My Good Fortune - Flower Photography

by Laura Brule
September 16, 2011



Delicate Beauty: Fringed Grass of Parnassus by Laura Brule ©

Delicate Beauty:  Fringed Grass of Parnassus (Parnassia fimbriata) taken Chester Lake in Kananaskis Provincial Park.

Taking pictures for me is about mood – Being in the mood to take many pictures before a good one happens.  Being patient and waiting for the right light, the right bug, the right rain drop, the right mood in the garden.  It helps to look more closely at the flowers when trying to compose an image, appreciating the colours, the textures, the sounds surrounding the flowers, the insects interacting with the garden.  I love to get up close and personal with flowers to capture the delicacy, fine lines and the fragrance in photographs. 

Purple Magic:  This shot was taken with the super macro flower setting in our beautiful  garden. Blue Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea)

I use an Olympus Stylus 9000 megapixel pocket camera with a 10x zoom lens.  I make use of all its functions, including the flower function.   I find the best time for picture taking is in the early morning and late evening, when light is soft.  I have also taken some great photos at night with a flash.

Up Close.  This photo was taken at Olds college in the botanical garden.  A super macro flower setting was used and the 10x optical wide zoom was used .

Taking a photography class gave me some new ideas to improve the look of my photographs. Using a spray of water on petals can create an effect resembling dew in the morning.  A black sheet of paper behind a plant/flower helps the colour stand out. 

Reach for the Stars: by Laura Brule ©

Reach for the Stars:  This shot was taken in our beautiful garden around mid-day on a cloudy afternoon.  I held my
camera above the flowers, zoomed into the grouping and used the super macro flower setting.

Flowers by Laura Brule ©

Up Close:  This photo was taken at Olds college in the botanical garden.  A super macro flower setting was used and the 10x optical wide zoom was used.

Sweet Visitor:  This shot was taken in our front yard at home.  My husband has over 100 types of roses and when in full bloom, we have a glorious, aromatic and decadent yard.  We are also beekeepers and have many sweet guests visiting us all summer.  I waited for 10 minutes to get this shot as this sweet visitor was very busy in our garden.  I used my Olympus Stylus pocket camera, with the super macro flower setting and used the 10x optical wide zoom.

Many of the photographs were taken in my husband’s garden over a period of 4 years as the garden has matured.  Other pictures have been taken when out on hikes in the Canadian Rockies and while at Olds College.

Laura Brule portrait


Biography: Laura’s good fortune has come from a need for change.  This has fuelled her interest in many things and inspired her to start a variety of new projects, though she has been dabbling in photography for many years.  Finally, pocket cameras improved to the point that they helped her take interesting pictures anytime anywhere.  Cameras have become small enough to make the job of taking pictures much easier than in the past. Despite the advantage and freedom of unlimited picture taking with the advent of digital cameras, Laura has begun to think about the composition of her pictures. Thoughtful consideration of light, subject and mood are integral to a good picture for Laura  She is fortunate to have a husband who loves to garden.  He creates works of art from flowers, plants and trees, and she reaps the benefits each time she walks down the garden path.  Laura tries to capture the beauty of garden creations in her photographs.  Laura also loves to hike in the mountains and tries to capture mother nature’s beauty when frolicking on the trails.

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