Autumn in Huronia

by Karl Berdan
October 25, 2011


Midland town dock early morning by Karl Berdan ©

MIdland Town Dock early morning

Autumn is usually one of the best time to photograph around Huronia, but this year the colours were not as good as they usually are. In part this was because we had a lot of rain or so it seemed. On Sunday, October 16 the weather forecast was promising so I got up early photographed the sunrise and then headed over to Midland town dock (above). Afterward I drove toward St. Marie Among the hurons a few kilometers east of town. The Wye river flows out of the Wye Marsh and runs past the old French Mission and I captured some fall colours while there was still fog rising (below).

Saint-Marie among the hurons by Karl Berdan ©

Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons - on the Wye river outside of Midland, Ontario

Train Trestle over the Wye River by Karl Berdan ©

Train Trestle over the Wye River

Marsch along Highway 400 by Karl Berdan ©

Marsh along Highway 400 north toward Parry Sound

For all of these photos, I used a Nikon D300 digital camera and my favorite 18-200 mm lens which I keep beside me on the front seat of my car. I used a tripod for most of the photos and captured the images in .jpg mode, though in after thought I should have used RAW. I wasn't sure what I might see but I know that most days I am able to capture at least a few good photographs. The important thing I have to remind myself is to simply get out there.

Marsh off Highway 400 by Karl Berdan ©

Marsh off Highway 400

Pond and Forest by Karl Berdan ©

Pond and Forest off Highway 400 north of Port Severn

Turkey Polypore fungus by Karl Berdan ©

Turkey Polypore fungus growing on dead birch tree

Canadian Shield by Karl Berdan ©

Off highway 518 heading toward Orillia

Marsh off highway 518 by Karl Berdan ©

Marsh off highway 518 toward Orillia

Even on what seemed to me to be an unspectacular Autumn with respect to colour I still came a way with a few shots I was happy with. The Nikon 18-200 mm Zoom lens allows me to capture wide scenes for landscapes like the picture above, closeups of fungi and even wildlife if I should encounter any. It's the perfect travel lens for me even though I own several other lenses. I always enjoy getting out and spending time in nature - some days are better then others. KB

Karl Berdan by R. Berdan  

Karl Berdan is a retired engineer with 9 patents in plastic injection molding. In his spare Home DVD of Midland and Georgian Bay by Karl Berdan $25time he photographs around the Midland area. He has also photographed in Mexico, the West Coast, Europe, Alaska and the North West Territories. Karl shoots with a Nikon D300 Digital camera. His favorite lens is Nikon's 18-200 mm zoom lens.

You can purchase a 30 Minute DVD slide show on Midland in NTSC or PAL formats called “Midland and Georgian Bay, the 4 Seasons for $25 plus cost of shipping.



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