Canadian Nature Photographer July 3, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers: I hope you got a chance to get out and take some pictures in June. This month I posted 8 new articles on nature photography ranging form astrophotography to a cool Photoshop technique. I also show you that it is possible to take interesting photographs even in one's backyard and challenge you to try and take photographs this summer in your own backyard.

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I made some changes to the web site to make the text easier to read, specifically on the top of every page you will see two buttons that allow you to convert the text to black or white. I find that the images tend to look better on a black background, but I am aware that black text on white is easier to read so now you have your choice. Unfortunately this feature may not work in most peoples email for security reasons as it requires javascript be enabled. If you prefer black text simply go to the web site and view any of the new articles in either black or white text.


My wife and I just came back on June 29th from a 4 day stay at an observatory bed and breakfast in Osoyoos. We were able to meet one of the worlds best amateur astrophotographers, Jack Newton who allowed me to take some photographs through his telescope. Check out the article on this amazing bed and breakfast that anyone can visit and tour the universe. Another featured article is about George Brybycin who just published his 50th book. George is a resident of Calgary who has climbed more than 500 mountains in his life time and is known for sleeping on top of the mountains in order to take photographs. He is Canada's best photographer of the Canadian Rockies.



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Sun photographed by Jack Newton ©

Osoyoos Observatory Bed & Breakfast offers tours of the Universe by Dr. Robert Berdan About a decade ago I came across an article in a magazine that showed a photograph of a home with an observatory built in and situated on the side of a mountain near Osoyoos, British Columbia. The bed and breakfast was owned by Alice and Jack Newton who promised to take their guests on a tour of the universe - read more about the observatory B&B.

Panoramic Planet Photography by Dr. Robert Berdan To tell you the truth I don't know if there is an official name for this type of photography though there are several Youtube videos demonstrating how to create this unusual effect, but if you are looking for something different this type of imagery certainly can grab attention. The process starts with making a series of photographs then stitching them together into a panorama Adobe photoshop.

Cedar waxwing photographed in my backyard by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing in my Backyard by Dr. Robert Berdan. At first glance my backyard isn’t anything special, but as a photographer I try to challenge myself to see and capture beautiful images anywhere. I figure a good photographer should be sensitive enough to see picture possibilities even in their own backyard. All of the photographs in this article were taken in my backyard and I challenge you to photograph your backyard.

Sutherland Creek waterfalls by Robert Berdan ©

Begbie Creek. Sutherland Creek and Mulvehill Creek south of Revelstoke, BC off Highway 23 By Dr. Robert Berdan One of my favorite locations for photography is south of Revelstoke along highway 23 in British Columbia. Revelstoke is about a 4.5 hour drive from Calgary. The highway to Revelstoke is scenic as you pass over the Rogers Pass and there is lots of wildlife such as black bears and mountain goats along the way.

George Brybycin publishes 50th book

George Brybycin - Mountain Climber & Photographer Extraordinaire Publishes his 50th Book - 2012 I have met a lot of interesting people in my life and I include mountain climber and photographer George Brybycin as one of them. He recently published three new books for a total of 50. Two on the Rockies and his second book on Calgary to top off a career lasting more than 50 years of photography. Read more...

Rocky Mountains from Helicopter by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing the Canadian Rockies from a Helicopter by Dr. Robert Berdan In the spring of 2009, I had the lucky opportunity of being able to photograph the Rockies from a helicopter. I don’t mountain climb so this was the only way I was going to see the Rockies from near their peaks.  View pictures and movie and learn how you can take a heli-tour of the Rocky Mountains.

Robin's eggs in nest by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing the Common Robin - A Symbol of Spring by Dr. Robert Berdan Robins are so common in North America that we barely pay much attention to them, yet they have a beautiful song and are easy to photograph. Most of us take notice when they first arrive in spring as they signal winter is almost over. Read more and view photographs and movie..

This is Canada - pickup hockey game at Lake Louise by Robert Berdan ©

This is Canada by Dr. Robert Berdan In May, the Calgary Herald posted an article that Getty Images was looking for photos that sympbolize "This is Canada". I was intrigued because photographing Canada is my passion and this web site for the most part includes images from across Canada. I have not visited all parts of Canada, but I would like to share with you some of my favourite images of Canada.


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The workshop includes accommodation in Yellowknife and at a remote lodge on the Tundra approx 250 km further north. Guests will have an opportunity to photograph the Aurora, migrating caribou, tundra in autumn and a variety of other flora and fauna.


Instruction on photography is provided by Robert Berdan. This year is expected to have one of the best aurora displays as we approach solar max on May 2013. For more information or to book please contact Margaret Peterson:

The Nature Photo of the Month Winner is by Steve Skultety- Western Bluebird in Flight

Steve Skultety Western Bluebird ©


Steve Skultety email: Steve wins access to Photoshop I or II online course.

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I am already preparing several new articles for July from a variety of photographers, hope you will keep coming back, I will do my best to provide you with inspirational articles to help you improve your photography or find interesting places to visit and photograph. Enjoy the summer and may you capture beautiful images.



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