Canadian Nature Photographer June 2015 Newsletter

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Dear Friends -my apologies I did not get a June 1 newsletter out as usual due to other commitments. However, I am glad to announce there are four new articles that might interest you. Two articles are by world-renowned writer and photographer, Dr. Wayne Lynch, including everyone's favourite subject - snakes. He also has another article about photographing eagles in Bella Coola. Dave Lilly contributed his 13th article, this one on the White-faced Ibis photographed south of Calgary at Frank Lake. I wrote a short review about Wayne Lynch's new ebook - Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography now available for only $9.99 at Amazon.

There will not be a newsletter in July or August because I am working on redesigning the Canadian Nature photographer over the summer and hope to launch the new site in September or October at the latest. It will feature larger pictures and be responsive so it fits smart phones and tablets.

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Grizzly bear by Dr. Wayne Lynch

New ebook – Canadian Rockies Wildlife Photography by Dr. Wayne Lynch - review by Dr. Robert Berdan . Wayne Lynch is Canada’s most prodigious wildlife photographer and writer and his new ebook is a must have for photographers and wildlife lovers. In his new ebook he shares photo tips and some of the best places to find and photograph wildlife in the Canadian Rockies - read more.

Mexican Parrot Snake by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©

Adventures with Snakes by Dr. Wayne Lynch It was March 11, some twenty years ago, and I was in Sweetwater Texas for the annual rattlesnake roundup - the largest such event in the world. It wasn’t the snakes I wanted to see, but the snake catchers. Could it be that sensible folks still celebrated the senseless slaughter of wildlife in our age of environmental sensitivity?

White-faced Ibis by David Lilly ©

Photographing the White-faced Ibis by David Lilly

A few years ago it was very difficult to photograph the White-faced Ibis in Alberta. Their numbers were low and they were difficult to approach. Fast forward to 2015 and now it is completely different. The White-faced Ibis now returns in the spring in large numbers to Frank Lake in Southern Alberta - read about the White-faced Ibis.

Bald eagle in flight by Wayne Lynch ©

Bella Coola Eagles by Dr. Wayne Lynch Twenty-five years ago most professional wildlife photographers were like me shooting with Fujchrome Velvia film (ISO 50 with terrible shadow details) and struggling to capture flying birds without the benefit of predictive autofocus that was still years away.  In those days the best bald eagle photos I had were of birds perched in uninteresting static poses - read more.


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