Hangin with the Caribou - New Book, Music CD and Multimedia DVD

by Robert & Donna Berdan
July 28, 2014



Hangin with the Caribou book by Robert Berdan ©


Front and back covers of Hangin with the Caribou book


"Hangin with the Caribou" is my first photography book that I hope will serve as a prototype of what I plan to do in the future where I will include more information about the science of the aurora and techniques to photograph her along with the biology of caribou. This photo-book is based on six trips to Yellowknife and also 350 km further north to Point Lake on the tundra where I stayed at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge. Between September 3-10 for the past 6 years I lead a workshop in partnership with Peterson's lodge to photograph the autumn landscape, migrating caribou and other wildlife. On clear evenings I would photograph the Aurora borealis also referred to as the northern lights. The tundra can be considered the "Serengeti of the North" as hundreds of thousands of barren land caribou migrate south to the boreal forest in autumn. Many of the photographs have also been taken enroute to and around Yellowknife. Yellowknife is easily accessible by air and car. The book is unique in that it includes a companion Music CD by my wife Donna with 11 tracks inspired by the caribou, aurora and other wildlife.


For more informaiton about our yearly Arctic Adventures visit Peterson's Point Lake lodge web site. If you can't visit you can still enjoy these photographs of the northern lights, barren land caribou and other wildlife.


Sample Page layouts


Hangin with the Caribou pages 16-17 by Robert Berdan ©


Pages 16-17


Hangin with the Caribou pages 42-43 by Robert Berdan ©


Pages 42-43




Complete layout of 44 page book - Hangin with the Caribou - Hard cover with Jacket



My book "Hangin with the Caribou" can be ordered directly from Blurb, the cost of the book will depend on whether you order a soft, hard-cover or hard-cover with cover flaps and the quality of paper the book is printed on. I am selling the book at cost i.e. there is no markup and I make no profit. To order the book click on the buy now button in the flip book flash window or click on the link below. I welcome your comments about the book. I am also selling an ebook version for only $4.95 below.



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Companion Music CD "Hangin with the Caribou" by Donna Berdan


Hangin with the Caribou Music CD by Donna Berdan


Front and back cover of the CD


Hangin with the Caribou inside and CD by Donna Berdan ©


Inside of CD



Cost for DVD $19.95 + $5.00 for shipping - please allow about 2 weeks for the mail. We will confirm you order shortly after receiving it.






List of Songs


1 > Hangin with the Caribou 3:14
2 > Big Bad Wolf 3:30
3 > Eight Arms to Hold You Tight - Spiders 3:43
4 > Sweetest Vixen - Foxes 3:01
5 > Dancing Moose 2:46
6 > Ghost in the Shadows - Owls 4:00
7 > Bear in the Woods 3:02
8 > Beauty of Snakes 4:07
9 > Golden Butterfly 3:38
10 > Spirit of the Plains - Buffalo 3:47
11 > Sky is on Fire Tonight - Aurora 4:30


Music & lyrics by Donna Berdan © 2014

Lead Vocal and Keyboard: Donna Berdan
All other instruments: Jeff Muller
Recorded by Jeff Muller Alchemy Studios - Calgary, Alberta



CD Cost $19.99 includes shipping anywhere in North America - available in August 2014



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Flash movie -- watch slide show and listen to the music - Fire in the Sky Tonight




Listen to sample Tracks of Music - requires Flash Player


Hangin with the Caribou


Fire in the Sky Tonight


Big Bad Wolf





by Donna Berdan
© September 22, 2012

Goddess of the Dawn
Usher in the sun every morning
Of the sun and moon,
Mother of the winds you are immortal

But you have a mortal lover

Is that you looking for your lover?

I wonder if you’re dancing for your lover?




The sky is on Fire tonight
The dance of the spirits ignite
And paint the sky like a masterpiece
I wonder just what it could mean
A palette of scarlet and green
Moving to music we cannot hear
A rhapsody not meant for our ears
The sky is on fire tonight

Young boy,
Native of this land
Missing his father’s guiding hand
He lives on
In the sky above
Like everyone you loved who left before you
His mother tells him as she dries his eyes
In the sky you can see him dancing
Look on high and you can see the spirits dancing





Each generation after another
We never cease to wonder
Just what it could mean
Always gazed upon with awe
B y those who sought her out and saw
The beautiful Aurora
High in the sky like a queen


A father a long time ago
Grieves for his son who died in battleL
looks up to see the shield of the Valkyries
And he knew his son would be in paradise
after all did he not pay the price?
For a moment he could see his son dancing
He could see his son was smiling and dancing




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Click on the movie to Play the slide show - Hangin with the Caribou and listen to the music




lyrics and music © by Donna Berdan

I'm a reindeer

But I don't fly or pull a magic sleigh

Get to know me

and you'll find I'm special in a different way

I travel north for miles and miles

and there I plan to stay awhile

I have to roam

Want to get back home



              I don't fly but that's OK
              I like running better anyway

              Run for miles that's what I do

              I'm just hangin with the caribou


Getting closer

The tundra's where I really want to be

It's getting harder

To get there than it ever use to be

My habitat is going fast

You cut the trees and I won't last

I have to roam

Want to get back home


Musical Break


             I guess that you and me

             Together we'd agree

             There has to be more to this life

             than money and strife

I'm getting lonely

Seems there's fewer of us every year

I hope it changes

That things will stay the same's my biggest fear

They blame the wolves but that's not true

The cause of all my trouble's you

I have to roam

Want to get back home







Bonus Track & Slide Show - Big Bad Wolf

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Multimedia HD DVD NTSC - includes slide show and music for playing on your HD TV, PC or Mac Computer





Above DVD Cover


Hangin with the Caribou multimedia interface for DVD by Robert Berdan and Donna Berdan ©


Multimedia Interface - play one track or loop them all - shows the 8 slide shows and music tracks. Over 300 stunning nature photographs.


NOW For Sale $24.95 + $5.00 shipping in North America please allow about 2 weeks to receive your DVD by mail.

The DVD contains 8 slideshows to music with over 300 stunning nature photographs. This mulitmedia presentation includes 8 original musical tracks: Hangin with the Caribou, Fire in the Sky Tonight and the Big Bad and more by Donna Berdan. This presentation can be played publicly on TV, commercial offices such as in Doctor and Dentist officies, restaurants or even in automobile repair shops while guests wait. The slides are scaled to fit the full size of HD TVs 1920 x 1080. Sound levels can be adjusted or turned off during the slide presentations.


COST: $29.95 includes shipping to anywhere in North America



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