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Dr. Janice Glime Byrophyte ©

Bryophyte Ecology by Dr Janice Glime I have always liked miniature things.  When I was three, I wanted an electric train for Christmas.  I must have been careless and only asked for a train, because I got a wooden train.   I was more interested in insects than dogs or cats.  But my interest in mosses began when I took a botany course in college - read more.

Leopard by Kamal Varma ©

Photography on the Masai Mara Reserve by Kamal Varma The Masai Mara is a wildlife photographer’s paradise.  Whether it’s the big cats (lions, leopards, cheetah’s) or the seemingly endless number of other animals, the Mara is unrivalled when it comes to the sheer number of animals to photograph - read more.

Plant Stoma by Robert Berdan ©

Home Microscopy Laboratory for Photomicrography by Dr. Robert Berdan For the past 12 months I have been planning and building a microscopy lab in my home. It's about the geekiest thing a person can do I suppose and I am proud of it - see my new Zeiss Axioscope and how I use it to take photomicrographs - read more.

Two of the Harassing Drakes Challenging Each Other by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Ducking Harassment by Dr. Wayne Lynch With sexual harassment so much in the news these days you might wonder if such behavior ever occurs in the natural world. This past June, in the Canadian Arctic, I watched groups of adult male long-tailed ducks, on two different occasions, try to forcibly mate with a female  - read more.

Point no Point with large format camera by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Nature with a Large Format Camera by Dr. Robert Berdan In a recent photography workshop at Lake O'hara one of the photographers, Peter, brought along a large format camera. This brought back memories when I shot with a 4 x 5 camera - read more.

Ant by Patrice Gilli ©

Macrophotography of Insects by Patrice Grilli My name is Patrice GRILLI, I’m 40, I live in the south of the France. I’m a chess teacher, and semi pro photographer (waterski, pack-shots, landscape) since 20 years (since 2001 with DSLR) and specialize in macro - read more.

Aurora by Robert Berdan ©

Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop 2017 by Robert Berdan At the end of each summer Peterson's Point Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories offers an arctic adventure photography workshop. The lodge is located on the caribou migration route - read more.

Desmid photomicrograph Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Microscopic Plant and Animal Life - Pond Scum II by Dr. Robert Berdan I am having so much fun exploring miniature universes filled with aliens - microscopic life - in water that this is my 6th article on photomicrography this year - read more.

Desmid by Maret Mis ©

The Hidden World - My Look at Photomicrography by Marek Miś The way I remember it, my interest in the micro world and for the microscopy began when I was very young teenager (thirteen or fourteen years old). The great inspiration for it was the book which I found in my father's cupboard - read more.

Snowy Owl by Robert Berdan ©

The Art & Science of Photomicrography with Polarized Light by Dr. Robert Berdan Many subjects when viewed through a microscope are unfamiliar and appear abstract. In this article I would like to share with you some pictures of crystals and other substances that bend polarized light - read more.

Rotifer by Robert Berdan

Microscopic Life in Ponds and Rainwater by Dr. Robert Berdan It may look like pond scum until you look at it through a light microscope - to a Geek these microorganisms are jewels and they can be found in your backyard - read more.


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