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Dear friends and fellow photographers: The Canadian Nature Photographer is being re-designed so it will be easier to read, easier to find content and it will be responsive so it shrinks and expands to accommodate smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. This process will take place over several months in 2015. I welcome your input as to what you might like to see added. I have been researching various social media, however it's not clear which if any of them would add value to this web site.

The newsletter layout has been simplified. I received emails saying that some subscribers could not read it using gmail because the background and text colour were the same. If there is any problem with reading this newlsetter let me know.

In December three new articles were posted by the authors: Dr. Wayne Lynch, David Lilly and Bruce Lovelace. Wayne's article will show you how to profit from photographing road kill. Dave Lilly shares how he built his home made telephoto window mount for his van. Bruce traveled to Alaska by land and sea cruise and shares his images of this pristine state.

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Pocket Gopher by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Art from the Afterlife by Dr. Wayne Lynch After reading Rob Berdan’s recent article on road kills I started to reflect on how the death of wild creatures has often inspired me as a photographer. I have often found artistic satisfaction from photographing the biological details and haunting beauty that still exists in wild creatures after their death - read article and view pictures.

Birding Gadgets - Home Made Support for Telephoto Lens by David Lilly Every once in a while bird photographers need a piece of equipment that cannot be found in our favorite camera store. So, what do we do? I my case the piece of equipment I needed, I made it myself. View article and home made telephoto lens window mount.

Caribou in Denali by Bruce Lovelace ©

Photographing the Vastness of Alaska by Bruce Lovelace Capturing a complete essence of what Alaska is all about in photographs may take a lifetime. Certainly it can’t beachieved during a two week land and sea cruise , but it might be fun to give it a good shot. It was a challenge to schedule a trip like this - read about Bruce's photography trip to Alaska.

Upcoming Workshops & Presentations

The next Arctic Adventure Photography Workshop will be August 27 to September 3, 2015 . For more information or to register visit

Cost is ~$5300.00 per person for the week long trip.

I offer private training on Photography and Adobe Photoshop CC on a one-on-one basis throughout January and February. Cost is $249 for 6 hours training, or $499 for 15 hours. I also offer gift certificates on the web site for private training or upcoming photo-workshops if you are looking for gifts for the photographers in your family.

On January 28th I am presenting a slide show on Photographing the Aurora borealis, Caribou and 360 virtual reality imaging from 7:00 to 8:45pm to the Central Alberta Photographic Society (CAPS) Photo Club at the Golden circle Senior in Red Deer (see map). For more information - web

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