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October 2, 2018

Dear Friends and new subscribers welcome, those interested in the free online Photoshop tutorials can get access to them here: - password for Photoshop I is rdc1 and for Photoshop II is rdc2. These tutorials are getting old but most of the steps will work on Photoshop CC 2018.

It has been a busy summer for me photographing pond organisms with my new microscope and I hope to continue through the fall and winter. In addition I have just returned from our annual Arctic Trip to Yellowknife. We had good opportunities to photograph the autumn landscape and the aurora borealis. We photographed 5 grizzlies on the tundra and two white wolves. This year we did not encounter any caribou though we did see fresh tracks. A Norwegian explorer shared some video footage he took not far from where we were located showing a herd of about 20,000 caribou. The tundra is big and if the caribou deviate in their migration path it is possible not to see them - this the first time in a decade where we did not spot caribou.

Five new articles were posted in September: One on Insect Closeup Photography by Troels Holm from Denmark; Two - Pictures of the Irranian Desert by Mo Peykar and Three: another photo guide book by Saskatechewan photographers Robin and Arlene Karpan. Four: I included pictures from our recent Arctic photo adventure. In spite of the fact that we are in the low part of the sunspot cycle - the aurora on two nights was spectacular. I also posted an article about Photographing in Kanaaskis in autumn.

September and October are my favourite time to photograph Fall Colours in Kananaskis. Wildlife like deer and moose are common.

Looking for a Photoguide? If you are looking for a photo guide I would be happy to take anyone out for instruction and show them some of the best locations to see wildlife and capture spectacular landscapes. In November the snowy owls return to the Calgary area and they stay until about early March before heading back north. I will be scouting for owls in November and December and taking folks out that are interested in photographing the snowy owls in January and Februrary. Also I am available to provide instruction on any aspect of photography in the field - see my workshops page for details. Anyone interested in microscopy or photomicrography is also welcome to contact me, I hope to be working with the University of Calgary Microscopy group to develop some outreach programs in the future.

Anyone interested in one-on-one Photoshop instruction at the beginner or advanced levels can contact me for training in my studio.

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Kananaskis Provincial Park Photographyby Dr. Robert Berdan Kananaskis also called K-country is about an hour drive from Calgary. K-country is a collection of parks and natural areas. There are no fees required to enter the park - read more.

Wasp with caterpillar by Troels Holm ©  


Insect Photography Closeup by Troels Holm One sunny day in July I was walking on a sandy track along the lake. Suddenly something green came tumbling down the slope and landed just beside me. It was apparently a moth larva - read more.

Desert by Mo Peykar ©  

Traveling to the heart of the Iranian Desert by Mo Peykar Even though around 20 percent of the Iranian land is comprised of deserts, they are mostly unknown. They host a very special ecosystem ... read more.

Sand Dunes Saskatchewan by Robin and Arlene Karpan ©  

Saskatchewan's  Best  Scenic  Drives  Robin  and  Arlene  Karpan Saskatchewan is tailor-made for back-road exploring. We have more roads than any province in Canada - enough to circle the equator four times.  - read more.

Grizzly bear standing on the tundra by Robert Berdan ©  

Arctic Photography Workshop 2018 Yellowknife by Dr. Robert Berdan Each year I lead a photographic tour in conjunction with Peterson's Point lake lodge in Yellowknife and further north at their remote lodge on the Tundra - read more




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Winter is on its way - you don't need to put your cameras away but embrace the beauty that winter has to offer. I will be offering a new workshop on how to photograph snowflakes this year see my workshop page if interested.


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