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Canadian Nature Photographer June 1, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers: this month I posted a record of nine new articles on the web site covering a diverse range of topics from Florida Bird photography to Abstract Contemporary Nature photography that I hope you will stop by and take a look at. One of the articles, Alberta Aurora photography by Zoltan Kenwell, includes stunning time lapse movies.

I have just completed an e-book on Macrophotography. The book includes 79 pages richly illustrated with techniques, tools and tips and the notes will form the basis of my future macrophotography workshops. The book features specific instructions on various techniques such as the water drop magnifying glass technique, multiple twirl photography, and image stacking. I also cover closeup filters, extension tubes, lens-stacking, bellows, macro lenses, lighting, composition and much more. Both the use of compact digital cameras and DSLR cameras are included. The cost of the e- book is only $9.95 and you can download it instantly off my web site as a PDF.


Overview of e-book "Macrophotography - Tools, Tips and Techniques" by Robert Berdan

The button will take you to my web site with a PayPal shopping cart. Cost only $9.95.

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This is Canada - pickup hockey game at Lake Louise by Robert Berdan ©

This is Canada by Dr. Robert Berdan In May, the Calgary Herald posted an article that Getty Images was looking for photos that sympbolize "This is Canada". I was intrigued because photographing Canada is my passion and this web site for the most part includes images from across Canada. I have not visited all parts of Canada, but I would like to share with you some of my favourite images of Canada..

Image Dictatorship by Marco Lopez ©

The Image Dictatorship by Marco López If an image is worth 1000 words, then, in the hands of a visual artist, it is important that those words are chosen properly. They can be arranged in millions of different ways to express anger, fun, joy, hate or love. They can be constructive or destructive, be the engines that deliver hope or the hammers that strike with anxiety our hearts and brains. Powerful Images can with ease play with the flow of the chemicals inside us... Read more and view pictures...

Alberta Aurora Photography by Zoltan Kenwell ©

Alberta Aurora Photography by Zoltan Kenwell I have been taking pictures of the night sky for some time now.  The available time I have for this revolves around the same day to day commitments, that many of us have, and my family.  To be honest I really have to acknowledge my family, as the main reason I began doing nightscape photography.  More...

Frozen pond by Heather Simonds ©

Wetland Watch - Photography on the Edge by Heather Simonds Serene, reflective, dynamic and unpredictable... Looking for a versatile image generating nature locale?… a nature photographer’s dream, perhaps. More than likely it may be found at the local fishing hole, municipal lagoon or the sleepy swamp in the next county. Read more and view pictures...

Contemporary photography by Robert Berdan ©

Contemporary Nature Photography - Venetian Blind Images by Dr. Robert Berdan I have been thinking a lot about ways to creatively enhance or modify photographs in some new way and its harder than you think. I describe a new way to embed two images creating a venetian blind effect. Read more and view pictures...

False color image by Robert Berdan ©

False Colour Imaging in Photography & Science By Dr. Robert Berdan False color imaging is used extensively in different branches of science including astronomy, weather, biology and neuroscience to enhance images. Using the computer scientists add colors that pertain to different densities in the photograph to help us detect them more easily. Learn how to do this with your own images ..

Creating Cyanotype Photographs with Adobe Photoshop by Dr. Robert Berdan Cyanotype photography was first discovered by an English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842. John is also responsible for creating the name "photography" or "light writing". The resulting images have a blue cast . Learn how to create your own cyanotype photographs...

Orca by Robert Berdan ©

Adventures Aboard the Columbia III Mothership on the West Coast of British Columbia by Dr. Robert Berdan By chance in 2006 I was invited to be a photo-guide aboard a boat called the Mothership III which offers a variety of tours for kayakers, artists and photographers.  I served as a photo-guide during the summers of 2006-2008. Read more and view pictures..

Spoonbill by David Lilly ©

Bird Adventures in Florida by David Lilly Every once in a while bird photographers travel to exotic locations. From April 23rd to the 31st  myself and fellow bird photographer Ian Neilson traveled to St, Augustine, Florida in search of some different birds and also to attend the St. Augustine's Birding and Photo Festival. We were not disappointed. Read more ....

Upcoming Summer\Fall Photography Workshops

In June I will be teaching Photoshop I and II at Red Deer College on the weekends June 2,3 and 9,10, and Macro photography on June 16,17 and 23, 24th. In July I will be teaching a Sports photography course on July 7, 8, 14 and 15. Please contact Red Deer College by visiting their web site: www.rdc.asb.ca/continuing or call: 403.357.3663 to register or get more information if you are interested.

I am also teaching Wildlife Photography and Sports Photography at SAIT in July as part of the Photography Certificate of Achievement Summer Fast Track - for information visit: SAIT's web site or Call 403 210 4522 for information.

There are still a few spots in the Arctic Photography Adventure Workshop
September 5-11 in Yellowknife.

Nature Photo of the Month Winner - Ian Neilson - this is the second time one of Ian's photos has won.

Photo of the Month by Ian Neilson, Young Great Horned Owl. E-mail. neilscotphoto@shaw.ca
Ian wins access to Photoshop II Online course.

If you get some great photographs this summer you might consider contributing an article to the featured photographer section of the web site and show off your beautiful images.

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

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