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Updated November 27, 2015

When I posted this web site one of my goals was to reach out to a community of photographers and artists interested in Nature photography. Visitor stats give me an idea of how many people visit this site and where they come from. It also tells me what I am dong right and what I need to work on to improve this web site. I am always amazed at how far away some of my visitors are located and I thought it would be interesting to share some of this data.

In the past I used to add hit counters to web sites, but quickly realized that most visitors to do not come through the front door (home page) and counters were under estimating the number of visitors. A counter also does not reveal how long visitors stay or where they go on the web site. Using Google Analytics, involves placing a small bit of code into the web pages then Google provides me with detailed statistics for free. This information can be used to improve the site or address concerns that might be leading visitors away. I can see what browsers visitors are using and what keywords they used to find the site. I can also what the most popular articles are - for instance the most visited article on the web site is one I wrote about choosing a tripod.

I will update the stats on this page every few months as this allows me to determine whether or not I am gaining or losing visitors and what if any kind of promotion is helpful. The results are below are for the old web site - I will post new information for the new mobile friendly (responsive web site) in a few months.

First - how does the site show up on Google?

Good news we are right at the top when searching for Canadian Nature Photography.

Google analytics

How many visitors do we get?

On average we get between 500 and 1000 visits per day from all over the world except for a few countries in Africa and South America (see map below).

Google analytics


Where our visitors are coming from.


Google analytics map visitors to Canadian Nature photographer


When visitors come to the web site, what sections do they like to visit on most?

The image map below suggests that a high percentage of visitors look at the Gallery section, before they venture to read some of the articles. For this reason I am expanding the Gallery and making the pictures larger.

Google analytics- where folks click

For those interested I will post new stats once the new web site is up and running for a few months and there after I will update the stats about once every 4-6 months. If and when I get time I may add a script that shows how many visitors there are in real time.

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