Canadian Nature Photographer November 5, 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Friends and fellow nature photographers - my apologies for the delay in getting out the November newsletter, I just finished 7 weeks of teaching at SAIT in the web developer program and spent most of my extra time grading and preparing for classes.


This month I posted three new articles: one by Ken Bell on Autumn in Central Ontario, another one by myself showing how to create star trails using Photoshop CS5 and CS6 that will save you having to stand outside for several hours. The third article is by Kamal Varma who recently returned from an African Safari - his first article is about the Big Cats in Kenya and the plan is to for Kamal to feature several more articles on his adventures in Kenya. Both Ken and Kamal have submitted previous articles.


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Lioness by Kamal Varma ©

The Big Cats in Kenya - Africa Part I by Kamal Varma. Having watched several documentary’s on Kenya and the Great Migration, I finally had the chance to witness this marvel of nature first hand last month.  As breathtaking as it was watching thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra’s crossing the river, surprisingly, it was not the highlight of my trip. Read more about Kamal's africa photo safari.

Creating Star Trail Photomontages in Adobe Photoshop CS6 by Robert Berdan. Most photographers know that if you point your camera at the north star and leave it open for several minutes to several hours, the stars will appear to rotate about the north star. I describe a method using Photoshop CS5, CS6 to simulate starry trails... read more.

Fall Colours in Ontario  by Ken Bell ©

Fall Colors in Ontario’s Central Highlands by Ken Bell. The Central Highlands of Ontario is an incredible location to drive through when looking for great fall colors. I went to visit my sister and her family near Quadeville ON the last weekend in September. Saturday morning we went for a drive along the Quadeville Road (County Road 515), driving northeast from Quadeville toward the Foymount Road... read more.


Coming soon are articles on editing video in Photoshop CS6, astrophotography by Alan Dyer, Cell Phone photography and apps, Filter Forge a Photoshop CS6 plugin used to turn photos in simulated works of art. If you have a series of pictures on a theme and would like to submit an article and be a featured photographer contact me for details or see our current featured photographer section. I have also invited several of my students to show some of their photography and photographic designs.




Green Heron, by Meghan Wetmore (M.A.)


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"Photographing the Aurora Borealis and Barren Land Caribou" I will also cover Time lapse photography and Star trail photography from my recent adventures in the Canadian Arctic around Point Lake, NWT.


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