Canadian Nature Photographer October 1, 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers - To weeks ago I arrived home from my annual Arctic Adventure Photo-Workshop and I have written a short article with some of my favorite pictures. On the trip, my friend Hälle Flygare and I photographed foxes, bison and beavers along the roadside and during the evenings we photographed the Aurora until the wee hours of the morning. Once the rest of the group joined us in Yellowknife we hiked to Cameron falls and next day flew further north to Point Lake in the barrens. We watched and photographed Caribou, Grizzly, white wolves, wolverine and a variety of birds. The beauty of the tundra with its brialliant fall colors and wildlife never ceases to amaze me. The tundra is the "Serengeti" of the north.


Caribou by Robert Berdan ©


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Aurora over campers at Prelude Territorial Park near Yellowknife, NWT by Robert Berdan ©

Yellowknife to Point Lake to Photograph the Aurora and Caribou by Robert Berdan. August 27 to Sept 14, I drove from Calgary to Highlevel, AB with friend Hälle Flygare, then from their to Yellowknife, an 1800 km trip taking two days. Along the way we saw a moose, black bear and several bison. We spent 2 weeks in the north and photographed some of the best aurora I have ever seen ... read more.



Aurora time lapse series by Robert Berdan ©


Abover - series of Aurora photographs showing its dynamic nature in Yellowknife September 2012


Outdoor Photography Canada


Aurora Max occurs this Spring and this winter should offer good opportunities to photograph the Aurora.Tthe Fall\Winter Issue of Outdoor Photography Canada features my article " How to Photograph the Northern Lights" is based on photographs I took during my previous trips to Yellowknife and Point Lake. This article describes when to head out to photograph the Aurora, what equipment you need and how to ensure your camera focuses on infinity so stars are pinpoint sharp. The cover features Amanda Peterson standing beside my tent alongside Pontoon lake with the Aurora above and reflected off the lake . I hope you will check out your local magazine store to get your own copy.


September Nature Photo Contest Winner is by Brenda Makin

Brenda Makin - Glorius reflections ©

Brenda Makin is an amateur photographer from Maidstone, Saskatchewan the image is titled "Glorius reflections"
Brenda wins access to Photoshop I online course.

There were lots of great photos submitted in September, if you did not win please try again, you can submit the same image or new images. Thanks to all those that sent in images.


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  • Photoshop I Saturday November 10 9-5 pm in my Calgary studio cost $249 - see workshop section to learn more and register.
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For local amateur photographers check out the Bragg About the Creek magazine - photo contest where you can win up to $750 worth of prizes. The submission deadline for the Winter/Spring 2013 Photography Competition is Friday December 14, 2012. Competition rules - PDF


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