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Canadian Nature Photographer March 1, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers: This month there are 4 new articles including a special tribute to Courtney Milne. In 2009 Milne was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Although he initially improved, he later developed complications; at that point he felt his purpose in life was fulfilled and he was gratified that his work was done, and had been received. His last words were: “From now on, the heart is in charge.” He died in August 2010. He left a legacy of photographs from around the world though my favorite were his photos of the prairies. His last project he photographed his pool in his backyard and shows us that we don't have to travel very far to take some amazing photos. I encourage you to look at his photos and watch the short video of Courtney produced by Patrick McCloskey and Art Holbrook.

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Genesis by Courtney Miline ©  

A Tribute to Courtney Milne by Sherrill Miller Throughout his personal and professional life, Saskatchewan photographer Courtney Milne served as an advocate for the land, drawing attention to the beauty of the landscape and how the land is a powerful influence on the human spirit. Mr. Milne’s work was published in thirteen books. Read more and view a selection of his photographs.

Road Photography by Robert Berdan ©  

Photographing the Road by Dr. Robert Berdan. In the past decade I have driven an average of 30,000 km per year in search of photographs, that’s more than 300,000 km or 7.5 times around the earth.  During these trips I always try to include a few photographs of the road to document my journey and sometimes a photo of the road can be an effective photograph. Read more...

Drumheller Hoodoos, light painting and Aurora by Ken Bell ©  

Drumheller Hoodoos by Ken Bell The Badlands of Alberta hold as much fascination for tourists as do the Rocky Mountains. Drive from Drumheller along highway 10 downstream, following the Red Deer River, and soon you will come to one of the most iconic features of the Badlands, the Drumheller Hoodoos. Read more...

Botanical Beach by Janice Saunders ©  

Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island, BC by Janice Saunders Always interested in new travel experiences, my husband, five sons, one son's girlfriend and myself decided to try long distance backpacking. Mostly day hikers, this would be a new experience for many of us. It would also be great opportunity to use my  10-24mm wide angle lens ... Read more here.


NEW ebook by Dr. Wayne Lynch called "Easy Make Photoshop Recipes for Photographers"

Dr. Wayne Lynch, one of North America's most published nature photographers shows you how he uses Photoshop to improve his photographs and increase their marketability. Wayne admits he is no Photoshop expert, but he has learned how to quickly modify and improve his images using Photoshop with a few quick steps that anyone can apply to improve their own photographs. This easy to read, fun and entertaining ebook shows before and after pictures with step-by-step instructions.

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Wayne describes how many of the fixes in Photoshop actually make the picture more real when compared to human vision. The human eye for instance can see variations in light that amount to about 20-22 F-stops, whereas the camera at best can see only between 8.5 to 12 F-stops. Processing is required to make the image closer to what we actually see.

"This easy to read and follow book is perfect for photographers that want to learn how to quickly improve their existing images . Wayne gets down to business and shows you the techniques he regularly uses to help make his stunning nature photographs. One of the best e-books I have come across" R. B.


Eagles by David Elliot david.e@xcountry.tv

Upcoming Photography Workshops

I offer Photoshop and photography training privately on an ongoing basis throughout the year and I also offer Saturday Photoshop workshops once a month. Dates for upcoming Workshops are as follows:

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  2. Photoshop I  Workshop - $249 (max of 5\class) Saturday Mar 31, April 28.

  3. NEW - Nature Digital Photography course Wednesday May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30th, 2012 - 6:30-9:30 p.m. Includes 5 classes and field trip. COST $499 + GST

  4. September 5-11, Join me on an Arctic Adventure Tour and Photography Workshop which includes 2 days in Yellowknife and 5 days 250 km north on the Tundra at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge where we will photograph the Aurora, Caribou, colorful tundra and various other arctic species. See workshop section of my web site for details. $4995.00.

All Saturday Photoshop workshops in my studio include: lunch, notes, DVD with tutorial files and QuickTime movies showing you step-by-step how to process the images in the tutorials so you can review them at your own pace.

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Visitation to the Canadian Nature Photography is up again more than 20% this month with more than 9,000 visitors stopping by to read an article or view some pictures. If you enjoy the articles please tell your friends that might be interested in nature photography.

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