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I am writing this newsletter on September 2 and it feels strange that the summer has passed so quickly. I did not post any articles over the summer primarily because I was very busy learning new software, reading and planning for the future. Like many other photographers I am finding it more difficult to generate revenue from my photography services. In part I think this reflects that fact that cameras are so advanced today that for many folks the most important factor is being there - the cameras will take a good photo in P or program mode. There are also more folks wanting to make a living with nature photography after all it overs the opportunity to travel, be outside and exercise creativity. Lets be honest, learning to take good photo today doesn't take years of training as it did in the past. I have encountered numerous photographers that are taking great photos after only a few months. The instant preview and enhanced metering systems partly explain this success. I have been learning to play an instrument (Tenor saxophone) for just over 4 years now and I still struggle after practicing several hours a day regularly and feel there is so much more to learn. Some things just take a long time to Master.

As some of you have noticed I have begun to explore more macrophotography and photomicrography recently. For one thing they are technically more challenging, require more complex equipment and their are fewer photographers exploring this realm. The market is smaller for sure, but it also offers someone like me who has been photographing wildlife for over 30 years, something fresh to explore. I don't have to travel far and their are hundreds of thousands of species to photograph. It's not for everyone but I am trying to promote photomicrography and I have been and will continue to offer presentations on this around Calgary "The Micro-Universe" including movies of water-bears and other interesting critters. I have a few presentation lined up for this Fall.

Outdoor Nature photography is still my passion, I love being outside, and exploring back roads in hopes of capturing some new animal or majestic landscape. I also bring along my pond collecting jars so I can bring samples back to photograph with my microscope.

Autumn is my favourite time to photograph. The cooler temperatures, changing colours and smaller crowds are what attract me. Sunrises and sunsets seem to be more spectacular in Autumn as well. The third weekend in September is the best time to photograph autumn colours in Kananaskis in my experience.

I hope you have all enjoyed the summer and had fun taking pictures. If you feel you might like to learn how to process your images using Photoshop contact me - I offer private training and will show you how you can lift your images to the next level. Otherwise I am available on weekends to take anyone interested out to photograph and will be operating my snowy owl outings again from December to the end of February.

I have posted 4 new articles, two on microscope life, one on Alberta wildlife and one on Alberta Landscapes showing some of my favourite photos and offering some tips that I hope might help you improve your own photography.


August Article Postings

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Alberta Landscapes Part I by Dr. Robert Berdan I have been photographing Alberta landscapes and wildlife for over 30 years and I thought I would share some of my favourite places and photos of Alberta. Like most photographers I tend to get my best photos near where I live - read more


Alberta Wildlife Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan I have photographed Wildlife in Alberta for many years and Alberta is one of the best provinces to see and photograph wildlife. I share some of my favourite photos of birds and mammals from Alberta - read more.


The Micro-Universe - Microscopic Life by Dr. Robert Berdan I define the Micro-Universe to include organisms from about 2 mm to 0.0002 mm. Anyone can begin to explore the Micro-universe starting with a simple magnifying lens though a microscope is better - read more.


Microscopic Pond Life - Summer of 2019 by Dr. Robert Berdan
While growing up I often visited ponds to collect bugs, worms, snails and other invertebrates. When I received my first microscope I had another reason to hunt for even smaller organisms - read more.






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