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Canadian Nature Photographer October 1, 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Fellow Nature Photographers - Wow its been a spectacular September, I have added 8 new articles to the web site from wide variety of nature photographers from across the country. I also came back from the Arctic and posted two articles from my trip - we had the most spectacular Aurora I have ever seen. One of the participants, Rob Kerr had a close encounter with a white wolf that walked right by him. If you are looking for inspiration check out some of the new featured photographer articles below including some artistic approaches such as Digital infrared, Orton imagery and long exposure landscape photography.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles


Digital Infrared Photography by Marni J. Bradford My first introduction to infrared photography was by a classmate in a photography course I was enrolled in in 2005. She was shooting infrared film and her images were breathtaking – the dreamy, surreal effect really caught my attention. Read more and view pictures.


Daydream - My First Orton by Michael Orton. Can one photograph change a life? A politician or public figure in the wrong place at the wrong time might say regrettably yes. Fortunately I am not in that situation but I can say that this photograph has had a major impact on my life. For me it was the beginning of a style of photography that has become known as the "Orton Effect". Read more.


Explore & Photograph Manitoba! by David Williams (Event Horizons Photography) If you stand in a field around Winnipeg, you can see forever without a single thing blocking your view.  It's almost as though you are looking out onto a calm ocean.  As a Winnipegger born and bred , I have long looked at the horizons around me, with a sense of wonder. Read more.

Caribou by Robert Berdan ©  

Arctic adventure III photo workshop by Dr. Robert Berdan. We started in Yellowknife on September 5 - we had an eclectic mix of photographers from as far away as North Carolina. We spent our first two days in Yellowknife touring the city and traveling along the Ingraham trail including a hike to Cameron Falls before heading 250 Km further north onto the Tundra at Point Lake, NWT. Read more.

Arctic Fox by Adam Berdan ©  

Working in the High Arctic around Pond Inlet on Baffin Island Photography by Adam Berdan During the summer of 2011 I had the opportunity to work in the Arctic for Baffin Island mines working at Geotechnical drilling. I was located in Steenby Inlet near Pond Inlet on Baffin Island at a camp that consisted of about 40 staff. View pictures here.

Photo by Kevin A. Pepper ©  

Long Exposure Landscape Photography by Kevin A. Pepper. The word Photography is derived from two Greek words, photo - meaning “light” and graphy - meaning “to draw”. Enter long exposure photography in the digital age, and what better way to allow the light to draw the scene than letting the light scribe the definition and contours of the landscape in front of you. Read article and view pictures.  

Aurora at Pontoon Lake by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing The Aurora along the Ingraham Trail & Camping at Prelude Territorial Park by Dr Robert Berdan. In the past three years I have been leading a photo workshop each Fall in Yellowknife and then we travel 250 Km north by plane to Point Lake. This year I arrived 5 days early in order to camp at Prelude Territorial Park and photograph the Aurora - read more.

Flowers by Laura Brule ©  

My Good Fortune - Flower Photography by Laura Brule. Taking pictures for me is about mood – Being in the mood to take many pictures before a good one happens.  Being patient and waiting for the right light, the right bug, the right rain drop, the right mood in the garden.  Read article and view pictures.

Autumn Photography Workshops

  • I offer Photoshop training privately on an ongoing basis throughout the year and also offer Saturday one day workshops once a month. Dates for upcoming Photoshop Workshops are as follows:

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Congratulations to Dean Herbert our September Photo Contest Winner - Dean wins Access to Photoshop I online Workshop. If you entered and did not win, please don't give up there is no limit on how often you can enter and there is no fee. There were many excellent entries this month.

Dean Herbert Dawson Falls ©

Dean Herbert Dawson Falls cissie1@telus.net

Honorable Mention is by Curtis Wallace - Kananaskis Deer E-mail: cgw.wallace@shaw.ca

Also if you are looking for a local photo contest you might check out www.braggmag.com - latest issue hit the streets Sept 28, 2011 Featuring nature photography from Bragg Creek and Kananaskis area. Over $700 prize pool for Amateur photographers.

If you are getting great shots this September you might consider submitting an article and becoming and featured photographer.

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