Canadian Nature Photographer September 1, 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers - first I would like to acknowledge all the new subscribers. This monthly news letter is to inform you of new articles, workshops and other significant events associated with Nature Photography, I am sending it out early this month because by the time you read this I will be part way to Yellowknife to lead my annual Arctic Adventure Workshop which includes photographing the Aurora borealis and caribou migrating south on the tundra. I am driving up north a week early with friend Hälle Flygare in order to photograph the Aurora for a week before guests arrive. We will be camping in Prelude Territorial Park which offers spectacular views of the night sky. This year the sun is entering Solar Max, a time in the 11 year sunspot cycle when the sun has the greatest number of sunspots, and this is associated with a peak in aurora activity. We may see above average aurora throughout Canada this Autumn. I will post an article and photographs shortly after my return.



Caribou with Aurora and big dipper in the sky - taken at Peterson's Point lake Lodge, composite image.



Esker Bay on Point Lake NWT near Peterson's Point Lake Lodge - we photographed caribou and wolves near this location in 2012.



Barren land Caribou - Bathurst herd, Point Lake, NWT, September 2012


In August, three new articles were added including one by local amateur photographer, Duane Starr on Wildlife near Calgary. I also posted an article by retired professional photographer, Monte Comeau who shows how he gets unique photographs of birds by photographing from his kayak. Finally, my wife and I visited Cypress Hills and the Historic Reesor Ranch for the August long weekend and I posted an article and photographs on this region of the province.


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Long-tailed weasel by Duane Starr ©

Wildlife Photography near Calgary by Duane Starr. I am a self taught nature photographer with no formal photography training. I grew up in a very small town in British Columbia called Fernie. I was always fascinated by cameras, my Dad owned a Ricohflex camera and that is the camera I started out experimenting with - read more and view pictures.

Double-crested Cormorant by Monte Comeau ©

Getting a Lower Point of View in Bird Photography by Monte Comeau. As a former school portrait photographer I have taken my photography passion from the repetitive and not so challenging 'job' of creating student portraits to a new and challenging level with bird and wildlife photography.  Already knowing the technical aspect of photography gave me a good start - read more.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and the Historic Reesor Ranch "An Oasis in the Prairies" by Robert Berdan Cypress Hills Interprovincial park joins south east Alberta to Saskatchewan with an elevation of 1468 m (4,816 ft.) and is the highest point in Canada between the Rocky mountains and Labrador. The unique feature of Cypress Hills is the presence of a high plateau and lodgepole pine trees in the middle of the prairies read more.


Through out August I have been taking clients out to photograph in Banff and Kananaskis parks this summer and we frequently encountered Grizzly bears, black bears, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, white-tail, mule deer and Pika's. We also encountered two baby black bears that were hit by a car in Kananaskis, if you visit the parks please slow down while driving through you will see more and fewer animals will be killed.


Young grizzly bear in Kananaskis by Robert Berdan ©


Young Grizzly bear digging next to the highway while his mother feeds on berries in Kananaskis Provincial Park.



August Photo Contest Winner is Leslie De Blasio who wins access to the Online Photoshop Course


Leslie De Blasio, Green Blowfly (Phaenicia sericata) on Pink Pussytoes (Antennaria rosea) -


I am always looking to feature new photographers on the web site if you have a series of pictures and can put together a few paragraphs I would be happy to feature some of your work. In August google analytics revealed more then 8,500 visitors dropped by to take a look at the site - thank you for visiting and I will do my best to keep a string of interesting articles coming.


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