

Partaial Solar Eclipse of the Sun October 23, 2014 by Robert Berdan ©


Partial Solar Eclipse taken ~3 pm October 23, 2014 by R. Berdan using a Canon
5D Mark II, attached to a Celestron C6 telescope, 1\1000 sec, ISO 1000 and a solar filter,
my backyard in Silver Springs, Calgary, AB.


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