Why Are We Photographers?

Article and Photos by Stephen DesRoches ©
March 5, 2013

Lighthouse and Aurora by Stephen DesRoches ©


Northern Lights


Sometimes I will catch myself questioning my efforts, the costs, and the hours involved on that quest to make better images. Some times the true value of what we do can be clouded by all the noise and media constantly fighting for our attention. But if we take all of that away, I believe all categories of photographers are story tellers and while it can be really fun to buy and talk about the equipment, it is the creative journey towards this vision of these stories in which we all wish to share. I know of very few artists who wish to create bodies of work with the hopes nobody will ever see them. So what are our stories? What makes photography interesting to us? And why do we keep creating new photographs? 


Piping Plover by Stephen DesRoches ©


Piping Plover


Pebble on beach by Stephen DesRoches ©


Waters Edge





Lady's slipper and sunset over rive in winter by Stephen DesRoches ©

Showy Lady's Slipper and Tracks to Water


Sunrise and lupines by Stephen DesRoches ©


Morning Lupins


Grass on sand dune by Stephen DesRoches ©


Golden Grass



This world is changing all the time and changing fast. Families will change as people grow old and pass on. Wildlife will change when species become extinct. And landscapes will change from the results of seasons, climate change and human development or expansion. Every photographer - intentional or not - is recording these moments in time that will forever live on for future generations. And it's only growing. The rate at which we are documenting history now is significantly higher than only a few years ago.


Baby Foxes by Stephen DesRoches ©


Young Foxes


Aerial view of island spit by Stephen DesRoches ©


Island Spit



Osprey by Stephen DesRoches ©





Whether you are a landscape photographer, an event photographer, or the family photographer, the subjects we take for granted today, may actually be gone tomorrow. It can be so incredibly difficult to photograph someone one day, but then to read on the next days news of their passing from an accident driving home.


Racoon and Blue heron by Stephen DesRoches ©

Raccoon and Blue Heron


Photography is very powerful and a priceless part of our lives. But no matter how important photography may be, photography should remain fun, interesting and exciting. It's a form of art and expression with little barriers to entry. Once you lean the technical mechanics - you are only limited by ones imagination



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