February Canadian Nature Photographer Newsletter

Canadian Nature Photographer February 1, 2013 Newsletter

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Dear Friends - I posted nine new photography articles in January by a vareity of photographers including diverse topics as eagles in flight, snowy owls, the aurora, foxes, Andean Bears and fractals ( please see links to the articles below) .


This January I discovered there are a wide range of photography documentaries on Youtube e.g. Diane Arbus, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston. If you are looking for something to stretch your imagination you might watch the BBC documentaries dealing with consciousness, black holes, infinity and elementary particles, all without commercials typically seen on TV. Also if you live around Calgary and Bragg Creek please check out the free Winter issue of Bragg about the Creek Magazine or visit their web site - they offer a regular photocontest for amateurs only.


I continue to monitor aurora activity and as soon as there is a major alert I plan to head to Lake Minnewanka near Banff in order to try to capture the Aurora over the mountains. Zoltan Kenwell, a Edmonton photographer sent me a link to some time lapse movies of the Aurora he made in the Autumn north of Edmonton - click the link to view his amazing movie: http://vimeo.com/51621454


I have been working on 360 vr spherical imaging and posted a gallery of 16 new movies I took around Banff in January: http://360vrmultimedia.com/robvrtours.html, a virtual tour of the McDougall church near Morely and I posted 4 new image galleries on the Canadian Nature photographer. It has been a very busy January in front of my computer.

  1. Gallery XVII - Aurora Borealis
  2. Gallery XVIII - Caribou
  3. Gallery XIV - Moose
  4. Gallery XX - Bison


What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Eagle in flight by Ken Cribben

Wintering Bald Eagles on the Bow River by Ken Cribben I have always had an interest in nature, especially birds. Growing up in Calgary our family spent a lot of time camping and hiking in the foothills and mountains west of Calgary. In the 1980’s my wife and I moved to De Winton (just south of Calgary). With the Bow River at my doorstep I have had the opportunity to fish, hike and horseback ride through the river valley, read more and view pictures.

Aurora by Lance Warley ©

Abisko Auroras by Lance Warley. There’s something about an aurora. Evanescent, magical. I always loved looking at photos and videos of auroras, but I didn’t start thinking about witnessing them in person until July, 2012. I was on a photo trip in Iceland, in the beautiful city of Akureyri. The denizens mentioned Northern Lights are occasionally visible there in the winter when it’s always dark. Hmmm…really? Read more.....

Snowy owl in flight by Jon Huyer ©

Snowy Owls of Boundary Bay, BC by Jon Huyer. When I told people that I was going to Boundary Bay to take part in an eruption, they naturally looked at me a bit funny.  But what I was really referring to was an irruption, which is a sudden and infrequent increase in the population of a species.  Last year saw a tremendous spike in the population of snowy owls, due to a corresponding rise in the lemming population in the arctic. View photos and article.

Photographing Foxes - The Trick is Finding Them by Dr. Robert Berdan. The hardest part of photographing a fox is finding one. The surprising fact is that the fox is the most widespread mamamal in the world after human beings, yet few of us ever have a chance to even see one. In part, this is because foxes are largely nocturnal though they can be found during the day, read more & view pictures.

Flying and Photographing in the Arctic by Jason Pineau. The most important key to my photography is to always have my camera close by.  As a pilot first and a photographer second, I never know when or where my next photo will be taken.   Usually my camera and lenses are packed right alongside my flying headset and lunch for the day.  Read more and view his stunning photographs from the Arctic.

Moose by Philippe Henry ©

Seventy-five years of conservation in the Gaspesie National Park in Quebec by Philippe Henry. In 2012 the Gaspesie national park was celebrating its 75th anniversary. In 1937, when the park was created, there were four goals: protection of the panoramic views from mount Albert and the Tabletop massif (now McGerrigle), conservation of salmon in the Ste Anne river,conservation of woodland caribou, and development of tourism. Read and view photos...

Andean Bear Book - Photos and text by Philippe Henry. It is very exciting to write a book on travel experiences. Through digital photos with embedded info and notebooks, we are immersed in memories. I am presently writing a book about the conservation of the andean bear in South America. See photos and read text on the Andean Bear and learn more about this new book.

Eagle in flight by Dr. Dale Mierau

Photographing Bald Eagles in Northern Saskatchewan by Dr. Dale Mierau. During the summer months I visit four bald eagle nests on Lac LaRonge, a large lake in the precambrian shield region of Northern Saskatchewan. The three birds in this article are members of the same family. The photos of the pair of mature breeding eagles were taken at a nest site in June 2012. Read more....

Shelley Penner Chaos Tamed

Chaos Tamed by Shelley Penner. The average human brain is only designed to recognize and deal with a very limited amount of data at one time. Any excess just confuses us and we perceive it as an indecipherable, unmanageable mess, which we call chaos. But in actuality, there is no such thing as chaos. Read more about fractals and view Shelly's comparitive photos.




This months winning photographs are shown below - both are of snowy owls in flight and I just couldn't decide between them. Both are sharp, well composed, have good eye contact and are just plain beautiful - congratulations to both.




The owl was photographed near St. Catherines Ontario. If you would like to comment on the photograph or purchase an image you can contact Meghan by email at: mwetmore@ford.co



Joe Harley is from Calgary and captured this beautiful photograph of a snowy owl in flight. Joe's email is josephharley@gmail.com if you wish to comment or purchase an image.


Winners get either free access to Photoshop II online course or a copy of my Macrophotography e-book. I look forward to getting more images submitted in February. Winners should contact me and indicate their preference.



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PHOTOGRAPHY CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT is being offered by SAIT, July 8 to August 9, 2013, I will be teaching the sections on Scenic and Wildlife photography and Sports photography. If you might be interested in this program please contact SAIT or visit their web site for more information. To register call (403) 284-7248.


ARCTIC ADVENTURE WORKSHOP - If you are looking for an Arctic Adventure photographing Caribou and the Northern Lights I will be leading another photography workshop in Yellowknife and to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge on the tundra between Sept 5-11, 2013. Cost $5195.00 for 6 days. See my web site for articles and photographs from previous workshops. To register for the workshop visit: http://www.petersonspointlake.com/photography.html




If you have ideas on how I can improve the Canadian nature photographer web site or ideas for articles please send me an email and I will see what I can do.


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