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Jan 8, 2019

Dear Friends and new subscribers welcome, those interested in the free online Photoshop tutorials can get access to them here: - password for Photoshop I is rdc1 and for Photoshop II is rdc2.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for subscribing to my newsletter.

In December I posted three articles 1) Snowy owls that I photographed with friend Kamal Varma on Friday December 28. We found six of them east of the city on a short scouting trip and I posted some pictures in the article below. 2) I also posted an article on The Art of Seeing and the Visual Elements of Design A Guide to Composition something that I thought would be relevant to all level of photographers. The essay is based on a chapter in my book "The Art of Canadian Nature Photography" which is available in print and PDF on the front page of my web site. 3) Finally I posted an article entitled "The Eye of the Beholder - What every photographer should know about their aging eyes" after visiting my eye doctor and included pictures of the back of my retina stained with sodium flourescein.

In addition, I have been working on photomicrography of Diatoms, Radiolarians and other invertebrates that I photographed with my microscopes. I also examined the colours of ice with a polarizing microscope and found incredible colours in something so simple - see below.

Radiolaria focus stacked and viewed by Darkfield microscopy by Robert Berdan ©

Radiolarians - ocean plankton that make intricate glass shells about 400X

Freshwater Diatoms viewed by DIC microscopy Robert Berdan ©

Fresh water Diatoms they too make intricate glass (silica) shells and can be found in most ponds and streams. 400X

Frozen water ice view by a polarizing microscope Robert Berdan ©

Simple drop of water that was frozen on a microscope slide and then viewed through polarizers on my microscope. 100X.

I will be posting articles on these topics in the next few months with more pictures and some of the science. My home microscopy lab is growing and I welcome anyone interested in learning more about microscopy or macrophotography. For students under age of 18 you and your parent can attend a workshop for the price of one i.e. $299\day. If you have a microscope, live in the Calgary area and might be interested in learning more please contact me - I am hoping to develop a network of folks with this interest. The main advantage is that you can study and photograph a wide variety of subjects in the warmth of your home all year long. There is more to see then there is in astronomy and you can interact with the subjects. If you might be interested in microscopy and photomicrography keep an eye on my site.

I will continue to have articles about landscape, travel and wildlife photography.

December Article Postings

Please Click on the thumbnails or links to read the Latest Photography Articles or visit the home page of Canadian Nature Photographer.

Snowy owl in flight by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing Snowy Owls near Calgary Dr. Robert Berdan On Friday, December 28 I headed east of Calgary in my Jeep in search of snowy owls. It was sunny and clear, -7°C with a light wind - perfect weather for snowy owls - read more.

Composition Robert Berdan ©  

The Art of Seeing and the Visual Elements of Design A Guide to Composition in Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan   For most of us, knowledge of our world comes largely through sight, yet we look about with such unseeing eyes - read more.

Fundus photography the retina of my eye Robert Berdan ©  

The Eye of the Beholder - What every photographer should know about their aging eyes by Dr. Robert Berdan As we age our eye sight gets poorer. Between the age of 20 and 60 the amount of light reaching our retina can decrease by two-thirds - read more.


Enjoy our winter - so far its been mild, but if you like snow you can visit the mountains to enjoy and photograph a wide variety of winter sports. Several different owls can be photographed near the city limits including: Great Horned owls, Great Gray owls, Short eared owls, Northern Hawk owls and the majestic Snowy owls. The snowy owls tend to head further north in March depending on the weather.

If you are looking for a day trip or photo instruction I am available during the week and weekends - call me to discuss your interests 403 247-2457.


Robert Berdan

Calgary, AB
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