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Canadian Nature Photographer May 1, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers: Spring is here and it's time to dust off your camera and get outside and take some pictures. The first prairie crocus flowers appeared the second week in April around the Bow river in Calgary and I also photographed them this past Sunday around the Hoodoos in Drumheller. In the Eastern part of Canada, Trilliums and other wildflowers start to make their appearance in April and May. Just grab your camera and head for the closest field or forest to photograph some of nature's gems.

Trilliums Midland, Ontario by Karl Berdan - taken in early May 2011.


Sylvie's photo is a simple but eloquent composition with a diagonal wave and subtle shades of blue. "I was in the Arctic in July/August 2010. It was a cruise organized by Adventure Canada. For nearly two weeks I traveled on the ocean in pure beauty." Sylvie wins access to the online Photoshop course. There were many other excellent photos submitted in April sometimes its hard to choose just one.

April was a good month to view the Aurora borealis (northern lights) around Calgary and many other parts of the country. I had one opportunity to photograph her on Monday April 16, but unfortunately I had to teach an early morning class and could only stay out to 1 am. The Aurora occurs more frequently around the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and also follows an 11 year sunspot cycle. The peak of the 11 year sunspot cycle is predicted to occur around June 2013. As the number of sunspots increases so does the frequency Aurora sightings. You don't have to live in the far north to photograph the aurora, but it helps to know when there is a good chance of seeing it. To do this you can subscribe to one or more of the aurora alert services to which I have links to on my web site - see link on my home page for more information on Aurora alerts or view the recent article below.

If you ever contemplated photographing in India or Africa, take a look at the two new articles on wildlife photography in these countries. Kamal Varma, a calgary based photographer shares some of his stunning photos of life in India along with photographs of tigers, lions and elephants. This is Kamal's second article for the Canadian Nature photographer. Bruce Turnbull recently retired and he shares some of his east Africa experiences including photographs of wild dogs, elephants, cape buffalo and leopards. If you missed the last newsletter, Photoshop CS6 Beta is now available for free download on a trial basis from Adobe's web site for a limited time - the official version of Photoshop CS6 is expected to be on sale in mid May. I am in the process of developing new tutorials for CSS-6 to highlight some its new features - for now you can read my first impression article below.

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India is a Photographers Paradise by Kamal Varma India is a photographer’s paradise.  It seems that no matter where you look, photo opportunities abound.  From the lush backwaters of the South, the breathtaking mountains to the North Desert on the West and the numerous wildlife Sanctuary’s throughout the Country, India has something for all photographers ... Read more


Spring Time Aurora in Calgary by Dr. Robert Berdan The sun undergoes a 22 year cycle where the magnetic poles switch from north to south. Following this cycle the number of sunspots increases and then decreases but in an 11 year cycle. As the number of sunspots increases so does the frequency of the Aurora - read more.


African Photo Safari by Bruce Turnbull My wife and I visited East Africa in late 2009 and found the trip absolutely amazing. On our return home I was convinced that I needed to go back, but this time I wanted to go on a photography safari where I would be with like minded people and learn more about nature photography and in particular wildlife photography. Read more...

Photoshop CS6 interface thumbnail  

Photoshop CS6 Beta - First Impression by Dr. Robert Berdan. On March 22, Adobe announced a public Beta version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 for tree trial. New features include: revised charcoal colored interface, content aware move, several new blur filters, oil painting filter, wide angle lens correction enhanced video editing tools, ability to add dashed lines and more. Read review.

Upcoming Summer\Fall Photography Workshops

In June I will be teaching Photoshop I and II at Red Deer College on the weekends June 2,3 and 9,10, and Macro photography on June 16,17 and 23, 24th. In July I will be teaching a Sports photography course on July 7, 8, 14 and 15. Please contact Red Deer College by visiting their web site: www.rdc.asb.ca/continuing or call: 403.357.3663 to register or get more information if you are interested.

I am also teaching Wildlife Photography and Sports Photography at SAIT in July as part of the Photography Certificate of Achievement Summer Fast Track - for information visit: SAIT's web site or Call 403 210 4522 for information.

Aurora over Peterson's Point Lake Lodge September 2011

Caribou bulls pose briefly as they migrate south on the tundra past Peterson's Point Lake Lodge, September 2011.

Arctic Adventure September 5-11, 2012 - Workshop

September 5-11, please join me on an Arctic Adventure Tour and Photography Workshop which includes 2 days in Yellowknife and 5 days 250 km north on the Tundra at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge where we will photograph the Aurora, Caribou, colorful tundra and various other arctic species. See workshop section of my web site for details or view more information on Petersons Point Lake Lodge web page. www.petersonspointlake.com/photography.html for this once in a lifetime adventure. Cost is $4995.00 + GST\person.

There are several articles on my web site showing photos from previous Arctic workshops. We are expecting really spectacular Aurora displays this year as we head into Aurora Max. Also see the current issue of PHOTO News, a Canadian magazine that includes an article by Dr. Wayne Lynch describing his experience at last year's workshop. You can also read the article online here: Read Wayne's article online here.

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

PS I am available for hire or training in any aspect of nature photography or Photoshop on an hourly, half day or full day basis throughout the year. I shoot with both Canon and Nikon equipment, though I am also familiar with most popular cameras. Please call me at 403 247-2457 if you are interested in personal or small group training in an around Calgary.

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