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Spirostomum minus (top) and Urocentrum turbo (bottom) - both are common ciliates in fresh water by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Ciliates by Dr. Robert Berdan You may have been introduced to Paramecium in biology class, a single celled (unicellular) "simple" ciliate found in pond water. Only ciliates are not simple but some of the most complex cells on the planet - read more.

Stentor viewed by Darkfield microscopy by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Stentors - A Large Unicellular Protozoan (Ciliate) living in Freshwater by Dr. Robert Berdan I encountered my first Stentor when I was teenager collecting pond samples to view with my microscope - read more.

Tardigrada - water bear by Robert Berdan ©

How to Collect and Photograph Water Bears (Tardigrades) by Dr. Robert Berdan As a biologist and photographer I am drawn to the beauty that is all around us; sometimes it's big and sometimes it's small - learn about water bears here.

Turtle Rotifer by Robert Berdan

Tips on How to Take Better Pictures with a Microscope - Photomicrography Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I share some tips on how to take better photomicrographs with a light microscope - read more.

Rotifer by DIC microscopy by Robert Berdan ©

Microscopic Pond Organisms from Silver Springs Calgary - There is beauty in Pond Scum by Dr. Robert Berdan I show photographs revealing the hidden beauty of microscopic pond life found in my neighbourhood ponds in Silversprings, Calgary, North West. Most people will never see these hidden gems unless they own a microscope -read more

Snowy Owl in flight

The Lucky Swedes Photographing Snowy Owls Around Calgary Photos and Story by Carl Beskow and Bengt-Åke Öhgren In the last week in February Bengt-Åke Öhgren and Carl Beskow, from Skövde in Sweden, took a snowy owl workshops in the surroundings of Calgary. Our guide took us to different places in the Rocky Mountains, the prairies and the Badlands- read more

Paramecium in the light by Robert Berdan ©

Photomicrography and Video of Protozoa, Volvox and Rotifers by Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I show some of my recent photos of protozoa and rotifers with DIC microscopy. I couldn't wait for the ice to melt from the ponds in Calgary so I ordered some of these organisms  - read more.

Insect by Jacek Myslowski

The Microscopic Universe of Invisible Things by Jacek Myslowski My name is Jacek Myslowski and the universe of invisible things has fascinated me since my childhood. I have worked on photomicrography since 2006. This is my passion - read more.

Macrophotograph of Fly by Frank Fox ©

Macrophotography and Photomicrography by Frank Fox. Since my earliest youth, I have dealt with photography. Years ago I specialized in the field of micro- and macro photography. In this highly demanding discipline, good and expensive equipment is indispensable - read more.

Point no Point with large format camera by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Nature with a Large Format Camera by Dr. Robert Berdan In a recent photography workshop at Lake O'hara one of the photographers, Peter, brought along a large format camera. This brought back memories when I shot with a 4 x 5 camera - read more.

Ant by Patrice Gilli ©

Macrophotography of Insects by Patrice Grilli My name is Patrice GRILLI, I’m 40, I live in the south of the France. I’m a chess teacher, and semi pro photographer (waterski, pack-shots, landscape) since 20 years (since 2001 with DSLR) and specialize in macro - read more.


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