A Quick Guide to Composition & the Elements of Visual Design

By Dr. Robert Berdan
Feb 14, 2014



The Quick Guide "To Composition & the Elements of Visual Design " is based on my 20 years experience teaching web design & digital photography. The e-book covers line, shape, form, colour theory, rhythm, chaos, rule of thirds, golden mean, symmetry, positive and negative space and more. I will show you where the best place to position the main subject in a photograph and how to accomplish unity and dominance in a photograph. I describe the different types of light and how it can affect the mood in an image. Keep this handy guide with you to stimulate ideas the next time you are in the field taking pictures. I believe this guide will be useful for all photographers wishing to learn how to improve their photographic composition.



This short e-book is specifically formatted to be read easily on your smart phone or tablet using a variety of Acrobat readers.



A Quick guide to the Composition and the Elements of Visual Design by Robert Berdan ©   Examples of line, shape and form in photography by Robert Berdan ©     


Sample Pages - low resolution - actual pages are larger and at 300 dpi so you can zoom into the images to view
images and see details.



Thumbnail images of  A Quick Guide to Composition & Elements of Visual Design by Robert Berdan


E-book Optimized for Smart Phones and Tablets -16 pages packed with tips and information

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