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Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter 5

January 31, 2011

Dear Friends - It has been a busy January in my studio and I have posted lots of new articles including several new featured artists and photographers. One not very sexy topic, but an important subject is on the management and storage of digital files. If you only store you digital image files on one external hard drive you have a disaster waiting to happen. The bad news is that most hard drives only have a life time of between 1.5 to about 5 years before they fail - the bigger they are the more likely they are to fail. I had three fail in the past two months which lead me to do some research on various media and find out who makes the most reliable hard drives. The main problem at the moment is that there is no economical solution for storing large amounts of data in a form that can be accessed quickly and is stable for decades. The world needs an archival storage solution to this serious problem soon. I also discuss software I have used to recover images from compact flash cards and hard drives that fail and software I use to catalog my images so I can find them quickly. If you are interested read more here.....

Additional Articles this month include.... click on the pictures or text to be taken to the specific articles on my site.

1) Take a walk with the Wolves at the Northern Lights Wolf Centre in Golden BC. Get up close to these beautiful animals and learn about their biology. Shelly and Casey Black are trying to protect Canadian wolves from being hunted - read article and watch a short movie.

Also meet two artists that paint wildlife or landscapes and sometimes use photography as a tool in their work.

2) "Caribou Bay" is painting by Ann Timmins of Artico Biota Studio. The painting was inspired during a Photography workshop at Peterson's Point lake Lodge in the North West Territories in 2009. Her artwork was displayed at the recent winter olympics and she recently posted a new web site with her artwork - see more of her artwork and you can also buy prints and cards on her web site.

3) Meet Dan Feldhauser from Michigan and see some of his nature paintings. Dan used one my photographs of Tundra swans to create this large painting. See more of Dans work....

4) Neil Jolly a Calgary based photographer shows photos (above) from the highwood pass in Kananaskis where the road reaches an elevation of 2210 meters making it an ideal destination for photographers laden with heavy camera gear - read more.

Stephen Stephen

5) Ottawa photographer Stephen J. Stephen shares some of his nature photographs from Ottawa, our nations capital - read more....

6) Local photographer, John Huyer features some photographs from the Canmore area and his photograph of a wild wolf taken in Banff National park recently was featured on the front page. This is John's second article to the Canadian Nature photographer read more....

Photo of the Month by Ray Eccleston, Stroudsburg PA. This is a photo of a fox taken in captivity at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia NJ. E-mail: flsting@yahoo.com Ray wins access to my Photoshop I online course.

Every month I will choose one image from those submitted to feature on the site and the winner will also be given access to my online Photoshop I or II course - $99 value each. Only the winners will be contacted, but anyone is welcome to submit their best nature photo to be eligible for a free online-photoshop workshop. I only need low resolution images 650 pixels wide, 72 dpi. The images submitted will not be used for any other purpose without the photographers permission and non winning photos will be deleted.

If you are seduced by colour and patterns like I am , then have a look at a new gallery of photo-micrographs I posted. All of the photos are of biological compounds e.g. wool fibers, bone section, caffeine, wood, potato starch using polarized light and magnified about 200X . I took these photos just for the fun of it. Last month I posted an article on how I take these photos.

If you know any photographers that might be interested in nature photography I would appreciate if you tell them about the web site and I am always looking to feature new photographers and artists along with a portfolio of their work. Google analytics reveals that featured photoraphers and artists get a significant amount of web traffic in return.

Next month I will be posting new articles on the Carmanah valley rainforest, the Nootka trail, some of best places to photograph landscapes in the Canadian Rockies, and I hope to present work by several Canadian large format photographers and wildlife photographers. Enjoy winter while you can before the snow disappears. Also if you are looking for a workshop I am offering Photoshop I workshops every month and I am offering a new waterfall workshop in Revelstoke this Spring - space is limited. We also have space in the Arctic workshop where we photograph the Tundra, Caribou, and Aurora in September 5-11. If there is a nature or photography topic you would like to see in the future let me know and I will do my best to fufill your requests.

Until my next newsletter....

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

Please Visit me at: www.canadiannaturephotographer.com

Visitor update: more then 3,000 new visitors came to the web site in January - more then 400 more then last month.