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Dear friends and fellow photographers: Six new articles were posted during March including two on flowers, the milky way and three on bird photography - if you have not already seen these articles please click on the thumbnails below or visit my web site. Also note Alan Dyer is offering a new e-book on photographing the Milky Way - see details at the end of his article.

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Flowers by Christian Gavin ©

Flowers a True Natures Gift by Christian Gavin All the flowers presented in this gallery, even if they are for most of them well known from the general public; can in fact be found anywhere in the world. What we take from being a north American flower, might as well be an Asian one, and vice versa. Flowers and plants are certainly a big part of the Canadian wildlife and nature - view pictures and article.

Flowers by Fred Schact ©

Flower Photography at Calgary’s Parks by Fred Schact There are many things I enjoy about photography, and one of them is going to a park on a lazy Sunday morning to take flower pictures. Riley Park or Silver Springs Botanical Gardens are my two favourites. Both under ½ hr. drive from my house. Flowers and flower gardens can be found almost everywhere - view pictures and article.

Milky way over Athabasca Glacier by Alan Dyer ©

How To Capture the Milky Way Text and Photos by Alan Dyer An increasing number of landscape photographers are venturing out at night to capture scenes lit by the Moon and stars. The star attraction of the night sky is the Milky Way. It’s surprisingly easy to capture over landscapes, once you know a few basics. View article and pictures.

Photographing Saskatchewan Birds by Bryan Mierau Summer 2012 I picked up my first SLR camera, and by summer of 2014 already had upgraded, and was out and about capturing images of everything and anything, but I keep coming back to looking for the same subject, birds. Where are those birds - read article and view pictures.

Hummingbird by Ken Crebbin ©

Hummingbird Photography Tips by Ken Crebbin

Three years ago I started trying to capture images of hummingbirds.  I would grab my camera and hike around looking for hummingbirds … but I found this gave me limited success and I wanted to produce better images.  Not satisfied with my images, my next step was searching the Internet trying to gather information on hummingbird photography - view pictures and read article.

Pintail duck by Rhonda Robinson ©

Photos taken with the Tamron 150-600 mm lens by Rhonda Robinson. May I please share with you evidence of what the Tamron 150-600mm can do.  When I’m shooting wildlife (Canon Rebel 3Ti), I prefer to shoot TV mode at 1/1000 second.  Most of these shots are at that setting.  Several people told me with this size lens I would need a tripod - see pictures and read article.


I am completing 4 weeks teaching web design at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and during this time I have had no time to take pictures or even write about photography, but spring is here and I hope to include more photography articles in the coming months. I am also waiting for the release of new books by Dr. Wayne Lynch and George Brybycin and will feature these new books in upcoming articles.



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